MahatmaMandir, Gandhinagar

Dt. 21-11-2011

Many times questions arise in the minds of people-is the condition of our society is such that the attitude of people towards small scale units is different? If a person is doing some work in which he or she earns bear minimum within which he can fulfill his basic necessities, he himself feels that it would have been better if he would have worked as a peon in any bank or so. Oursociety has some strange psychologies. If a person drives an auto-rickshaw or even owns three rickshaws and earns much better than what he would have earned asa service man, still our society considers his work inferior. Unless and until such attitude exists, it will be very difficult to create feeling of dignity and self respect in all fields of work. But how? How to create a feeling of respect towards our work? And once a dignity for our job is established, it gets accepted by the society also.

There was a time when Anganwadi was not given much importance. It was considered just an ordinary middle class work wherein themaids, whose even names were unknown, were considered just as caretakers of children. But today,thisGovernment has given importance anddignity to Anganwadi, wherein accomplished women areencouraged by‘Mata Jashoda Awards’. We made the world understand that such Anganwadi was initiatedby Mata Jashoda long back. Devki’s son ‘Krishna’ was nurtured andbrought up by Mata Jashoda, and so a great personality was created who is remembered even after thousands of years. Hence, Mata Jashoda is considered important. In Anganwadi, children are nurtured, cultured and brought up in the same way asMata Jashoda brought up Krishna. Now to run an Anganwadi is considered as a dignified job, even uniforms are provided to women working over there.Butstill ITI is considered inferior. If5 to 15 friends go out and are asked what do you study? And ifITI is said then immediately a distance is created.Oh, ITI! I want to change this situation. I want to establish dignity for ITI.‘Work is Worship’, this is what we say then work of any kind should be considered important and respectable. ITI plays the same role of what Lord Brahma played in creation of this world. Lord Brahma could have worked on the much larger, universal scale. Those who have taken admissions in ITI, must have experienced that in their childhood whenever any guests arrived at their house, the parents would introduce them to guestas he ismy son, we want him to be an engineer or she is my daughter, we want her to be a doctor but when you grew up you could not study beyond 8th Std. and then your parents must haveblamed your teachers or might have given some or the other reason for your poor performance. Somehow you managed to get admission in ITI. Even you might keep on thinking that I wanted to be an engineer but I am doing ITI. You might think, I wanted to do this and that, but now I have to do ITI, and because of this feeling you can not concentrate.Even your teachers over there must have learnt engineering or they must have done some diploma course. They too might feel thatitsall ok!Do I understand you all very well? Do I know all your problems? Friends, this gap which is created,I want to fill it and also started taking steps for that. Initial step is how to make an ideal ITI model, How to make best ITI? How to improve the buildings? How to bring modernapproach in its curriculum? How to maintain discipline? What should be theuniform? How to make use of technology in it?In short, all these initiatives for upgradation of ITI are taken by us. And I remember some 5years ago, all the secretaries of Indian Government related to ITIvisited Gujarat to study the implementations and modifications carried out to give a new look to ITI of Gujarat. They were surprised to know that Gujarat Government has made so many efforts for the betterment of ITI!Previously, ITI was not counted at all. But friends, now such a situation has came up that the experiments made by Gujarat Government in ITI are considered and on that base various schemes forupgradation of ITI are made. Now ITIs of Gujarat has become a role model all over the country. In the beginning the situation was such that after passing 8th class one who did ITI was considered 8th pass only, the one who passed 10th class with just 35% even then would tease ITI person that they are just 8th pass. By passing 12th class after two trials without even taking Maths or English still if he meets ITI person he would say let it be, I am 12th class..! It was happening in this way,no? But we have changed the situation. We have decided that after passing 8th class, if one does ITI then he should be considered as 10th class pass. After 10th those who did for 2 years they should be considered as 12th pass.Friends, theseefforts are taken because I want to develop a dignity for it.

You must have seen that any soldier of an army, even ordinary worker of an army, who may sometimes work as a gardener or dig holesbut in his uniform, parade, in all these matters there is equality and because of this when he gets out of his house he looks impressive. His confidence level gets increased. An ordinary soldier of a very low post in our army, doing work the same as what a peon does or of even low level but he has a dignity in institution and in the society also.Wherever he goes he is looked uponwith dignity.Ladies & Gentlemen,An ordinary peonis looked upon as a peon only, our institutional arrangement is such that same kind of work ifdone by a person in an army, then he is looked upon with dignity. If he passes by, we too have a desire to shake hand with him that Wow..! If he stands on platform, we feel to have a photograph with him. Why? Just because that person is trained in a particular way. There has been a change in his uniform, personality, the way he stands, talks, walks and so he has got thisachievement. Ladies & Gentlemen,this is what I am trying for.In the coming days, in ITI whichever course you may do of a turner or fitter, welder or anything else, you may be doing job of wireman or automobile work but I wish to remove the feeling that our country has no need of you and that you are useless now. You should not come here without any ambition. I want to do this and so I request all officers of this field that in coming years, along with the technical knowledge, short skill course of 15 days or a month should also be associated.How to shake hands? How to speak? How to talk with your boss? How to talk with your colleague? A confidence level should develop and this work of short skill is equally important.The way you speak, your behavior… You may be technically sound enough but if you are not able to communicate, express yourself then your value becomes zero. So if you are capable then youcan achieve this also.How to remain systematic, How to speak five-fifteen sentences in English, few Hindi sentences, How to show manners, How to speak on phone… all these things can be included in training and once in our ITI cadre it is included along with the technology,I am confident Friends, this will become stepping a stone towards dignity and it will become your strength in life.You must have seen that in ashop or in a provision store where 5-50 items are sold, there is one helper and the shop owner orders him to bring this and often says “where were you? Can’t you see customer waiting?” This is what happens, isn’t it? But when you go to any big mall, we see a nice well dressed, with coat and tie, up-to-dateboy or girl. What he gives us? The same thing, isn’t it? This thing, that thing... He is also a helper, isn’t he? He is helper of a mall and the other one was the helper of a store. But since he works in a mall, so his dressing, soft skill creates a dignity and we too feel that he is an important person. In fact he does the same job as what a helper of provision stores does. There is no difference in the type of work but the culture of a mall creates dignity.This change develops a confidence in manand I believe, in our journey towards progress these important things should be added.

Friends, 21st century is the century of India. We all have heard about it, but are we prepared for it? It will come to an end soon. The preparation that was supposed to have been made in 20th century was made or not but nowdelay any more will be incorrect.If India wants to make 21st century as century of India, we need to pay attention onyouthpower of India. India is the county of youth. It consists of65% youth population. Youmay not be fortunate to go to Europe, but on TV, sometimes on BBC or something else, mostly old are seen with a walking stick, walking slowly… when such 50-100 persons pass through then you are able to see a youth. This is the situation of entire Europe. In our country, entire youth power is seen everywhere. How to make themwork in the formation of our country? If we want to make them work, we need to concentrate on three things.And Friends, all these things are useful to you also. If 21st century is the century of knowledge then the youth should become the devotee of knowledge.Friends, There is no door of knowledge,there is no full stop for knowledge.If you have given up studies after 8th class, that doesn’t mean that everything is over. Friends, I had carried out one work in our Government, a few years back.I told those peopleto make a list of the students who did ITI, whose career of life began with ITI and with self efforts,became big industrialists themselves on the basis of whatever they learnt.And we published a book which made us know that in Gujarat, there are many such ITI students under whom 50 to 100 ITI students work and I have published its book that must be available in the library of all the ITI institutes. Why is it done? To create a dignity, to develop a confidence that just by joining ITI doesn’t mean that everything in life is over, much can be done from ITI also.

ITIs as I said should be an attraction for knowledge, to know something new. Today you can easily operate mobile phones;you all know how to use it.Few days backI visited Kaprala, a remote village in Valsad district, for the opening of a chilling centre.That is a tribal area and a small chilling centre was established where tribal women bring and collect milk. The tribal sisters who bring milk were from near-by- villages, they had gathered for opening ceremony and when the rituals for opening ceremony were going on, all tribal sisters started taking photographs from their mobile phones!I was so surprised!Those tribal sisters, who only rear cattle and fetch milk, were taking photographs with their mobile phones! So I went near them and asked what will you do by taking photographs from your mobile? The answer of our tribal sisters was that we will get it downloaded..! It means that you are very much imbibed to this technology and if you understand mobile technology, the computer technology is not different. If you naturally become computer savvy… it will be your additional qualification.As I toldyou that inITI also, in coming days a turner will get job work through e-mail only. The instructions to complete it will also be giventhrough e-mails.So along with soft skill he will also need to be IT savvy, he will have to be Techno-savvy and Computer savvy also and if we make arrangement for this then our students will become prosperous with knowledge.

Second important need is skill, talent. Friends,value addition is necessary. A person who makes value addition by himself can change the situation.How is value additiondone?My village, my native is Vadnagar. Once I was going to Mehsana by train. A boot polish man boarded the train. He was handicap andnot knowing Gujarati. I still remember that incident from my childhood. He was from Karnataka, speaking Kannada. As that man was handicap, I felt sympathetic for him and started asking him. He was unable to speak Gujarati, so he was telling everything in broken English. I asked why have you left everything there and came here? This is such an area where shoes are purchased but they are never polished. How would you get work here? He said I don’t know much about anything, in whichever train I board, I board there. He then asked me that Sir, will you get your shoes polished by me. At that time the cost was just 25 paisa. I said yes, definitely. Sowhat he did? He took out ‘The Times of India’ newspaper from his bag and handed itto me to read and he wrote ‘Have a nice day!’ on the newspaper. Now here he did value addition.He polished my shoes and also gave me newspaper to read. Naturally I felt greedy as without spending money, I was able to read newspaper also. We are Gujarati, ‘Singlefare, double journey’. But today also his reflection in my mind is as it is. He knew fully wellwhat should be doneto satisfycustomers. Along with well polished shoes given to me, he developed professional skill in such a way that he gave me newspaper also to read. He went to next customer, again he handed the same newspaper till he polished his shoes. Customer could at least read headlines of the paper. A small improvement,even a boot polish man is able to do..!Friends, all these value addition skills increase our importance.There can be no compromise in the matter of skill.How much skill do you have, what kind of skill do you have, to live lifehappilydependson it.

The third thing that is needed is ‘Capacity’. Know your capability. You may have enough knowledge, skill, but you may not have capacity to deliver it. At your home, you may have gas, cooker, stove, floor, water, fuel everything, but if you do not have the capacity to cook, how can you make ‘Laddu’? Therefore, to have capacity is very important. So Knowledge, Skill and Capacity, if we work in all these three directions, then I am confident Friends that we can prepare ourselves for everything. Secondly, Friends,when you dream then… I would tell all mystudents, young friends that even after learning ITI, there is no fullstop in your lifeand you can cross all the heights. Friends, nowadays-even poets have started paying income tax! Haven’t you understood?Otherwise in the past, those who have this skill, question wasarisen that what about their daily bread? If he was a poet or a writer, then hardly he could manage to survive his daily necessities.Today even poets, writers pay their income-tax. So those who have technology,they have so much of power.How great a technologist can do?Friends, many times it happens that a high level man makes innovation but in his comparisona low level mandoes much better innovations.I know a watch repairer in Rajkot. Even today I remember and I know he has a hobby that if a watch which is considered excellent through the world and if it needs to be repaired by him, then he would feel happy. Once a Swiss made watch came to him for repairing. He repaired the watch but he made a correspondence that their watch has some manufacturing defect, there is a defect in the design itself and so you will have to face this problem again and again. He also gave solution for that problem, he made a diagram and did correspondence with that Swiss company and today also I know that Swiss company. He could have repaired the watch and got his money and the matter could have ended. But he did not do so. He took interest in it and the Swiss company accepted that he has given a very good solution and the new product which they willlaunch that will be manufactured after correctingthe defects and they gave him a reward and also appreciated him for that. Today also in his watch shop, the appreciation letter islyingas it is. This means, Friends that if you have innovative nature then even a small work can bring lot of changes and prestige can be built up.And therefore constantly you all technology users, people of technical field,yourparents must be describingthat in your childhood wheneverany toy was given to you, you used to break it first and then again get itrepairedyourself.This must be in your nature, Friends. It must be your tendency. This power that God has gifted you is beyond imagination, Friends! You are lucky enough for God has given you this power. The use of this power can work as energy in your personal development,it can work as a power generator. This is the tendency and you have to know it. And if you understand it and transform it into your capability, it can open many doors of your life.The students and people of technical field have to think on it.

The way Gujarat is progressing, the wayindustrial development is taking place in Gujarat, and theprime need in industrial development is technically skilled manpower.Higher the number of manpower, higher will be the possibility of industrial development. The ‘Vibrant Summit’ which we organize since 2003 in Gujarat. We organized it in ‘03,’05, ‘07, ‘09, ’11 andit resulted to give maximum employment opportunities in Gujarat. Even the figures of Indian Governmentalso state thatin the entire country, employment opportunities are the maximum in Gujarat. And the reason behind it is this technical work.But we will do something in such a way that,the needs of those new companies that are establishinghere and our ITI institutions, engineering colleges, technical universities or any other universities to have a balance between them. After ‘Vibrant Summit’, we place a meeting and we ask them what kind of industry they are planning and that what kind of skilled man power is required by them so that syllabus for skilled man power can be prepared accordingly. And this is the reason to insist for need-based syllabus in Gujarat. So that as early as possible the child finishes his education he can get a work… If its Morbi, teach ceramics, it its Mandvi or Mundra then he can be taught something related to port or shipping, if it’s towards Ankleshwar, he can be taught of chemicals… in this way based on need, requirement, he can be trained so that local children can immediately get a job.We have made an arrangement for it and on a very large scale. And Friends,the progress that Gujarat wants has three main bases.On the support of these three main bases Gujarat wants to develop, as far as youth power is concerned. One, ‘Scale’. It is on a very huge scale and after looking at this ‘Mahatma Mandir’, you may also feel that this is what a big scale is called.Otherwise in past, a room of 10 x 10 size was madebut now it is on a big scale, everything is on a large scale. Second,‘Skill’. How to prepare youth power of Gujarat with multiple skills? How much skill a young man should have, how much should he be technically sound? Scale, Skill and third important thing is ‘Speed’. We wish to develop Gujarat by holding these 3’S.

Ladies & Gentlemen,today more than 2600 youngsters are getting orders for jobs.In last 10 years,this Government has provided jobs to 2.5 lacs people, 2.5 lacs people! And this year, the process is going on to give employment to another 60,000 people. What was happening in the past? Advertisement was published, then applications were collected, Government letter would come and in this process if there is 2months, 6months, 12 months duration then in this duration what the applicant used to do?He starts finding a channel, a jack and in between if he finds someone, he would say Oh, you have given an application? Ok I will manage, but you will have to pay me this much amount..! In between time-table is prepared, everything has to be settled, isn’t it?Then a call for interview comes, this will also take next 2 months. He may feel happy and may even dance thatWow, I have got a call for an interview. Then, he would search for a politician, who can lend it to him for interview.I have an interview sir, please do something! He fixes something after that, some fixing might also be done. He might be a poor boy, son of a widow, his mother may have a small ornamentand by mortgaging it, he might have arranged some money..!Thensomehow he would reach just for an interview. It will take another 3 months for further step. And within these 3 months, some third, higher cadre people would come forward to fix job for him. All the arrangements! I have removed all this things with a single stroke!Many widows are there who have stress of whether her son will get a job or not? Once her son comes back with an appointment letter then only her tension gets relieved. Without a single penny corruption can’t a youth of our country get a job? Why he needs to beg and touch feet to get a job? Ladies & Gentlemen, I don’t agree with this. A youth of our country should live his life with respect, speak with confidence and should be ready to stand against injustice. On-line, the whole procedure is transparent, on-line!

More than 2600 people will get jobs today.But I want to tell something to those who have already got a job and to those who will get a job in future. Friends, you haven’t got this job or getting the salary just because you have got some degree ordone some diploma course, or because you have some specific certificates of Engineering. This much is not sufficient. But more than that is whatever you are today is because of the obligation of the society, Friends.You might have spent just Rs. 200, 500 or 1000 to learn. Friends, if you are habitual to drink tea, thenits one month bill or even less than what you have spent on learning. Government means society. You could study because of the contribution of many people. They gave contributions, so you have achieved all these. So never forget to return back something to the society.Today, a youth thought it was just the first day of his job, he made a contribution of Rs.5000 towards ’Kanya Kelavani’. For me, even if the amount he gave was only Rs. 51, still it would have been equally important. Because of the thought that whatever I am today, is because of our society. God has given me a chance to return somethingback tothe society. As whatever I am at present, whatever I have learnt, it is because of this society. So never forget to repay this obligation of our society. Now the method is very transparent, with on-line facility within a very limited period of time… Otherwise, to provide a job means number of litigations, another shop would run..!Somebody would have definitely filed PIL.Recruitmentitself getsstopped. One may have got an order but unable to appoint him. Fortunately, because of this transparency, these youth have got their jobs today without any controversy.

Friends, it must be the dream of your life, that those brothers and sisters, who would be trainedunder you, achieve newerheights in their life.That should be the satisfaction of your life and the aim to serve your nation, with such acharacter, may all you friends, progress, develop and move forward with this spirit and enthusiasm. Friends, there are many sectors in this State, like Automobile Industry.You just imagine, in the past if anybody who was trained in automobile, used to work just in a garage. Those were the days, right? “Oye Noor, open this side…” This was it. That scooter repairer would say “Oye Nooiya, open the bonnet..!”This way the life was going on, isn’t it? Whole terminology is different. In this automobile sector, each spare part is given a unique name. Give this, give that. Friends, today Gujarat is becoming the biggest automobile hub in Asia. There will be a drastic need for technicians. In the comingdays, Gujarat wants to make an entry in the Shipping Industry, making huge ships.In ship building, work of a welder is very important and responsible, as welding has to be very perfect so that the ship could survive in sea water for 50 years and if any deficiency is left, everything is over..! Now just think, a small work of a welderwill be appreciated once the ship is to be built.

Friends,there are many sectors of progress in Gujarat.Higher the level of your skill, easier it will be for you to reach the sky.Friends, my heartiest congratulations to all of you, andI hope you must have got a new direction to fulfill your dreams in life. My young friends, we will be celebrating 150th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and it will be celebrated as ‘Youth Power Year’. There also we are going to dothe same important tasks,enrichment of skill, talentGujarat is going to work in that direction for the whole year. You can imaginehow great opportunities are waiting for you. With full strength say with me,


Bharat Mata kiJai!

Thank you, Friends!

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आज ये जो दृश्य है, ये पूरे विश्व के मानस पटल पर चिरंजीव रहने वाला दृश्‍य है। अगर बारिश न होती तो शायद इतना ध्यान नहीं जाता जितना बारिश के बावजूद भी, और जब श्रीनगर में बारिश होती है तो ठंड भी बढ़ जाती है। मुझे भी स्वेटर लगाना पड़ा। आप लोग तो यहीं के हैं, आप आदी हैं, आपके लिए कोई तकलीफ का विषय नहीं होता है। लेकिन बारिश के कारण थोड़ा विलंब हुआ, हमें इसे दो-तीन हिस्सों में बांटना पड़ा। उसके बावजूद भी विश्‍व समुदाय को सेल्‍फ के लिए और सोसायटी के लिए योगा का क्‍या महात्‍मय है, योग जिंदगी की सहज प्रवृत्ति कैसे बने। जैसे टूथब्रश करना हमेशा का क्रम बन जाता है, बाल संवारना हमेशा का क्रम बन जाता है, उतनी ही सहजता से योग जीवन से जब जुड़ता है एक सहज क्रिया बन जाता है, तो वो प्रतिपल उसका बेनिफिट देता रहता है।

कभी-कभी जब ध्‍यान की बात आती है जो योग का हिस्‍सा है तो ज्‍यादातर लोगों के मन में ऐसा रहता है कि कोई बड़ी spiritual journey है। कोई अल्‍लाह को प्राप्‍त करने का, या ईश्‍वर को प्राप्‍त करने या गॉड को प्राप्‍त करने का, साक्षात्‍कार करने का ये कार्यक्रम है। और जब जो है कि लोग...अरे भई ये तो मेरे से से नहीं हो सकता मैं तो सामर्थ्य से बाहर ही हूं, वो रुक जाता है। लेकिन अगर इसको सरलता से समझना है तो ध्‍यान को, जो बच्‍चे स्‍कूल में पढ़ते होंगे...हम भी जब स्‍कूल में पढ़ते थे, दिन में दस बार हमारे टीचर कहते थे- भई ध्‍यान रखो जरा, ध्‍यान से देखो, ध्‍यान से सुनो, अरे तुम्‍हारा ध्‍यान कहां है। ये ध्‍यान जो है ना वो हमारे concentration, हमारा कितना फोकस है चीजों पर, हमारा मन कितना केंद्रित है, उससे जुड़ा विषय है।

आपने देखा होगा, बहुत से लोग याद शक्ति बढ़ाने के लिए, memory बढ़ाने के लिए एक टेक्‍नीक डेवलप करते हैं, टेक्‍नीक सिखाते हैं। और जो लोग उसको बराबर फॉलो करते हैं तो धीरे-धीरे उनका memory power बढ़ता जाता है। वैसे ही ये किसी भी काम में मन लगाने की आदत, ध्‍यान केंद्रित करने की आदत, फोकस-वे में काम करने की आदत उत्तम से उत्‍तम परिणाम देती है, स्‍वयं का उत्तम से उत्तम विकास करती है और कम से कम थकान से ज्‍यादा से ज्‍यादा संतोष मिलता है।

एक काम करते हुए दस जगह पर जो दिमाग भटकता है उसकी थकान होती है। अब इसलिए ये जो ध्‍यान है, spiritual journey को अभी छोड़ दीजिए, उसका जब समय आएगा तब कर लेना। अभी तो अपने व्‍यक्तिगत जीवन में ध्‍यान केंद्रित करने के लिए, अपने-आप को ट्रेंड करने के लिए योगा का एक हिस्‍सा है। अगर इतना सहज रूप से आप इसको जोड़ेंगे, मैं पक्‍का मानता हूं साथियों आपको बहुत लाभ होगा, आपकी विकास यात्रा का एक बड़ा मजबूत पहलू बन जाएगा।

और इसलिए योग सेल्‍फ के लिए जितना जरूरी है, जितना उपयोगी है, जितनी ताकत देता है, उसका विस्‍तार सोसायटी को भी फायदा करता है। और जब सोसायटी को लाभ होता है तो सभी मानव जाति को लाभ होता है, विश्‍व के हर कोने में लाभ होता है।

मैं अभी दो दिन पहले मैंने एक वीडियो देखा, मिस्र ने एक competition organize किया। और उन्‍होंने टूरिज्‍म से जुड़े हुए जो आइकॉनिक सेंटर्स थे, वहां पर जो बेस्‍ट योगा की फोटो निकालेगा या वीडियो निकालेगा, उसको अवार्ड दिया। और वो जो तस्‍वीरें मैंने देखीं, मिस्र के बेटे-बेटियां, सारे आइकॉनिक पिरामिड वगैरह के पास खड़े रह करके अपने योगा की मुद्राएं कर रहे थे। इतना आकर्षण पैदा कर रहे थे। और कश्‍मीर के लिए तो लोगों के लिए बहुत बड़ा रोजगार का जरिया बन सकता है। टूरिज्‍म के लिए बड़ा आकर्षण का केंद्र बन सकता है।

तो मुझे आज बहुत अच्छा लगा, ठंड बढ़ी, मौसम ने भी थोड़ी चुनौतियां पैदा की, फिर भी आप डटे रहे। मैं देख रहा था कि हमारी कई बेटियां ये दरी को ही अपने...जो योगा मैट था उसी को बारिश से बचाने के लिए उपयोग कर रही थीं, लेकिन गई नहीं, डटी रहीं। ये अपने-आप में बहुत बड़ा सुकून है।

मैं आपको बहुत-बहुत बधाई देता हूं, बहुत-बहुत शुभकामनाएं देता हूं।

Thank You.