Gujarat Chief Minister at Gau Raksha Mahamahotsav in Rajasthan

Published By : Admin | November 5, 2011 | 10:07 IST

“Gujarat is only state to enact law and implement cow protection Act”

“Centre levies duty on cotton export, offers sop on beef export”

Chief Minister Narendra Modi has questioned the Centre’s indifference towards implementation of cow protection law even after the clear directives of the Apex Court. Chief Minister was speaking as a Chief Guest at Bhartiya Gau Raksha Mahamahotsav held at Nandgav near Pathwada district in Rajasthan.

“The present government of Gujarat struggled against the vested interests and pseudo-secularists for getting a law through Supreme Court for the protection cow-progeny. Gujarat, in its turn, has implemented this law in even stricter manner. But it is unfortunate that Centre has not taken even a single step for the protection of cows even after the orders of Supreme Court. The Centre has not even bothered to inform about its action to the Apex Court”, he said.

On the occasion, Chief Minister offered pujan and aarti to the cow and had satsang with Swami Datt Sharnanandji who is the organizer of Goloktirth. During the Bhagwat Katha of Shri Rameshbhaiji, Chief Minister talked with people about the significance of Kamdhenu and the necessity of the preservation of cow-progeny.

Mr. Modi was critical of the Central Government’s role in various humanitarian issues. Instead of protecting the cow breed, the Centre offered subsidy on beef and mutton export and allowed smuggling cattle into Bangladesh, while levying export duty on raw cotton. He said that Gujarat has enacted cow protection laws and implement them strictly, with the help of 12 mobile forensic laboratories and PASA. Gujarat arranges over 3,000 cattle fairs and is busy eradicating 112 diseases, operates cataract and dental operation on animals. Milk production has increased by 60 per cent in the state during the last decade. He called for following the saints and seers in protecting the cow progeny.

Akhil Bharatiya Rajasthan Pravasi Mahasangh General Secretary Sunil Singi and MP from Sirohi was present on the occasion.

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