इंडी गठबंधन के लोग एससी/एसटी/ओबीसी का आरक्षण लूटना चाहते हैं: मिर्जापुर, यूपी में पीएम मोदी
सपा सरकार के दौर में जीवन या जमीन कब छिन जाए, कोई नहीं जानता था: मिर्जापुर, यूपी में पीएम मोदी
मोदी सरकार पांच लाख तक का मुफ्त इलाज और पांच साल तक मुफ्त अनाज दे रही है: मिर्जापुर, यूपी में पीएम मोदी
माफिया के लिए आंसू बहाने वालों लोगों को अब पूर्वांचल में पैर नहीं रखने देना है: घोसी, यूपी में पीएम मोदी
इंडी गठबंधन वाले भारत में बहुसंख्यक समाज को दोयम दर्जे का नागरिक बनाना चाहते हैं: घोसी, यूपी में पीएम मोदी
छठे चरण के मतदान ने इंडी गठबंधन के छक्के छुड़ा दिए हैं, अब सातवें चरण में इंडी वालों पर पूर्वांचल का प्रहार होगा: बांसगांव, यूपी में पीएम मोदी

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed spirited public meetings in Mirzapur, Ghosi and Bansgaon, Uttar Pradesh. Addressing the huge gathering, the PM said, "Samajwadi party and Congress people are dedicated to vote bank whereas Modi is dedicated to the poor, Dalits and backward people of the country..."

In a call to action, PM Modi urged the people of Uttar Pradesh to support the BJP-NDA government. "In six phases, the country has ensured a very strong BJP-NDA government for the third time." He emphasized the significance of June 4, known as Bada Mangal or Budhwa Mangal, with the slogan 'Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar.'

Addressing the reasons behind the people’s trust in his government, PM Modi stated, “Why has India decided to form the Modi government for the third time? The straightforward reason is, honest intentions, good policies, and national integrity.”

PM Modi criticized the SP-Congress INDI alliance, referring their approach to unstable leadership. “They are talking about having five Prime Ministers in five years. Tell me, if a Prime Minister is busy saving his chair, can he make the country strong? That is why the country has decided that, for a strong nation, the Prime Minister should also be strong.”

Highlighting the misdeeds of the SP government, PM Modi discarded their governance and said, “They had tarnished the name of Mirzapur. They had made the entire UP, especially Purvanchal, a haven for the mafia. Whether it was life or land, nobody knew when it would be snatched away. And in the SP government, even the mafia was considered based on their vote bank. But this is not the case anymore. Now, Yogi Ji has launched a cleanliness drive here. During the SP government, the public used to tremble in fear, but now, under the BJP government, the mafia tremble in fear.”

PM Modi also spoke about appeasement and vote bank politics based on giving reservations against the Constitution. He said, “After coming to power, they tried to enforce their will, but the matter has been stuck in the Supreme Court since then. Despite this, they kept giving OBC rights to Muslims through the back door. But repeatedly, the matter got stuck in either the High Court or the Supreme Court. So now, the INDI people have found the last resort to give reservations to Muslims. The SP-Congress people now want to write in the Constitution itself that Muslims should be given reservations. That is why they want to change the Constitution. They want to end the court hassles once and for all. The SP-Congress people are dedicated to their vote bank, whereas Modi is dedicated to the interests of the poor, Dalits, and the underprivileged.”

Underscoring his government’s commitment to development and welfare, PM Modi elaborated on several initiatives. He said, “Through the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, around 1,000 crore rupees have been transferred to the accounts of farmers in Mirzapur. Modi has already built 4 crore permanent houses. Another 3 crore permanent houses are to be given to the poor. Each of these houses, worth lakhs of rupees, is being allotted in the name of mothers and sisters.”

“Modi is also paving the way for you to earn from electricity. Our government is providing 75,000 rupees to install solar panels on rooftops. Use as much electricity as you need for free, and the government will buy the rest,” he added.

PM Modi emphasized support for local industries and women's empowerment. He said, “This area is the domain of our craftsmen, artists, and Vishwakarma families. Modi is working to ensure that your products reach not just the national market but also the global market. We launched the One District One Product scheme and now have brought the PM Vishwakarma Scheme. Under this scheme, the government is providing training, money for modern tools, and direct assistance from banks, guaranteed by Modi.”

“Mirzapur and Robertsganj have emerged as models of women empowerment. Sister Anupriya has already been doing excellent work in my cabinet. This time, Sister Rinki Kaul has also made history as the first female candidate from Robertsganj,” he added.

At another rally in Ghosi, Prime Minister Modi said, “The family politics of SP-Congress turned Purvanchal into a region of mafia. It became a region of deprivation, poverty, and helplessness. But for the past 10 years, Purvanchal has been choosing the Prime Minister of the country. For the past 7 years, Purvanchal has been choosing the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. That's why Purvanchal is the most special. Ghazipur, Ballia, and Salempur are not just electing MPs, but choosing the PM of the country.”

Stressing on wrongdoings of the opposition, PM Modi said. “Here, first-time voters won't remember the SP's 2012 manifesto. SP clearly stated in their manifesto that just as Babasaheb gave reservation to Dalits, the same reservation will be given to Muslims. This goes against the spirit of the Constitution and Babasaheb's ideals.”

“Another method Congress explored before 2014 was declaring schools, colleges, and universities as minority institutions. For this, Congress swiftly changed laws overnight and declared thousands of educational institutions as minority institutions. Previously, these institutions provided reservations to SC/ST/OBCs, but that was completely abolished and reservations were now given to Muslims,” he added.

In Ghosi, the PM reiterated that SP-Congress opposed & boycotted Pran-Pratishtha of Shri Ram. He said that an event that has occurred after 500 years the SP and Congress aim to change it and oppose the decision like the way they did with the Shah Bano case.

Speaking at the third rally in Bansgaon, PM Modi highlighted the anticipation for June 4th and the transformative changes ahead, he said, "On June 4, 2024, India's future will be decided. With the determination of Amrit kaal, the building of a developed India, and the realization of 1.4 billion dreams, the nation will embark on a new journey. Millions await June 4 eagerly: 3 crore poor awaiting permanent homes, elderly above 70 receiving ₹5 lakh worth of free treatment, youth benefiting ₹20 lakh from the Mudra scheme, 3 crore sisters from self-help groups becoming prosperous, and many receiving free electricity through the Surya Ghar Yojana. The countdown to India's ascent as the third-largest economy begins from June 4."

PM Modi criticized Congress sharply, stating, "Congress has consistently compromised national security. You know, our country manufactures BrahMos missiles. The day is not far when Uttar Pradesh will also manufacture BrahMos missiles. Despite global demand for BrahMos, Congress obstructed potential sales. Why? These INDI people don't want India self-reliant in defense or exporting weapons. They prefer foreign deals, continuing the legacy from Bofors to Augusta Westland. Today, we advocate for a self-reliant defense sector."

Reflecting on the era of SP's jungle raj, PM Modi remarked, "Under the previous government, it was challenging for sisters and daughters to venture outside their homes. Parents struggled to secure their education amidst difficult circumstances. Businessmen lived in constant fear, unsure when they might be extorted or lose their properties to land grabbers embedded within the government. However, since Yogi Ji assumed office, the atmosphere has transformed, even the climate has changed! The mafia's rule has come to an end. This illustrates the distinction between the BJP and the INDI alliance."

Highlighting the challenges faced by farmers during the previous government, PM Modi emphasized, "Under the tenure of the previous governments, farmers in this region endured significant hardships. Many sugar mills were closed down, compelling farmers to cease sugarcane cultivation. Our administration is actively addressing these gaps left by the SP. We have raised the Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) for sugarcane, thereby clearing outstanding dues amounting to thousands of crores for the farmers."

In the conclusion, PM Modi called for continued support to ensure a strong and prosperous India. He urged everyone to turn out in large numbers and vote for BJP-led NDA candidates to secure their victory. “Remember, you are not just electing an MP, but also choosing the country's Prime Minister, choosing Modi,” he said.

मिर्जापुर का पूरा भाषण पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक कीजिए

बांसगांव का पूरा भाषण पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक कीजिए

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