Chief Minister launches 62nd Van Mahotsav in Pavagadh

Published By : Admin | July 31, 2011 | 21:47 IST

Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi launched 62nd state Van Mahotsav today from the famous pilgrim place Pavagadh by planting a sapling here on the site named Virasat Van (Heritage Forest).

Virasat Van will be developed with the people's participation in the area of 6.5 hectare in the foothills of Pavagadh. Since 2004, Chief Minister Mr. Modi has initiated to develop a series of ‘cultural forests' in the state. Virast Van is the eighth one in this series where trees of 30 different types will be grown beautifying the entire area of Pavagadh hills.

On the occasion, Chief Minister asked people to actively participate in ‘Vave Gujarat' campaign and exhorted people to plant two trees on the birth of a girl child in their families. He said the same trees will yield them enough money for the marriage of their daughter. He also expressed desire to make Gujarat greener by infusing love for the trees in the people across the state.

Chief Minister said the materialistic western culture has destabilized the nature but the Indian tradition believes in the principle of ‘Chhod ma Ranchhod' (Tree has god in it). Living in harmony with nature is the only way out from global warming, he said.

“Van Mahotsav is meant to love and worship the nature. The state government does not want it to remain merely a government programme but wants to involve people in it. And so, it has developed different type of forests with the theme of various elements of our culture so that people can relate to it”, he said.

Speaking on the occasion Forest Minister Mr. Mangubhai Patel said that there are 1300 different medicinal trees being seen in Gujarat. There is a need to take more care of these trees. In a novel concept, the state government has grown various forests like Smriti Van, Rashi Van, Nakshatra Van and others while the forest department is also working for the greening of the urban areas.

Social Justice Minister Mr. Fakirbhai Vaghela said that every religion has considered the tree sacred. He expressed faith that the people of the state will enthusiastically involve themselves in this forestry campaign.

Principal Secretary Mr.S.K.Nanda informed that at present there are 16 trees per hectare in the state and 4.6% of the area outside of forests is green. State government wishes it to increase to 20 and 6% respectively.

Van Pandit' award was given by the Chief Minister and other dignitaries to all those farmers who contributed greatly for the nurturing of age-old trees.

Minister of State for Forest Mr. Kiritsinh Rana, Minister of State for Tribal Welfare Mr. Jaswantsinh Bhabhor, MLAs Mr.Jethabhai Bharwad, Arvindsinh Chauhan, Chief Forest Conservator Dr.Jagdishprasad, District Collector Mr.Manish Chandra, Government office bearers and people in large number were present on the occasion.

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Ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, PM Modi marked his special presence in Basti, UP, and vowed to continue his fight against the opposition. He emphasized his unwavering vision for a ‘Viksit Uttar Pradesh’. The PM urged citizens to actively participate in the democratic process for the betterment of the nation.

Initiating his speech, PM Modi dwelt on the significance of the ongoing elections and remarked, “Five phases of elections have solidified the path for the Modi government’s third term. Now, every vote cast for SP or Congress will be wasted, as they won't form the government. Your vote should go to the party that will lead the country. Modi's government is the one to support for a Viksit and Atmanirbhar Bharat.”

Highlighting India's growing influence, PM Modi made the crowd aware with pride, “Today, India's stature and respect on the global stage have significantly increased. When India speaks, the world listens; when India decides, the world follows. The nation that once harboured terrorists and threatened us now finds itself in a dire situation, struggling even for food grains.”

With conviction in his voice, PM Modi established India’s strong stance under his leadership and mentioned that “Pakistan is devastated, yet its sympathizers in the SP and Congress try to scare India, saying we should fear Pakistan's atom bomb. Why should India be afraid? Today, there is no weak Congress government but a strong Modi government.” He further challenged that, ‘Bharat Aaj Ghar Mein Ghus Kar Maarta Hai’!”

PM Modi explicitly took a dig at the opposition, making their unrealistic expectations and past failures prominent, “I am surprised by the repeated release of flop films starring the ‘Shehzadas’ of SP and Congress. Now, these two are spreading rumours together, claiming they will win 79 seats in UP. This is nothing but daydreaming. On June 4, the people of UP will wake them up from their slumber, and then they'll surely blame the EVMs.”

PM Modi also exposed the true colours of the INDI Alliance, criticizing their blatant appeasement tactics and disregard for the nation's heritage. “Our country waited 500 years for the Ram temple, but these INDI leaders have a problem with the Ram Mandir and Lord Ram himself. Senior SP leaders dismiss the Ram temple as useless and label its devotees as hypocrites. Another INDI leader even called the Ram temple unholy. They openly speak of destroying Sanatan Dharma, led by Congress. The “Shehzada” of Congress aim to overturn the Supreme Court's decision on the Ram temple,” he added.

The PM called out the Congress and SP for their sudden pretence of upholding the Constitution, reminding the audience of their historical hypocrisy and ongoing attempts to undermine its principles, “This is the same Congress that tried to abolish it by imposing an emergency and the same SP that always opposed reservations for Dalits. Now, they go against the Constitution's spirit, advocating for reservations based on religion. They are taking away reservations from Dalits and backward classes to give them to Muslims.”

PM Modi emphasized the importance of remembering past mistakes in order to prevent empowering those who have tarnished Uttar Pradesh's progress and safety, he further said, “Our sisters and daughters were afraid to leave their homes. People feared buying land due to mafia takeovers. Remember how goons and mafias were welcomed by SP? Rioters received special treatment, and orders were issued to release terrorists from jail. We cannot afford to make the same mistake in this election that would boost their morale again.”

In his ending statement, the PM urged each and every voter of UP to ensure a decisive victory with their votes for BJP. PM Modi also asked each and everyone from the audience to convey his gratitude and best regards, door-to-door.