Guj: creating opportunities for our youth!

Published By : Admin | November 28, 2012 | 12:30 IST

Gujarat- a land of opportunity for the youth

As nation reels under policy paralysis and sees through the UPA’s false promises of providing 1 crore jobs to youngsters, Gujarat creates 72% through employment exchange of jobs across India

Unemployment records lowest in Gujarat

“India is a young country with 70% of the population below the age of 35. To reap the “demographic dividend”…there is an urgent need to put in place an extensive skill development programme so that the employability of youth is enhanced.”

“Small and medium enterprises and the self-employed are the backbone of our industrial and service economy. They are the major generators of productive employment for our youth…. pledges a “new deal” for SMEs and for first-generation entrepreneurs by assuring them greater access to collateral-free credit, liberating them from the multiplicity of laws and forms, and freeing them from the clutches of inspectors.”

At first you would think that these are lines from a policy document of the Gujarat Government that list out a coherent vision for the future but (sorry to disappoint you) these are lines taken from the Congress manifesto of 2009! When they were written in 2009 the nation reposed faith in the party as a harbinger of change and better times but today, 3 and a half years later these words are like fresh salt on the wounds of a nation suffering from the clutches of poor governance, especially for the youth, who have little future with a Party like the Congress holding the keys to power in New Delhi!

The plans to enhance skill development among the youth remain plans, the numbers speak volumes on the jobs the UPA has created and as far as a “new deal” for small and medium enterprises who are the “backbone” of our economy, the “new deal” they are getting is FDI in retail which will surely liberate them from laws, forms and inspectors simple because they will render the people jobless! This is a joke played on the people, Congress style.

On the other hand, on these fronts Gujarat has scaled colossal heights of progress and Shri Modi has also become one of the strongest critics of FDI in retail- when the growth of our people is at stake, how can we expect Shri Modi to remain silent?


Gujarat- where the jobs are, a true land of opportunity!

Considering they promised 1 crore jobs in 2009 and failed to do so, the Congress surely has some courage that they are facing the youth of this nation and asking for votes!

On the other hand, the record of Gujarat under the leadership of Shri Modi speaks for itself.

Gujarat is the highest job creator in the nation today, generating 72% through employment exchange of the total jobs in India!

The good news does not end there- a report by the Director General of Employment and Training says Gujarat tops list in providing jobs to candidates through Employment Exchange and that too since 2002.

Gujarat not only tops the list of creating most jobs but when it comes to lowest rate of unemployment, the state that stands out is (yet again) Gujarat! A report by the Labour Bureau states that Gujarat has the lowest unemployment among all states of the country.

According to the report, while India’s jobless rate stood at 3.8% Gujarat showed lowest rate of 1%. The Report also noted that Gujarat has an extremely low unemployment rate among females in urban areas, which is again a progressive sign.


Strengthening the youth with essential skill sets

This surge in opportunities would not have been possible without the very strong importance Shri Modi has given to skill development. Earlier, studying in an ITI was considered a token of mediocrity but today thanks to the determined efforts of Shri Modi, it is a badge of honour.

Gujarat’s ITIs have become the growth engines of skill development.

  • Government ITIs are present in all 225 Talukas of the state.
  • ITIs have entered into partnerships with many national and international corporations.
  • 67,000 women trained by ITIs in 2011 as compared to 3400 in 2001.
  • 44,000 candidates from the weaker sections of society receive vocational training in 2011-12, 418% increase since 2001.
  • Rs 130 crore budget in 2012 budget for ITIs.
As a part of the 150th birth anniversary celebrations of Swami Vivekananda, Gujarat observed the Swami Vivekananda Youth Employment Week in April this year. During the week, Shri Modi himself handed over a record 65,000 job letters to youngsters at programmes organized in Kutch-Saurashtra, Central Gujarat, South Gujarat and Ahmedabad.

Those talking about reaping the demographic dividend by placing an extensive skill development programme may like to read this small anecdote Shri Modi narrated:

We were in a NDC meeting when the PM said we are putting in place a massive skill development programme of 500 types for the youth. I interrupted him and asked if there is one zero less or so but I was told no! If we want to compete with China, which has over 50000 skill development programmes for their youth, is what we are doing enough?

If we have to compete with China, we need to give great stress to skill development and while others merely pay lip service to the issue, Shri Modi has delivered and shown to the world how we can make a difference.


New Deal for small and medium enterprises- FDI in retail!

If policy paralysis, price rise, corruption, snatching of LPG cylinders is not enough the Congress led UPA is thrusting down FDI in retail to our people.

Once again, at the forefront of opposing this anti-people measure is Shri Narendra Modi, who has stated that such acts would greatly harm our small shopkeepers, domestic manufacturing and create joblessness! Our youth will stand to loose due to this but it has repeatedly fallen on deaf years in front on an insensitive UPA Government.

Even USA President Barack Obama urges his countrymen to support small business but our own Prime Minister goes out of the way and becomes a Singham for American interests, such is the travesty of the situation.


Sorry, no jobs for Gujaratis!

An example of the misdeeds of the Congress can be seen in the fact that in the ONGC refinery of Dahod, which is under the control of the UPA, only 5 Gujaratis have got jobs!

Gujarat generates jobs for people, creates opportunities for youth but what does it get from the Congress-led UPA, nothing but rejection and non-cooperation.

As the nation plunges deeper into policy paralysis and when we only receive only bad news from Delhi, the youth of Gujarat should ask themselves:

What happened to the Congress efforts to reap the demographic dividends?

Is employment and employability for youngsters getting enhanced under the UPA?

Do you want a “new deal” that will take your jobs away?

With the same system, same everything how has Gujarat been able to shine as the nation under the UPA falters?

Do we want to embrace a Disha of joblessness, lack of opportunity and pessimism?

It is only the need of the hour that drivers of the nation’s fortunes, those who will realize Swami Vivekananda’s dream of a Jagad Guru Bharat raise their voice and affirm:



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