The entire Council of Ministers, led by Chief Minister Narendra Modi, IAS officers and 3,000-odd officials have participated in the 3rd ‘Gunotsav’ campaign to evaluate 2-lakh teachers and 60-lakh students pursuing studies in 32,742 government primary schools in Gujarat for three days fromNovember 24 to 26, 2011.

The first day visit led the Team Gujarat to make a surprise visit to a primary school at Jaswantgadh Bhemal village in Danta taluka of Banaskantha district. CM asked teachers to throw out their unconcern in raising the quality of education. He Stressed for giving computer education and nutritious food to the students and inculcating the good habits of doing yoga and prayer.

On the Second Day Gunotsav campaign, Shri Narendra Modi visited Vavania in Rajkot District, the birth place of Gandhiji’s religious Guru Shrimad Rajchandra.

In a surprise visit to Primary schools in Maliya-Milyana taluka, CM was displeased to find the schools rated Grade D. Despite the fact that the boys school was 150 years old, built in 1853 and the Girls School was built in 1832. CM Narendra Modi addressed the issue and looked into the problems of the Schools as to the available facilities, the education level and mental health of children apart from the course syllabus, computer literacy and extra curricular activities.

On spur of the moment, he organized a meeting of the teachers and villagers. CM informed that it is shameful to note that after Government pouring in money for education to primary schools, the schools lacked the basic needs. Many children could not write the names of their guardians. It was also noticed that 24% women in the village were literate. 76% out of 100 felt ashamed of illiteracy. Unhappy about the situation, Shri Narendra Modi was concerned that in 50 years independence, none had taken initiative earlier. With initiatives like Kanya Kelavani, Shala Pavesh and Gunotsav, the Government is infusing life into literacy.

CM held a meeting with the Teachers and encouraged them to change their vision. He said, “If the School is degraded and the students are weak, your conscience should bite you. There should be love for teaching and without this, education will have no means.”

He appealed the leader, Legislator Kantibhai Amritiya of Vavania to infuse literacy and to reach nearby Kuntasi village to motivate students for education.

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Cabinet approves Proposal for Implementation of Umbrella Scheme on “Safety of Women”
February 21, 2024

The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi approved the proposal of Ministry of Home Affairs of continuation of implementation of Umbrella Scheme on ‘Safety of Women’ at a total cost of Rs.1179.72 crore during the period from 2021-22 to 2025-26.

Out of the total project outlay of Rs.1179.72 crore, a total of Rs.885.49 crore will be provided by MHA from its own budget and Rs.294.23 crore will be funded from Nirbhaya Fund.

Safety of Women in a country is an outcome of several factors like stringent deterrence through strict laws, effective delivery of justice, redressal of complaints in a timely manner and easily accessible institutional support structures to the victims. Stringent deterrence in matters related to offences against women was provided through amendments in the Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code and the Indian Evidence Act.

In its efforts towards Women Safety, Government of India in collaboration with States and Union Territories has launched several projects. The objectives of these projects include strengthening mechanisms in States/Union Territories for ensuring timely intervention and investigation in case of crime against women and higher efficiency in investigation and crime prevention in such matters.

The Government of India has proposed to continue the following projects under the Umbrella Scheme for “Safety of Women”:

  1. 112 Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) 2.0;
  2. Upgradation of Central Forensic Sciences laboratories, including setting up of National Forensic Data Centre;
  3. Strengthening of DNA Analysis, Cyber Forensic capacities in State Forensic Science Laboratories (FSLs);
  4. Cyber Crime Prevention against Women and Children;
  5. Capacity building and training of investigators and prosecutors in handling sexual assault cases against women and children; and
  6. Women Help Desk & Anti-human Trafficking Units.