Hon'ble CM criticizes Centre's weak-kneed approach in crushing terrorism

Shri Modi demands tough law to root out terrorism

Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has sternly criticized the central government for its weak-kneed approach in crushing the terrorism.

Speaking during an inauguration function at Sardar Patel University, Mr. Modi said the innocent people would not have lost their lives and terrrorists would have been hanged by now, had the 
Sardar Saheb been living today.

People of this country want the terrorists to be handled hard-handedly. Human rights can not be favoured to the demonic people like terrorists as they are not fit to be called humans, he said.

“Central government is quite enthusiastic in bringing a law for communal violence but has no time to root out terrorism. Countries across the world, including America, have enacted tough laws and giving strong fight to terrorism, but India is being repetitively bombed. This is the time when people of India should take upon the challenge of uprooting terrorism”, said Mr.Modi.

Chief Minister Mr Narendra Modi today inaugurated the new examination centre-Gyanodaya- at Sardar Patel University in Vallabh-Vidhyanagar. The examination –centre must be used for conducting the competitive-exams and online recruitment procedures besides its academic use, said CM.

Appearing in such exams the youth ought to organize them in to a potent force so that they can devote themselves for the bright future of our nation, added CM.

The Gyanodaya, the 77000 square-feet examination-centre is built at a cost of Rs 9 crores, is well equipped to conduct examination of 2100 students at a time. Mr Narendra Modi observed that the evaluation-system must do justice with the honest and righteous student.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is the inspiring force behind the formation of Sardar Patel University, said Health Minister Mr Jaynarayan Vyas adding that the online examination centre and modern technology is going to further enhance transparency of our assessment system.

Mr Harish Padh, Vice Chancellor Sardar Patel University, welcomed the dignitaries. He spoke about the outstanding achievements and the research work being carried out at the University.

Registrar Mr Tushar Majmudar proposed vote of thanks.

Deputy Chief Whip Mr Ambalal Rohit, Anand District Panchayat President Mr Jashubha Solanki, Members of the Senate and Syndicate, eminent leaders, faculty deans and students were present.

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