Gujarat also judged among three best Big States in the country

 Under Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat has become a model state ensuring security to its citizens and ranked among best in the country

As the Centre reels under acute criticism from all sections of society for failure to provide security and safety to the citizens of Delhi especially women and children, Gujarat has again shown the way by being declared the most ‘safe and secure state’ in India.

Gujarat has been adjudged the best Big State for providing citizen security and one of the top three Best Big States for their overall performance at the IBN7 Diamond States Awards – 2012. The jury comprised of eminent people from various walks of life including Dr. Bimal Jalan, Ex-Governor of RBIm Shri M. Damodaran, Ex- SEBI and UTI Chief, Shri Gurcharan Das, eminent Economist and writer, Mr. T. R. Subramanian, Ex-Cabinet Secretary and Dr. Bakul Dholakia, Ex–Director, IIM Ahmedabad among others. These eminent personalities decided the awardees based on the performance as well as data collected during the survey.   

Gujarat has received number of national and international awards in last decade for Good Governance. Recently, in November 2012, Gujarat was also adjudged Best Big State (Overall) in the country for its performance by the India Today. It was also adjudged Best State for Investment.

When the whole world was reeling under the economic slowdown, vision of the Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi made Gujarat achieve an unprecedented double digit economic growth along with peace and prosperity. Chief Minister emphasized that growth of Gujarat is integral for India’s development, which can be achieved by developing a synergistic approach towards converting the slowdown into an opportunity for all to excel.

On one hand where security of teenagers (especially girls), women and aged people has been a growing matter of concern in the cities across India, Gujarat has presented an instance of being a safe haven for all sections of the society. Crime against teenagers, women and senior citizens has been negligible.

Under the leadership of Shri Modi as Chief Minister, Gujarat has developed one of the best infrastructure and created conducive environment for its people to realize their full potential and excel in their chosen vocation. The State is power surplus and provides power to other States. It is free of labour disputes and issues relating to land acquisition. The growth and development has been comprehensive in all regions and all sectors.

Resident Commissioner, Government of Gujarat Shri Bharat Lal received both the awards from Speaker of Lok Sabha Smt. Meira Kumar at a function held in New Delhi, which was graced by a number of eminent people of the country.

Universal praise for Gujarat’s Development Model 

Under the visionary leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat has won many awards due to the remarkable progress taking place in the state.

A few months ago, the Legatum Institute released the 2012 Global Prosperity Index in which it was affirmed that Gujarat scores the highest on social capital in India. When compared to 142 nations, Gujarat scores 15th and compares better than several of the developed nations.

A strong thumbs up to Gujarat’s development under Shri Narendra Modi was given by Asia’s leading brokerage firm CLSA. CLSA placed Gujarat among the fastest growing states and termed its development model as most unique. 

A report by the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM) noted that Gujarat tops the list among states, receiving the highest share of private investment, both domestic and international. 

It is these pro-people and development oriented policies that led to the people reposing their faith in Shri Modi and the BJP in the 2012 Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Elections. Both the national and international media have hailed the BJP’s victory under the leadership of Shri Modi. Intellectuals and public policy experts too have written extensively on the significance of the win.


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PM holds a high level meeting on oxygen supply and availability
April 22, 2021

PM Narendra Modi chaired a high-level meeting to review the oxygen supply across the country and discuss ways and means to boost its availability. The officials briefed him on the efforts undertaken in the last few weeks to improve the supply of oxygen.

PM spoke about the need to work rapidly on multiple aspects: increasing production of oxygen, increasing the speed of distribution & using innovative ways to provide oxygen support to health facilities.

PM was informed that an elaborate exercise is being done in co-ordination with the states to identify their demand for oxygen and ensure adequate supply accordingly. PM was briefed on how oxygen supply to states is steadily increasing. Against the present demand from 20 states of 6,785 MT/ day of Liquid Medical Oxygen, Government of India has from 21st April, allocated 6,822 MT/ day to these states.

It was noted that in the last few days, availability of Liquid Medical Oxygen has been increased by about 3,300 MT/ day with contributions from private and public steel plants, industries, oxygen manufacturers as well as through prohibition of supply of oxygen for non-essential industries.

Officers informed the PM that they are working together with the states to operationalize the sanctioned PSA oxygen plants as soon as possible.

PM directed the officials to ensure that oxygen supply to various states happen in a smooth, unhindered manner. He spoke about the need to fix responsibility with the local administration in cases of obstruction. He also asked ministries to explore various innovative ways to increase production & supply of oxygen.

Various measures are being undertaken to rapidly increase the availability of cyrogenic tankers through conversion of nitrogen and argon tankers, import and airlifting of tankers as well as manufacturing them.

PM stressed on the need to ensure faster transportation of oxygen to the states. It was discussed that Railways is being used for rapid and non-stop long distance transport of tankers. First rake has reached from Mumbai to Vizag to transport 105 MT of LMO. Similarly, empty oxygen tankers are also being air-lifted to Oxygen suppliers to reduce one way journey time in oxygen supply.

Representatives from the medical community also spoke about the need for judicious use of oxygen and how an audit in some states has decreased oxygen demand without affecting the condition of patients.

PM also stressed that the states should come down heavily on hoarding.

The meeting was attended by Cabinet Secretary, Principal Secretary to PM, Home Secretary, Health Secretary & Officials from Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Minstry of Road Transport, Pharmaceuticals, NiTi Aayog.