Gujarat achieved record agro production despite Centre’s injustice: CM

Published By : Admin | April 8, 2012 | 14:36 IST

CM addresses huge gathering of Chaudhary-Gudol community at Dantiwada

Gujarat achieved record agro production despite Centre’s injustice: Narendra Modi

Addressing to a huge gathering of Akhil Bharatiya Chaudhary-Gudol Samaj at Dantiwada today the Chief Minister Narendra Modi said that despite the Centre’s injustice and wrongdoings to Gujarat the state has achieved record production in the field of agriculture and dairy industry. 

Shri Modi recounted the immense progress the Chaudhary- Gudol community had made in the field of animal rearing and dairy farming and invoked Krishna Ram ji Maharaj’s appeal of spreading education among the community. He also spoke about the need to educate the girl child.

The Chief Minister spoke at great length about the instance of injustice at the hands of the Centre that had adversely affected the farmers of the state. He said that there were many lies and misinformation being spread about agricultural progress in Gujarat but the truth is that while the overall agriculture growth rate of India has been around 3%, Gujarat’s agriculture has grown 11%! This in itself shows who is pursuing pro-farmer policies. Shri Modi declared that the farmers of Gujarat would never forgive those who are misleading them by spreading these lies.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister felicitated Parathibhai Gudol, one of the farmers from Chaudhary-Gudol community who achieved 87 ton/hectare production in potato farming, breaking the record of 53 ton of the Netherlands, with the use of drip irrigation. The Chief Minister said the younger generation of agro-entrepreneurs in Gujarat must now make use of drip irrigation, which is a right move towards prosperity.

Recounting the progress Gujarat’s cotton farmers had made over the past few years, Shri Modi said that their produce was doing very well internationally due to which they were even earning in dollars. But, not being able to see Gujarat’s farmers remain happy the Centre arbitrarily brought in the cotton export ban. Now, prices have dropped sharply due to which farmers have lost heavily. Despite all this, the UPA has remained unapologetic, he pointed out.

Mr. Modi said that on one hand the Congress is making uproar in Gujarat regarding cow protection, while on the other hand its Central government has imposed tax on cotton export while giving subsidies to the mutton of export.

The Chief Minister said that the present government in Gujarat gives far more power subsidy compare to the past governments. This government gives a power subsidy of around Rs.3000 crore while the past governments were giving a power subsidy of Rs.500 crore to the farmers. Besides, in the past, the farmers could get hardly 15 power substations every year, whereas, this government starts 150 power substation every year and has eliminated the problem of power shortage in the field of agriculture, he said.

Shri Modi also questioned the opposition as to why there was no industry in the districts of Patan, Mehsana, Banaskantha and Sabarkantha despite plenty of barren land to suit industrial advent in their 40 years? Instead, industrial growth was centred between Vapi and Ankleshwar, which was blessed with top quality land. It is the present Government that set up industry is coastal areas and on arid lands thus leading to the prosperity of all.

On the barren region of north Gujarat a 650 MW solar plant is going to be set up, which is a sort of revolution. The Opposition government neither cared for the industries in north Gujarat and Saurashtra-Kutch region during their rule, Shri Modi pointed out. The present government has created a lakhs of jobs through industrial development, he said.

Shri Modi also said that it was due to the Government’s efforts that dairy production in Gujarat has raised by 60% in the last ten years and that the water table also raised from 3m to 13m. He stated that the Government’s only Mantra and he expressed gratitude to the Chaudhary- Gudol community for their love and prayers.

Minister of State Shri Parbat Patel, President of Gujarat Milk Marketing Federation, MLAs, leaders of the agriculture-cooperation field,
mahants and leaders of Chaudhary-Gudol community were present on the occasion.

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