Guj CM concludes his 3 day fast with a resolve to take Sadbhavana Mission further

Published By : Admin | September 19, 2011 | 04:14 IST
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In a symbolic depiction of ‘Sadbhavana’, amidst a galaxy of political bigwigs and a jampacked convention centre, the 3 day fast of Guj CM Shri Narendrabhai Modi, concluded this evening with religious leaders of different faiths offering him juice . The fast, held as a part of Sadbhavana Mission received an unprecedented support from different quarters including politicians from different ideologies, religious leaders, artists, eminent personalities and a constant flow of citizens for all the three days.

Hon’ble CM announced that the ending of the fast was just a beginning of the Sadbhavana Mission. He said that Gujarat has already experienced the strength of Sadbhavana in its journey of progress with janbhagidaari , in last 10 years. This fast was just a small step to demonstrate it to the world. His announcement of taking this mission to every district by fasting one day at each, was welcomed with a thunder applause by his supporters present. He said “I want each and every citizen of all 18000 villages to become a gamechanger”. He reaffirmed his faith in attaining development through harmony, without divisive politics of votebank.

The Chief Minister expressed heartfelt thanks for the love and support of the people.

The third day of his fast today began with the assembly of august gathering observing two minutes’ silence to condole the death of victims in the earthquake in the North-East. Immediately after receiving the news of the earthquake hitting north India with its epicenter near Sikkim yesterday morning, Mr. Modi had alerted Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority (GSDMA) to be ready for rescue and relief operation if needed. Mr. Pursottam Rupala also announced to provide all possible help to the quake victim.

Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda, leader of a predominantly tribal state, exuded confidence that events like Sadbhavna Mission, sending message of development through peace, unity and harmony, has kindled hopes of bringing about satisfactory solutions to nation’s several burning problems, including extremism. Bringing along with him the greetings of Jharkhand people, he said, the perfume of Gujarat’s Narendra Modi has spread far.

Rajya Sabha Member and noted actress Smriti Irani said that Sadbhavna Mission sends a message for development through collaboration even to the Opposition and to those who intend to create obstacles. She said: “Truth has been disturbed, but not yet defeated. It has disarmed the critics of Mr. Narendra Modi.”

Noted film star and danseuse Hema Malini said that earlier Mr. Narendra Modi’s increasing popularity and now Gujarat’s Sadbhavna Mission’s acceptance would force other states to follow the Gujarat’s model of development. It is not easy to earn popularity in performing arts or politics. One has to work very hard. She also conveyed greetings from her husband film star Dharmendra.

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena President Raj Thakarey visited the venue of the Sadbhavna Mission to personally greet Mr. Modi.

Chhattisgarh Minister of State and its State Wakf Board Vice-Chairman Salim Asharfi, Madhya Pradesh’s former health minister Hemaben Acharya and MLA Ashok Argal

Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan, BJP’s national General Secretary, said that despite the scarcity of natural resources like iron, coal and water in Gujarat, the state have made great progress which is only because of the able leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Modi. Other states are also gaining from Gujarat’s prosperity Thousands of people from other states including Orissa peacefully earn their livelihood in Gujarat. Mr. Modi’s model should be implemented in the entire country.

Mr. Jagatprakash Nadda, Himachal Pradesh BJP leader and BJP’s General Secretary, said the growth achieved by Gujarat in all the sectors including health, education and industries is exemplary. Gujarat’s efforts for giving an equal opportunity to every citizen without any discrimination and include every one in the development process is inspirational for the rest of the country. A leadership like Mr. Modi’s is required to crush the problems like unemployment and corruption. People of India want an equal opportunity in development, not a vote-bank politics.

Mr. Balbir Punj, BJP’s Gujarat In-charge, said that Mr. Modi has serve Gujarat greatly in last decade and now the nation needs his service.

Mr. C.P.Singh, Jharkhand Assembly Speaker, said that Mr. Modi has put Gujarat on international map. He has done a great service to Gujarat, now the nation needs his service.

Earlier in the day, Mr. Modi paid his obeisance to his teachers and elders who had come to meet him on the dais. They included Gordhanbhai Patel, Somabhai Patel, Ishwarbhai Patel, Hargovindbhai Patel, Chandrakantbhai Dave, Kantibhai Patel and Lavjibhai Chaudhry.

The priests of Mahakal Temple at Ujjain led by Ashutosh Baba reached here, reciting hymns to invoke His blessings to boost the name and fame of Gujarat and India across.

Hasmukh Rajput (age 11), who has lost both his hands, was contributing his mite to the Sadbhavna Mission, by drawing topical pictures sending strong messages of peace, unity and harmony.

According to reports reaching here, the Sadbhavna Mission is making ripples felt at places far and wide in the country. Akhil Bharat Gujarati Samaj President Paresh Chaudhary informed that the Gujarati community living in different states expressed their solidarity in various ways to the Mission. The Coalfields Gujarati Samaj, cutting across their political lines, observed daylong fast at the Kutch Gurjar Kshatriya Samaj Hall at Dhanbad yesterday.

In Maharashtra, Puna Bandhu Samaj Vice-President Haribhai Shah said that 2,500 text messages and 2,000 emails were sent to Mr. Modi. A meeting was arranged at Deccan Club. In Chennai, the Gujarati Mandal, Gujarati Mandal Building Trust and other organizations in Chennai observed a day’s fast in support of the Mission yesterday.

We have received reports of people, including muslims, sitting on fast in Kashmir yesterday.

Chief Minister’s Sadbhavna Mission is receiving unprecedented response and people from all corners of the state are supporting this noble cause of spreading unity, peace and harmony. This fact has also been reflected in the visitor’s book which is kept on the venue. As many as 42 visitor’s books have been kept at the Gujarat University’s convention hall and more than 15000 visitors have expressed their feelings in it so far. Most of the entries in the visitor’s book strike the same chord saying that the nation, now, needs Mr. Modi’s service. Here are some of entries in the visitor’s book:

“Children in Gujarat have never heard such a word like ‘curfew’. We pray god that, with your leadership, this become true for the children of entire country...”

“This Mission for the cause of unity and harmony is a slap on the face of opposition party….”

“You never gave away despite of hurdles and obstructions on the path of progress…people are with you…”

“Narendrabhai, you are God for the farmers….we wish you become the leader of crores of the farmers of this nation…”

Venue of the fast gave motivational push to many with the moral slogans and sayings fixed on different walls which charged the atmosphere with the spirit of unity and harmony.

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