Inaugurating the All India Vice Chancellors Convention of Agriculture Universities at Anand, Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi announced that to tackle the crisis of Climate-Change, Gujarat has moved forward by adopting the strategy of Green Credit, which is a step ahead beyond the Carbon-Credit. Indian Government has already given approval to the proposal.


Climate Change Scheme :

The 33rd convention has begun at Anand today, at least 30 Vice Chancellors, dignitaries from Agriculture Science and Agriculture Research Institutes are to debate for deciding the strategy to tackle the crisis of Climate Change. Chief Minister inaugurated the Centre for excellence on Bio-Technology. Agriculture Minister Shri Dilip Sanghani, Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Shri Fakirbhai Vaghela, Members of Parliament, Members of Assembly were among the others who attended the function.

Shri Narendrabhai Modi said, As we adopt the philosophy of Carbon-Credit to nullify the adverse effects of climate change, Green-Belts must be developed to protect the environment, which will inspire the future Industrial Infrastructure. Gujarat has made a new beginning in this direction. It bound to avert the risk of Wrath of Nature.

To mitigate the chain of disasters that can happen due to the climate change, therefore the strategy needs to be chalked out considering the rich traditions and wisdoms of Indian Agriculture. Chief Minister also emphasised the need to make agricultural research and scientific experiments based on Indian traditions. He observed that the New Millennium goals ought to be fixed on the central theme of Humane Economy, Agro Economy and Socio Economic values, added the C.M.

Chief Minister asked to revive the agriculture based socio-economic structure. He made insightful suggestions for determining a strategy that can effectively tackle the nature's fury. In a highly motivative address he appealed the scientists to rediscover multi layered 360 degree solutions for agriculture and live stock.

Climate change and global warming are the end products of consumerist culture. Shri Narendrabhai Modi claimed that exploitation of nature is a crime; we may make judicious usage of nature. There are two widely held ideologies, one is ringing the siren of the impending disasters like tsunamis and the cities feared to be submerged in the oceans, where as the other take the climate change as a cycle of normal changes. We must to turn the crisis in to an opportunity. The developed nations have damaged the security shield, now they try to wash their sins in the name of Carbon-Credit. The sages have bequeathed us with a very rich legacy that offers foresighted solutions to the crisis. Our traditions show us the path of sustainable development and optimum use of resources.

Chief Minister identified the basic difference between our original life styles according to six seasons and the era of oppression under which the three seasons life styles were adopted, it is the result of the influence of western culture. Our socio economic activities are based on the six-seasons. The agro climatic zones and metrology science can offer tremendous internal strength to agriculture, he added.

Chief Minister highlighted the landmark agriculture achievements of Gujarat and the efficient and skilful means of water management being implemented by the State, the farmer has become active partner of the development journey. The agriculture production has taken a giant leap, it rose from Rs 9000 crores to Rs 34000 crores. The agriculture strategy of Gujarat is very successful, input cost is reduced; under adverse situations the confidence of the farmer has remained intact. Gujarat has shown the path by effecting economy in water and energy consumptions.

Head of Indian Agricultural Research and the President of Indian Agriculture University Forum Dr S A Patil observed that the inspiring strategy offered by the Chief Minister is going to be very useful .He also highlighted the theme of the convention.

Delivering the welcome address, Vice Chancellor AAU Prof.M.C.Varshney said that the credit goes to Shri Narendrabhai Modi for the agriculture revolution that has taken place.

Secretary of the forum Shri R.P.Singh delivered vote of thanks, Nayab Dandak in the Assembly Shri Ambalal Rohit, MLAs Shri. Shirishbhai Shukla, Smt Jyotsanaben Patel, President Anand Municipality Smt Sejalben Patel, Principal Secretary –Agriculture Shri P.N.Raichaudhri and top officials attended the ceremony.

Information Bureau, Government of Gujarat, Date: 4/12/2008

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