Shri Narendra Modi addressing the Gyan Shakti Sammelan.

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Place :Surat Speech Date :20-04-2011


Gujarat's continues growth and its principles explained through various examples.

Different significant initiatives taken under the program of Gyanshakti:

  • Human resource development
  • Mata Yashoda award
  • Gunotsav
  • Tribal welfare
  • Inauguration of Indian Institute of Teacher's Education
  • Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University
  • Children's University
  • Raksha Shakti University Forensic Science University
  • Environment Technology
  • Vanche Gujarat'

To the mammoth gathering of young minds assembled here,

Friends, I just arrived after visiting an exhibition of ‘Gyan Shakti' (Knowledge Potential) at Science Centre. I was so engrossed in understanding the details that I ran late here. It must be a bit surprising that I got delayed, but the amount of enormous information, and the colossal amount of effort that has been put in by groups of people is highly satisfying and fills my heart with pride. Hence, all the friends present here or those students who are not, I request them to visit the science centre with an observing eye and study it like a curious student or a researcher. It will be a very useful source of information. It will be a milestone for your future career. It will lay a map of Gujarat's development and scopes for you knowledge

Friends, there won't be a government which does not wish to develop its own state - which government would dig a pit for its own state? – None, everyone wishes to bring development but not all can achieve it and hence its development process is derailed. Secondly, it happens with some people that they decide to go to Mumbai, but midway at Vadodara they change their mind and get In our country it worked the same way, several people start off with big dreams, even a small obstacle breaks them they return back. they are stopped seeing a closed gates, they don't realize that in search of the destiny the real solution to these blocks is to remove them. This is the biggest achievement of our state Gujarat. Well, how did this happen? Our train never got derailed even once! Since last 10 years Friends, we have continued our journey of progress without deviating from the track it goes on and on. Well what's the Reason? It's very clear, from the Day 1 I have framed a model for our state tofollow. I resolved to pitch our state on the foundation of 5 elements to attain newer heights; as a part of this ‘Panchamrut Project' to newer heights on the basis of these 5 powers. under this project of Panchamrut today, Gujarat has tasted the nectar of these 5 elements of power, which are – Gyan Shakti (powe of knowledge), Jal Shakti (Hydro Power), Urja Shakti (Energy Power), Jan Shakti (Power of People) and Raksha Shakti (Defence Power). On the basis of these 5 powers we designed 5 way efforts (Gujarat progressing on the 5 paths)and the occasion of the Swarnim Gujarat. Leaves an impression of our achievements and the sheer progress that we have done on this path Friends, the philosophy of ‘Panch Shakti' is the root cause of such success –these five elements are the powerful foundation pillars– power of knowledge, and we are celebrating the power. It is the Panchashakti. At the completion of the Swarnim Jayanti occasion, we are now at the point of stock checking, making newer resolutions planning new strategies and finalising a new target to achieve. As we do not want to getstuck. During a marriage ceremony, quite often we see, that before the bridegroom and his family arrive, the venue is at its best. The arrangements are at its best; no stone is left unturned to impress the guests. But as soon as the daughter leaves, the whole place turns deserted. All things are lying in hay wire, there is no one to pick up the chairs, the cutlery is abandoned and everyone is looking for a respite without bothering. We are not going to do that. We do not consider Swarnim Occasion as the ultimate destiny. On the contrary, as soon as the occasion is over, we need to get back on the track with a new enthusiasm and new power (energy). 10 years have passed and in coming years Gujarat has to go far ahead of this.

Friends, 21st century is the century of knowledge, hence it is necessary to understand the importance of knowledge and the way to attain it. () here, we all are aware that the first ever literacy work in the form of a Gujarati novel in 19th century was “Karan Ghelo” – a novel written by the author Nand Kishore Mehta who hails from Surat and today on 21st April – his birth Anniversary we are celebrating the Swarnim Gujarat. Narmad - Epitome of knowledge, who gave us knowledge in form of patience and perseverance, and a sense of courage – as well; this isn't a small contribution; we are celebrating an occasion to commentate the contribution of social great Personalities.

Friends it is essentialto have the growth of human power at the base of every development, if we are not foresighted enough we fall short of expectations in the area of Human Resource Development - whatsoever development occurs, building, factories infrastructure development - all these become meaningless and becomes a mere subject of matter for research for Archaeologists, But only if we utilize human power appropriately, only then it can becomes productive and lays the foundation i.e. base for progress and development, hence for development of every society the basic need is development of human resources hence the State Government has given priority to Human Resource Development. Friends, the range of human resource development is so spread out that the government has taken the responsibility to take care of the child from the time of conception. Healthy the mother, healthier the child and this healthy child will step on this earth bringing a new bout of energy with itself which will contribute to the basis of energy of society as a whole in future –this we want to take care from the embryonic stage itself. In the past, Aanganwadi was considered as a place where a lady would take the slum kids for a while to play. The lady was believed to be a care taker in the crèche for slum children. The whole activity of Aanganwadi was simply neglected, but in fact a child's brain develops the most till the age of 5, now if this - the most crucial phase for a child's mental development is ignored then obviously you can imagine what would be the effect on the upcoming generations. We have changed this situation, we focussed on the Aanganwadi. In the past Aanganwadi was just a small dingy corner or the children simply played under a tree. The caretaker would get paid and that is all. We changed the situation radically. Aanganwadi needs to provide an enlightened atmosphere that brings opportunities and knowledge to the young minds. Now, we have initiated a plan to make ‘Nand ghar' in every village and the lady at her best in fulfilling responsibilities gets awarded with – ‘Mata Yashoda Award'. Young minds, you will be glad to know that our government also honours and rewards collectors and D.D.O.s who render their best services. They are under inspection; however these awards are not more than Rs.25,000. We reward an Anganwadi teacher with the amount of Rs.51,000. This government does not provide uniforms to the Collectors, but provides uniform to the Aanganwadi teacher. If you have ever been to a village, you will see special attire created for Aanganwadi teachers thus creates a special identity. She is respected by the people around. If an air hostess has an impressive uniform then why not for our Aanganwadi teachers?. We have made the ‘Yashodas' of Anganwadi to look better than any air hostess. we just intended to change the atmosphere. Friends, I am discussing all these minor details because I want to emphasize that every aspect is taken care of, so that the development programme of Gujarat is not derailed. Once a child enters Aanganwadi, we make an arrangement for ‘Bal-bhog', so that the child gets nutrition and health care. And friends, all of you who go to college often use the word ‘IQ'..... Yes --- You might have heard someone saying – “everything else is OK but IQ is not”. When friends make fun of each other they say – “just leave him he has got discount in IQ”. So Friends, the observation power of young kids develops their IQ, which in turn builds up their personality. A common man would find it difficult to understand what is IQ, but I shall explain you with a small example, a mother puts her child in the cradle and gets involved in kitchen chores, what does she do if the child cries? She ties a revolving toy around the cradle and shakes it a bit. the toy moves, and creates some noise, she will rock the cradle and return to kitchen. The child in the cradle is observing all her moves of shaking the toy, the music that played for a while which stops later,. As the sound stops, -- you must have observed that the child tries to reach out to the toy to touch in order to listen to that music. This is IQ. my friends, no one has taught him what to do, he acquires this sense through his repeated observation and relating them. Hence the IQ is linked to the atmosphere that we create in his infancy. In childhood, children go to the school in 44 degree temperature. A ‘Surti Lalo' enjoys his meal with fresh mango juice following with a quick nap. At the same time State Chief Minister, Members of the Cabinet, IAS, IPS, IFS - Forest officers, a team of 900 people walks down the dusty lanes of each village, each house and begs them to send their daughters to the school. This resulted into 100% attendance in schools. Friends, this is the dedication of the state so that Gujarat paves a path of knowledge and stands tall tomorrow on the strong pillar of knowledge..for a long taxing decade we gave up resting our bodies after eating a whole delicious meal and searched all nooks and corners of villages in 44 degrees which has led us to this massive transformation today. all efforts aimed to strengthen the foundationWouldn't you be surprised if we build a four storied building without any stair case or a lift with having nothing to climb up? In the past there have been governments which did the same mistakes. For example, schools are constructed, children start attending day school but toilets are missing in the premiesis Now, boys can handle such lack, but what about the girls? No facilities for girls were available & you know how girls matureat certain age when . when they are in 3rd or 4th grade. They become conscious and even mature earlier compared to the boys. This has led to raise the drop-out rates of girls from schools. To overcome these adversities the State Government conducted a survey to find the reasons behind high school drop outs amongst girls, and today I am glad to share with you my brothers & sisters that when I am asked about the proudest achievement, I announce that I constructed 40,000 toilets for my little daughters all over the state village schools, so that they continue their schooling.. I am as happy to build these toilets as I was to build the Narmada Dam.. Even the smallest thing has taken in account to achieve such levels of delelopment.

How have we worshiped the ‘Gyan Shakti'? By recruiting teachers? building hostels for them? but how to make a shift in the educational system? Rooms, toilets are made, play area and library are ready, teachers are recruited and children also start coming but what about education? We took up this task of ‘Gunotsav'. under which Several uncertified colleges of the country are detected There was no data available which indicates the grads of the college.What should be done to change a “D” grade college to an “A” grade? such survey was never conducted in this country. Friends, you will be happy to know that more than 40,000 schools have been assessed in our state. They have been classified into “A” “B”, “C” and “D” grades, they are assessed for its quality of education.?how can we upgrade schools to a better institution?. We have focused on upgrading the lower grad school to a higher grade school. We have triggered the change with picking up small details. we have reserved quota for tribal people in every medical and engineering colleges but that serves no advantages if we don't have a high schools with science stream available in the remote sub districts they live in cantheypursue these fields of engineering and medicine? ? In past no professed saviours of tribal people catered to their needs .There were numbers of tribal sub districts in the state which did not have a single higher secondary school with Science stream. Why ? Are'nt tribal people capable enough? Should they not be given opportunity to prove their mettle? Today I can declare with pride that every Taluka of our state now has a higher secondary school with science streamNow, let us talk about colleges... In past there were hardly 12-13 thousand seats for engineering, so parents would spend lacs of rupees to admit their children in an Engineering colleges outside the state on donation seats and if by chance their child gets into a bad company or fails then their parents dreams get shattered. Crores of rupees are drained out of Gujarat, the parents are always worried due to the fear of their child getting into a bad company and their dreams will shatter. In this situation we took up the mission we brought so many new changes that if someone takes up a survey how Gujarat is laying the foundation for 21st century a large document can be created, that will catch the attention of the whole world, that this state introduced the Children's University, the Indian Institute of Teacher's Education also! Friends, it is easier to get hold of a doctors, engineers or lawyers but it is very difficult to get a good teacher. Ask any parent about his utmost wish in life,be a slum dweller or highly rich person; he would say - a good education. Every parent's basic requirement is “Good education for his children”. mere a good school building cannot cannot deliver good education unless it has a good staff of teachers. Friends, education could be delivered through a systematic management and so this state has decided to produce the best teachers the same way a business management institutes produce CEOs and managers for large companies. Do we not need similar colleges for making good teachers? Thus Gujarat is the 1st state in our country which has started a dedicated university - The Indian Institute of Teacher's Education (IITE). We have taken steps for those who want to take up teaching as a profession. They will take admission after 12th class, complete graduation, post graduation and come out as an excellent teacher. Brothers and sisters, today we read in the newspapers about the IIM students getting pay package of 1.5 or 2 crores even before they are graduated.. Friends after 10 years you will be reading a similar news for the IITE students getting recruited on such pay packages . We are working towards laying the foundation and strengthening them for tomorrow to achieve these milestones. What types of Universities do we create? Not just for tomorrow but universities which create a stronger tomorrow.

Gujarat also aims to progress in terms of utility. The world is facing energy crisis. The whole world is worried about the unfound solution of diminishing energy resources? Whether it is petroleum, coal – the energy has become an inevitable part of life. To overcome this crisis, a new outline has been charted and to cater to the need of Human Resource Management, Gujarat has established ‘Pandit Deen Dayal Petroleum University'. This university mainly deals with requirements in the field of energy resources and energy sectors. Within 3 years it has made its presence felt as one of the best universities in Gujarat. Life is undergoing a transformation, gas-based transportation and gas-based industries are coming up, so we will need a larger number of technical staff. The requirement will be from primary level staff to research oriented (PhD) experts and with this foresight, we have also initiated basic courses for petroleum sectors, in IITs We are planning to cater to the rising demands of human resources for management and administration of Petroleum Sectors. We are planning to cater to the rising demands of the adequately trained human resources for management and administration of the petroleum sector.

Brothers and sisters, in the recent future I foresee families becoming smaller and smaller. In a joint family, grandparents, uncles take care of children. A child grows up as if in an atmosphere similar to that of a university – our forefathers have left us a great legacy of joint family system. However, unfortunately both parents work outside home leaving the child behind with a care-taker. There has to be a scientific approach to question how this child is going to develop. Today if you take a child to a toy shop and ask him to pick up a toy of his choice then 8 out of 10 children will pick up a toy pistol. Friends, how can a society work if a pistol has entered a child's mind? Instead of choosing a pen he is choosing a pistol. This is a danger signal my friends, and this danger has to be averted through scientific research. With this intention in mind, this State has formed a Children's University where we shall research how to rear a child better in a nuclear family.

Friends, in today's world, law and order is an important issue. There was a time when every village had just one ‘Police Patel' who hardly earned a rupee or two but the whole village paid him respect, and for any untoward incident in the village Police Patel had his final say. The total security of the whole village was under his leadership and it went on very well. Today the social life has undergone such a sea change that large police forceor old techniques do not work ,professionalism has to be brought in this perspective. And hencefor this, Gujarat is the 1st state in India which has started ‘Raksha Shakti (Defence Power) University' for those who want to join defence forces or start his/her own private detective service or private security service. This will be an upcoming industry that will develop in future to prepare man force. Right after 12th class they will pursue graduation and post graduation; you can imagine the quality of security fence that will be created for the safety of a common man.

We have made Forensic Science University. Today technology has entered the Criminal world, it has become so powerful todaythat a person miles away from you will just press some keys on his keyboard and steal money from your bank account. Technological knowledge becomes imperative to detect and punish the criminals where cyber crime has nourished the criminal world. To use technology, we need to produce the best scientists who can work in a forensic science lab – Friends, you will be glad to know that only Gujarat is the state which has established the 1stever Forensic Science University and more than 8 countries are associated to this university. Israel, a country world renowned for its security is also associated with our Forensic Science University

You can think how we are bring in the transformation. We have generated 5 times the number of universities compared to those started in the last 40 years. Today IT has played a big role in catalysing and accelerating the process of growth. it has significantly simplified numbers of complicated processes . IT has coded the information to fingertips. IT however is on a progressive track but, ET is going to rule the future. ET meansEnvironmental Technology. The whole world is worrying about Information Technology but the real issue is global warming.due to global warming we are going to face some constraintslike, there will be rules and regulations in car manufacturing businessto check if the car is environment friendly or not. environmental technology will be the deciding factor to start a factory. . Environmental friendliness will be the base of any production..looking at the wind of change I will request young generation to realize the importance of Environmental Technology and its role in future

The second important thing is Research, If research becomes stagnant it becomes useless The stream of knowledge should be constantly flowingand the stream of knowledge continues to flow only through research activity.. I want to congratulate the friends from education Department who have published an interesting Compilation of research papers, which also got published in several best quality scientific journals . Whosoever wants to research can get online information by accessing these websites and supplement his own research. Friends, in any society researches are must. It should be continuous and following the same directions. I want to gift the youth of Gujarat the “Incubation Centre”. If any person carries out research or invents something new then he needs extra finance to continue it.One carries out the research but does not understand the utilization of it? He needs a space, laboratory, instruments and financial support to put it in a practice. Once he is ready with a accurate model he patents it and receives adequate legal guidance to sell it to a big company in the market, thus for providing assistance to the industry; to provide all this support we have started this incubation centre. In this incubation centre such budding talents will get an opportunity to research on various topics in the field of product development, so as to make a perfect model which can be sold to any company in the market and thus earn royalty. A young man can thus do a business worth of crores of rupees on the basis of his intelligence and this work will benefit the mankind my friends. I have received several letters form youths informing about their discoveries, for example a man has made a two wheeler that saves about 20% of fuel consumption. Now that poor fellow has discovered but how will he bring it in to the market? Here the incubation centre will come tohelp and manage the rest.

Similarly, Gujarat is the first state which has made an ‘Innovation Commission'. Its objective is to award knowledge in every form –how to make itprominant, how to encourage – all these aspects will be taken care of by the ‘innovation commission'. The thought behind this commission is to invite applications fromkeen researchers who are waiting for their experiments to be examined and get matiraliized, For example a farm labourer who makes brooms out of bamboos experiments to make a broom with lesser efforts and time with best result can also take help of this project. Our friends in diamond industry have made a research in diamond cutting through laser system. All such best innovations will be noticed by the state and they will make efforts to put them to use. For example, a teacher creates a model for innovative teaching method and successfully implements it. Such methodology can be replicated in the innovation centre. Friends any person who creates something new should be encouraged by the state so that his effortsdo not go in vain, the talent is utilised and also becomes the property of the state government similarly that becomes the property of the generation and he is rewarded for that. The innovation centre is working in strengthening this cause for tomorrow.

Friends, we have started a new system for skill development - Voucher System. Earlier what was the system? Wherever you go you hear about corruption, how to eradicate this? For example, an institution would say we conduct so and so skill development courses, so the government askes them to teach the students and offers them to pay a particular amount –then there were tenders issued andwe know what goes around and comes around. now, we have brought in a new system. Those students who are willing to take up such course but not financially strong the government offers them a voucher worth 2000-to 5000.. The student will go around and locate a training institute which he thinks is the best for him and he is free to joinit. The training institute gets the voucher but it is compensated only if that student is able to clear the exams held as per the government standards. Only then they get the payment so this is such a marvellous scheme. This is my earnest request to all the youth below the poverty line that only a degree will not be useful, in-addition to degree a skill is must. To get employed you must have a hand on several things. I would like to share a small incident - Dada Dharmadhilkari, inspired by the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi and a colleague of Acharya Vinobaji, was once approached by a young, strong, well built young man. He had an impressive personality and a strong physique. He told dada - “Dada, I need a job.” When dada asked, what can you do? He said - I have graduated in a particular subject, then dada asked again – and what else do you know? He replied - I am a graduate. Dada - Ok, you are a graduate but tell me what do you know? He questioned again. The young man did not reply. So further he asked – “Do you know gardening?” The young man started scratching his head. “Ok, do you know cooking or driving?” He didn't know anything; he was just roaming with a piece of paper. Friends, the world has changed, we need skills and an extra skillto survive. So that someone could employ us for that skill, extra skills along with the degree. Hence, we have started a project of skill development along with the students of Gujarat and that they develop a mastery in skills. We have also started this project so that students are free to choose the company they want to work with. the government will pay only if you clear the scheduled exams. Friends this system has been planned, we have begun by giving vouchers to 3-4 girls for skill development. they will go with these vouchers. We are working on this on a large scale. We are aiming to progress further on the basis of this power of knowledge. Friends, Gujarat has been a devotee of Laxmi –the Goddess of Wealth and we are devotees of Laxmi but remember my friends the nature of Laxmi is little different, she wouldn't be comfortable staying alone, and if she is alone then she leaves in a few days but if we call her friend-Goddess Saraswati then she will stay back, hence we need to worship Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge.

We started ‘Vanche Gujarat' (Read Gujarat) campaign and the whole world was surprised. Yesterday I was a part of a Video Conferencing with British parliamentarians at London where all dignitaries of British Parliamentarians, House of Lords were present where in, during the question-answer session, one British man asked me about “Vanche Gujarat” and just think my friends, a British knew the words and the meaning of ‘Vanche' - this is one of the achievements of the ‘Swarnim Jayanti'. Here, there was an experiment of book donation in Bardoli. About 30,000-35,000 books were gifted by people in a small town like Bardoli. Today, I hear that a project of book donation has been taken up in Surat, lacs of books will be donated and every village will house a library. During this occasion of Swarnim Gujarati we want to initiate some foundation tasks which will keep on spreading wider and wider with passage of time like a banyan tree. It will prove to be a shelter, a destination of Mother Saraswati for devotee of knowledge –this is the mission I have taken up as a part of this occasion and as a part of Swarnim Jayanti, we are celebrating this on the land of Surat. I pray that all of you be blessed by Mother Saraswati. All of you be recipient of knowledge. All be the devotees of knowledge and All of you deserve to become Authorities of knowledge. If all of you aim to acquire knowledge, to actualize your dreams then no one can stop you and may this work proceed at a speed higher than Swarnim Gujarat Jayanti. Lots of best wishes to all of you..!


Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat..!

Jai Jai Swarnim Gujarat..!


Fostering girl child education in Gujarat 

Gradation of around 40,000 colleges in Gujarat 

Gujarat had set Panch Shakti development Model & followed it rigorously 

Human Resource Development important for society's development.







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This budget empowers every segment of society. It paves the way for prosperity in our villages and for the poor and farmers. Over the last 10 years, 25 crore people have come out of poverty. This budget continues the empowerment of the neo-middle class, offering new opportunities for education and skills development. It provides new strength to the middle class and includes robust plans to empower the tribal society, Dalits, and backward classes. Additionally, this budget will enhance the economic participation of women and create new avenues of progress for small traders and MSMEs, or small industries. By focusing on manufacturing and infrastructure, the budget will invigorate economic development and sustain its momentum.


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Together, we will make Bharat a global manufacturing hub. The country's MSME sector is closely linked to the middle class and provides substantial employment to the poor. Strengthening small industries is a crucial step in this direction. This budget announces a new scheme to improve the ease of credit for MSMEs. Additionally, there are important provisions to enhance the manufacturing and export ecosystem in every district. E-commerce export hubs and 100 units for food quality testing are among the initiatives that will boost the One District One Product campaign.


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Today, defence exports are at a record high. This budget includes many provisions to make the defence sector self-reliant. Global interest in Bharat has surged, creating new possibilities in the tourism sector. Tourism offers numerous opportunities for the poor and the middle class. This budget places special emphasis on developing the tourism sector.


Over the past 10 years, the NDA government has consistently provided tax relief to the poor and the middle class. In this budget, income tax reductions and increased standard deductions have been introduced. Additionally, TDS rules have been simplified, resulting in extra savings for every taxpayer.


The comprehensive development of Bharat's eastern region is crucial for the nation's progress. Our campaign will gain new momentum and energy through the vision of Purvodaya. We will accelerate development by constructing essential infrastructure such as highways, water projects, and power projects in eastern Bharat.


This budget places significant emphasis on the country's farmers. Following the world's largest food grain storage scheme, we are now establishing Vegetable Production Clusters. This initiative will open new markets for small farmers to sell their fruits, vegetables, and other produce at better prices. Simultaneously, it will increase the availability of fruits and vegetables for the middle class, ensuring better family nutrition. It is essential for Bharat to become self-reliant in the agricultural sector. Therefore, support has been announced to boost the production of pulses and oilseeds.


Today's budget includes major initiatives to eradicate poverty and empower the poor. The decision to construct 3 crore new houses for the poor has been made. The Janjatiya Unnat Gram Abhiyan will connect 5 crore tribal families with basic amenities using a saturation approach. Additionally, the Gram Sadak Yojana will link 25,000 new rural areas with all-weather roads, benefitting remote villages in all states across the country.


Today's budget has introduced new opportunities and has infused fresh energy. It has created numerous jobs and self-employment prospects, fostering better growth and a brighter future. This budget will serve as a catalyst in the process of making Bharat the third-largest economic power in the world, laying a solid foundation for a developed nation.

Best wishes to all the countrymen!