Garib Kalyan Mela organized in Viramgam

Published By : Admin | January 7, 2010 | 09:36 IST

The state’s magnanimity and stern resolve for destroying the network of middlemen and mediators is best judged by its sincere endeavors .Chief Minister expressed his stern resolve, 'We have launched the Abhiyan of Garib Kalyan Mela for the welfare of poor and deprived classes. State tenaciously defends the rights of poor people. '

Referring to his privilege and honor of serving Gujarat for the longest spell –the spell of 3000 days-, he said, 'It is an occasion to sharpen our commitment and pledge, it is an occasion to express indebtedness, also an occasion to serve them, fulfil the aspirations held by people.'

Six Talukas of Ahmedabad district, namely Viramgam, Sanand, Daskoi, City, Mandal, and Detroj were covered. As part of the State-wide drive, the 12th Garib Kalyan Mela was held at Viramgam delivering Scheme-benefits and tool-kits worth Rs. 40 Crores to 45750 beneficiaries.

Chief Minister outlined the theme and vision of Garib Kalyan Mela,' We have created a record ,the longest spell of governance- 3000 days long governance- ,we found it appropriate to dedicate the record to the poor people, by grabbing the opportunity to make path breaking attempts of their development and welfare. We have not preferred traditional methods of celebrations. In past, they befooled the poor; for the sake of votes, they had emptied the government funds. The exploitation of poor and deprived classes never ended. But, we found out the remedy. '

He added, 'We have launched the ‘Kalyan-Yagna’, ensured that the funds and benefits reach up to the poor without any corruption. Former Prime Minister Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi had said that the rupee sanctioned from Delhi Treasuries, till it reaches up to poor beneficiary, it gets only 15 paisa. For many years, nobody found the cure. But, Gujarat has addressed the issue successfully.'

We have launched a battle against poverty. With unflinching conviction in our vision, we are committed to empower the poor and deprived classes. In past, the mediators used to rob deprived classes of their rights and benefits. Present Government is safeguarding the rights of poor people.

He cautioned,' Don’t pay a single paisa to any agent or middleman. Government is there to help the poor. 'He gave details of various welfare schemes.

However he regretted the vote-bank politics played in past, which has not at all done any good to poor people. State is allotting residential plots to home-less poor .If the market cost of land is taken into account, it goes in to crores and crores of rupees. Government is allotting the dwelling-unit plots to poor; the allotment is totally free-of-cost.

He made a suggestion,' You can simply write a post-card to the Chief Minister, if the material received by you as Government-aid is of inferior quality. We are ready to do anything for the welfare of poor. Present Government gives huge scheme assistances to poor people, but the price-rise and inflation inflicted by the Central Government nullifies the positive impacts. Poor people are really hard-pressed by the inflation and price-rise. 'He observed the need to oppose against the price-rise.

Revenue Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel detailed the path breaking attempts of the State. The 1.5 Crore children are covered under school-health check up drive. Children suffering from serious ailments received free-of-charge treatment, outside Gujarat. State bears the entire expense.

Minister of State Shri Jashvantsinh Bhabhor, Parliamentary Secretary Shri Yogesh Patel, and Deputy Chief Whip in the Assembly Shri Ambalal Rohit had also addressed the gathering.

Garib Kalyan Mela delivered 2762 Dwelling Unit Plots, 4578 beneficiaries got cheques of Rs. 30.93 Lakhs, 2771 beneficiaries received tool-kits worth Rs. 92.48 Lakhs, and 8207 got Agricultural-aid worth Rs. 113 .37 Lakhs. And the other beneficiaries also got benefits under various schemes.

Ahmedabad A.P.M.C contributed Rs.1 lakh, others institutions contributed Rs.67000 in to Chief Minister’s Kanya Kelavani Nidhi.

Minister of State Shri Amitbhai Shah, Parliamentary Secretaries Sarva Shri Sundersinh Chauhan, Shri Jaydrathsinh Parmar, M.P.Shri Kiritbhai Solanki, MLAs Sarva Shri Pragajibhai Patel, Kamabhai Rathod, Babubhai J Patel, Kantibhai Lakum, Vallabhbhai Kakadiya, Rakesh Shah, Ranchodbhai, District Panchayat President, Former M.P. Shri Ratilal Varma, Former Minister Shri Bhupendrasinh Vhudasama, office bearers, eminent leaders were among the others who attended the function.

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