Former President of Bharatiya Janata Party and in charge of Delhi elections, honorable Shri Nitin Gadkari JI, Shri Navjot Singh Siddhu Ji, BJP State President, my friend Shri Vijay Goel Ji, Dr. Harsh Vardhan Ji, in whose leadership people of Delhi are going to form the government, all the senior dignitaries present on the stage, brothers and sisters..!

Since last few days, I have been travelling to Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi for election campaign. Friends, it is clearly coming out now that the people of the country have started expressing their trust in Bharatiya Janata Party. In the coming elections, people do not just want to vote for making BJP win or Congress lose, they want that BJP wins and Congress gets punished. This is the mood of people..! Friends, in democracy people have just this one weapon, a strong opportunity to raise their voice. On the 4th of the coming month, you will not just decide the future of MLA of your constituency, and you will not just decide like what should happen to Chandni Chowk. On 4th of the coming month you are not only going to decide about the government in Delhi, but you are going to mark your own luck line for future..!

Friends, there are so many governments in Delhi, there are senior leaders and under their nose Delhi is in such a plight..! Friends, the incidence of Nirbhaya, even if it happened in Delhi but it broke the heart of entire India..! The incidence of Gudia, even if it happened in Delhi but it has shocked entire nation..! Friends, in the capital of our country where the Chief Minister is a women and a women controls the central government and in the same Delhi, if women are not safe, it is a blow to our image in the eyes of the world..! Because of the incidences that happen with the women in Delhi, the tourism of India has suffered major losses. The Common Wealth Games were an opportunity to not only make Delhi proud, but it was an opportunity to make all India proud, but these people ruined it..! Today, no country of the world sees Delhi with pride. After all who has created this scenario..?

Friends, I want to ask you all that do you want to force your children to lead the same life which you have lead in this governance of 60 years..? Do you want that your children also lead the same life..? Do you want good future for your coming generations..? Do you want your children to get education..? Do you want them to get employed when they grow up..? Do you want your old parents to get proper medications..? Do you want your kids to have proper meals..? Friends, these small little dreams have not been realized in 60 years even after three generations..! The root cause of this is the Congress party’s politics of vote bank. Till the time we are able to bring the vote bank politics to an end in this country, this country will not be able to rise. The country needs the politics of development. The country needs to change its destiny and conditions..!

When we say that the politics of vote bank has ruined this nation, a few people think that we are talking of the Muslims..! This is Ramlila Maidan, where honesty and integrity are staged, I want to say from this place with pure conscience that it is essential to understand the politics of vote bank. Vote bank politics is not an issue of Hindu or Muslims, it has become the major reason for the misery of the nation..! I will tell you how does it happen. Usually 60-65% voting takes place in our country, out of which from 5 to 15% is taken over by the people who contest independent etc, leaving 50%, for which the major parties fight and the one which gets 26%, it wins..! There is no hearing for 74% people, so what these shrewd leaders do, they calculate and say that let’s encash these two areas and our 26% is in our hands, make hold of these two wards and our 26% is made, capture these two mohallas and our 26% is made, let’s convince these two sects and 26% votes are in our pockets, bring together these religious people and the objective of 26% will be achieved… and that is why, they are always looking for opportunity that if we have to win, we just need to take care of 26%, and not the other 74%..! In this condition, if they will get roads constructed, it will be for only those 26%, if they offer employment, it will be only to those 26%, if they get electricity poles installed, it will be in that 26% area, if they will get water tap fitted, it will only be for those 26% and in this manner 74% people are completely left deprived of the journey of development..! Friends, we have felt in Gujarat that we should bring an end to the politics of vote bank. We have taken the mantra of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”, i.e. development of all together, and the resultant is that now everyone is being benefitted beyond their cult, sects and communities..!

Friends, I have been born in such a family that no one ever imagined that I can reach here; I am from such an ordinary family..! And I also do not belong to any such cult or sect, but I had decided in my heart that I have to work for the welfare of the poor, I have to try and change the situations and today, go to any corner of India, when development is discussed, Gujarat has to be a part of it..! Look at the interesting aspect, the people who like Gujarat, they say we will also perform like Gujarat, and those who do not like it, they say that we are ahead of Gujarat in this context..! It means that Gujarat has become a yard stick of development. If you want to do well then you aspire for being like Gujarat and if you have performed well then you have overtaken Gujarat, this has become a measure of pride. Friends, can’t Delhi become a standard..? But it will not become one, because you have given the power of Delhi in hands of such people. Take Delhi out of their hands once, and I promise that you will notice changes in Delhi..!

Friends, you people tell me that in this election does Vijay Goel Ji give account of his work to the people of Chandni Chowk or not..? Does he ask for well being of every street and area or not..? Is he worried for you or not..? Dr. Harsh Vardhan Ji gave you account of what happened in Delhi or not..? But the arrogance of Congress has reached its peak and they consider the public in their pockets and are not ready to answer..! Friends, all of you are fed up with inflation or not..? The lower and middle class sections are suffering or not..? Has the Central or Delhi Government given any answer on inflation..? They have not, and this is arrogance..! If something could not be done then should you speak to people or not..? Friends, the inflation is in such shape that the poor families do not get food to eat, the kids weep all night long and sleep crying of hunger, but Congress party does not have time to speak two words to them..! Madam Sonia Ji, you are a mother, speak on inflation at least sometime..! Sheila Ji, you are a grandmother now, speak at least once for the starving kids..! The stalwarts of Congress have come ahead in this election, but no one is talking on inflation..!

I don’t understand what happened to all you people of Chandni Chowk, what did you do, you sent such a person to Lok Sabha..? I can’t believe that such a mistake can be committed by the people of Chandni Chowk, there would have been something wrong that day for sure..! Do you know what kind of a person you chose..? He thinks himself to be very intelligent, if after Google someone has this much of information, it is this person, and he thinks himself to be a disciple of Google and feels that he was the first one in the queue when wisdom was being distributed by God..! But, he said such a thing that the person who says such things, should never win an election..! While speaking on inflation, he said that inflation is rising because earlier the poor used to eat dry bread, while today he eats two kinds of veggies along with..! Die of shame, my friends from Congress, die of shame and stop disrespecting the poor..! You only tell me, is it the poor who is responsible for the inflation in this nation..? Is the reason of inflation the veggies consumed by the poor..? Is the poor not eligible to have vegetables even..? You have made such a person your MP, who being a Minister in Center, claims eating of veggies by poor a crime. Will you forgive such people..? Friends, what kind of language are they using..! And what does the Shahzada say..? I am shocked listening to them..! Weill, if a few people from media would not have helped them then God knows where they would have been today, they are still here because of a few media people..!

Friends, if even the 100th part of what we go through is to be had by them, they will run away from the public life..! When we move out with the pledge to serve the public with honesty and integrity, then we get the strength to bear the hurt, because we get blessings of the public..! But the Shahzada says that until we talk about the poor in politics, we do not feel content..! Is the poor a matter to have fun..? Friends, the difference between us is just that till they do the politics of poverty, they do not feel content and we can’t sleep seeing the sufferings of the poor..! He says that there is nothing like poverty, those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, those who have not seen poverty, what will they know about poverty..! What is pain, what is hurt, how are nights spent shivering in cold, how you feel hungry when you are starving, those who do not know all this, what will they know about poverty..! He says that there is nothing like poverty, it is just a state of mind..! When the poor living on footpath dies in winters of Delhi, then you understand what poverty is..! When a poor dies without water in the sun, then you understand what poverty is..! Poverty is not understood by getting pictures clicked in poor men’s houses..! Friends, when your kids grow, you want to show them a lion. You take your kids to zoo to show the lion because they have not seen a lion, in the same way the Shahzada needs to go to the huts of poor once in the year to see what poverty is..! He forgets after going once, so people take him again that go and see this is what poverty looks like..! These people have made poverty a subject of display..!

Friends, people who talk like this can’t do any good for the nation. I appeal all the people present here that compare the working methodology of the places where there is Congress rule with those where there is  BJP rule, and what have they done for poor and how much have they done, I can claim that BJP governments will definitely lead..!

Friends, polling is scheduled tomorrow in Rajasthan. There have been 40 riots in Rajasthan and the Shahzada does not have faith in the government there. Without informing his own party government in Rajasthan, he once secretly reached Bharatpur, a place near the riot affected area. See, he does not have faith even in his own party government. He went there on a motorcycle and the person who was driving was a history sheeter, and the bike on which he went was a stolen one..! See the wonder..! And all this got published in the newspapers of Rajasthan. The Shahzada preferred to sit on a stolen bike over cars of his own party government; he preferred to sit with a history sheeter over sitting with the Chief Minister of his own party government..! Friends, those who do not have trust in their own party government, how can they do any good for the country..!

Friends, today Gujarat has reached such heights of development, it has got this far, what is the reason of it..? The reason is NOT Modi. The reason of Gujarat’s development is the unity, brotherhood, and good faith amongst the people of Gujarat. Everyone there is moving together and working with the mantra of development and this is the reason for growth of Gujarat..! Friends, earlier Gujarat was also in a bad state, there used to be riots on cricket balls, kites, there used to be riots on cycle accidents, but it has been 10 years and there is peace..! Now peace, unity and brotherhood prevail in Gujarat..! Those who are engaged in vote bank politics are feeling uncomfortable with the fact that why there is no riot under Modi’s rule..! There are riots in Rajasthan, In UP there is a young Chief Minister but still more than 100 riots broke within a span of one year or so, innocent people are killed, because their politics is of divide and rule. Congress party has just played the game of dividing the society, of making brothers, families, cults, sects, communities, religion fight with each other and this is why the country has been devastated..!

On the same time, what is the culture of Bharatiya Janata Party..? We made Uttarakhand from Uttar Pradesh, and sweets were distributed both in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh..! Atal Ji made Chhattisgarh, and both Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh celebrated..! Made Jharkhand from Bihar, and both Jharkhand and Bihar celebrated..! But the result of Congress’s politics of division is that they went to make Telangana from Andhra Pradesh and both Andhra and Telangana are suffering, at both places there are gun firings, there is curfew at both the places, because the modality of Congress is such..! Friends, you tell me, Delhi is a part of India or not..? This Haryana is a part of India or not..? There is Government of India in Delhi or not..? Then in presence of Haryana, Delhi stays deprived of water, what is this..? What kind of politics is this..? It is the politics of division, because of which this misery is there. That is why our politics is, bring people together and develop, while their politics is to divide the nation and rule..! Friends, we want to do politics of bringing together, of development, so that the youth gets employment..!

Friends, almost two lakh unemployed people are registered in employment exchange in Delhi, out of which only 200 people got job by Sheila Ji..! In entire India if there is any state which gives employment to the maximum people registered in employment exchange, it is Gujarat..! We have employed 57% people there. Friends, development is the only mantra that solves all the problems. Where there are BJP governments, there is competition of development. If Shivraj Singh Ji did something, then Raman Singh Ji thinks that I will do something better, If Raman Ji did something good, then Modi Ji thinks that I will do it in Gujarat, if something good happens in Gujarat, then Manohar Parrikar Ji thinks that he will make it happen in Goa as well, this way all the Chief Ministers of BJP compete to perform better. But in Congress they compete for corruption, everyone is ahead of the other, one does a scam of 1000 crores, so the other does a scam of 2000 crore, and the next does a scam of 5000 crore..! This competition of robbing has ruined the nation..!

Friends, when there was government of Rajiv Gandhi, there was no identity of BJP at that time, we were not at all visible anywhere, Congress flag used to be hoisted everywhere from the Panchayats to the Parliament, at that time Rajiv Gandhi said that a rupee disbursed from Delhi becomes only 15 paisa by the time it reaches to people..! From New Delhi, before reaching Chandni Chowk, rupee used to become just 15 paisa..! This is what Rajiv Gandhi said when there was Congress in power everywhere. Friends, the country wants to know that whose hand was it which made 15 paisa of a rupee..! That is why I have faith in Dr. Harsh Vardhan Ji that if you will give operations to him, he will guard the safes of Delhi and let no hands reach them..!

Friends, it is very important to understand Congress party, these are very smart people, that is why they are in power since 60 years making a fool of us..! These are very amazing people, first they come and join hands, then they shake hands, then after sometime they show hands, and when get some strength they use their hands, and once they get settled, they start showing the skills of their hands..! Friends, all this is a game of tricks. Look at their strength, they show one hand and rob with both the hands..! Lately, a few people have come in the battlegrounds, when they came along with Anna Hazare Ji, it was felt as if after Jai Prakash Narayan, God has given us Anna Ji..! There was a hope that because of Anna Ji’s movement, entire nation will stand against corruption, there was a hope of saving the nation from corruption, but due to the political interests and personal aspirations, a movement initiated for the good of this nation by a great man was ditched, handful of people backstabbed and ditched this fight against corruption. Those people did it for their personal political aspirations and made that great man suffer as much as they could, and today they are out to grab power. Friends, Congress still used to take from hands, these people will sweep everything off with brooms..!

Friends, Bharatiya Janata Party which is answerable to the people, is moving with the mantra of development. I can say with the experience of Gujarat that we can fight against corruption and can also win. I can also give an example. The person whom you have sent as your MP from here, who thinks himself to be very wise and seated in the Delhi Government, he made an announcement that the youth of this country will get tablet in Rs. 3000, Akash tablet..! Do you remember..? For that he held a huge press conference, and gave lot of interviews and publicized it everywhere. Did you see Akash tablet anywhere..? Did it came to the ground from skies..? I made a mistake once, I gave a statement in Gujarat that Government of India needs to answer that they were about to give youth of India Akash tablet, where did that plan vanish..? Just because of my asking that, he got offended that what does Modi think of himself, he dared to criticize me..? And since that time he is after me, it seems as if he has decided that I will not sit peacefully till I send Modi behind bars..! He got so angry that he sent an Akash tablet to me only..! He thought that I will bribe and Modi will be pacified, but he does not know that Modi is made of different metal altogether. I advised him that the question is not whether Modi gets a tablet or not, but the question is that you kept this plan in the budget, you gave people of India a faith and then failed. You simply accept before the nation that you have failed, but he is not ready to accept..!

Friends, money of the nation is being wasted and no one is accountable. 2G scam took place and everyone was saying that they sold off wavelengths. CAG said that there is a scam of Rs. 1,74,000 crore and they are saying zero loss..! Mr. Zero said zero loss..! Parliament is saying, Supreme Court is saying, the people of country are saying, but they are in their own arrogance..! Not only this, this great man, he is a Minister of Telecom, he made telecom suffer huge losses, which means they have taken away employment from youth, they have affected the economy of India. BSNL comes under this ministry, today there is such a huge business of mobile phones, how much does it earn, how much people spend on it, everyone knows that. Even then, BSNL had to face a loss Rs. 1823 crores in 2010, and when these wise man is governing then in the year 2013 this loss has reached to Rs. 8200 crore..! You only tell me, this is people’s money wasted or not..? People who are responsible for it are guilty or not..? As Telecom Minister he has MTNL under him, which had loss of Rs. 2611 crore in 2010 and it has increased to Rs. 5300 crore in 2013..! Whose money is all this..? Is it not people’s money..? Is it not poor men’s money..? Friends, these people are robbing this nation..!

Let me tell you how work gets done when there is good governance. When I became the Chief Minister of Gujarat, many people used to come to meet me with garlands and they used to say that Modi Ji, please do just one thing, provide us electricity at least at the dinner time..! There were such days in Gujarat that there was no electricity even at the time of dinner. Gujarat Electricity Board, i.e. GEB had loss of Rs. 2500 crore annually, any person can give up just by hearing that..! Can there be courage in anybody to improve such situation..? But we took the challenge. Friends, today in Gujarat the same GEB suffering loss of Rs. 2500 crore, makes profit of Rs. 400 crore..! We saved the money being robbed and this is the result. There are government factories for production of fertilizers, Gujarat State Fertilizer Corporation and the other is GNFC, Gujarat Narmada valley Fertilizer Corporation. When I became the Chief Minister, both of them were at the verge of sinking. If they would have sunk then the farmers of India would have been ruined, they would have had suffered, the harvest would have suffered, and the economy of the country would have suffered. We focused attention and today I can proudly say that both our companies which were dying, have become the largest profit making companies today..!

Friends, if corruption is controlled, and good governance is emphasized then even the sinking boat can be saved, but you have sent a person who in his airs is making country bear losses, and is ruining the nation..! That is why I have come to request you all that the country needs freedom from poverty, the youth of this nation wants employment, the poor needs food, the old need medicines, women want good and safe surroundings to live with dignity..! Friends, if we are able to do just this much, then every person in our country have the potential to grow and BJP has come to you to do this. I have come here to request you all to give us a chance..!

Friends, after 200 days, parliament elections are also lined up. The country has decided that there will be BJP government in Delhi. If there is BJP government under the leadership of Harsh Vardhan Ji in the state of Delhi, and there is BJP’s government in the center too, then you will be doubly benefitted..! Both the governments together will do such a job that Delhi will shine in the whole world, and thus I urge you all to vote heavily on 4th and make BJP win..!

Bharat Mata ki Jai..!

Modi Govt's #7YearsOfSeva
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It is now time to leave the 'Chalta Hai' attitude & think of 'Badal Sakta Hai': PM Modi
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Union Cabinet hikes NPK fertiliser subsidy by 140% to support farmers

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Where convention fails, innovation helps: PM Modi
June 16, 2021
Stresses the need for insulating our planet against the next pandemic
During the pandemic digital technology helped us cope, connect, comfort and console: PM
Disruption does not have to mean despair, we must keep the focus on the twin foundations of repair and prepare: PM
The challenges our planet faces can only be overcome with a collective spirit and a human centric approach: PM
This pandemic is not only a test of our resilience, but also of our imagination. It is a chance to build a more inclusive, caring and sustainable future for all: PM
India is home to one of the world's largest start-up eco systems, India offers what innovators and investors need: PM
I invite the world to invest in India based on the five pillars of: Talent, Market, Capital, Eco-system and, Culture of openness: PM
France and Europe are our key partners, our partnerships must serve a larger purpose in service of humanity: PM

Excellency, my good friend President Macron,

Mr. Maurice Levy, Chairman of the Publicis Group,

Participants from around the world,


Congratulations to the organisers for successfully organising Vivatech in this difficult time.

This platform reflects the technological vision of France. India and France have been working closely on a wide range of subjects. Among these, technology and digital are emerging areas of cooperation. It is the need of the hour that such cooperation continues to grow further. It will not only help our nations but also the world at large.

Many youngsters saw the French Open with great enthusiasm. One of India's tech companies, Infosys provided tech support for the tournament. Likewise, the French Company Atos is involved in a project for making the fastest super computer in India. Whether it is France's Capgemini or India's TCS and Wipro, our IT talent is serving companies and citizens all over the world.


I believe - Where convention fails, innovation can help. This has been seen during the COVID-19 global pandemic, which is the biggest disruption of our age. All nations have suffered loss and felt anxiety about the future. COVID-19 put many of our conventional methods to test. However, it was innovation that came to the rescue. By innovation I refer to:

Innovation before the pandemic .

Innovation during the pandemic .

When I speak about innovation before the pandemic, I refer to the pre-existing advances which helped us during the pandemic. Digital technology helped us cope, connect, comfort and console. Through digital media, we could work, talk with our loved ones, and help others. India's universal and unique bio-metric digital identity system - Aadhar - helped us to provide timely financial support to the poor. We could supply free food to 800 million people, and deliver cooking-fuel subsidies to many households. We in India were able to operationalise two public digital education programes- Swayam and Diksha - in quick time to help students.

The second part, innovation for the pandemic refers to how humanity rose to the occasion and made the fight against it more effective. In this, the role of our start-up sector, has been paramount. Let me give you India's example. When the pandemic hit our shores, we had inadequate testing capacities and shortage of masks, PPE, Ventilators and other such equipment. Our private sector played a key role in addressing this shortage. Our doctors adopted tele-medicine in a big way so that some COVID and other non-COVID issues could be addressed virtually. Two vaccines are being made in India and more are in the development or trial stage. On the Government side, our indigenous IT platform, Arogya-Setu enabled effective contact tracing. Our COWIN digital platform has already helped ensure vaccines to millions. Had we not been innovating, then our fight against COVID-19 would have been much weaker. We must not abandon this innovative zeal so that we are even better prepared when the next challenge strikes.


India's strides in the world of tech and start-up are well-known. Our nation is home to one of the world's largest start-up eco systems. Several unicorns have come up in the recent years. India offers what innovators and investors need. I invite the world to invest in India based on the five pillars of: Talent, Market, Capital, Eco-system and, Culture of openness.

Indian tech-talent pool is famous across the world. Indian youth have given tech solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems. Today, India has One Point One eight billion mobile phones and Seven Seventy-Five million internet users. This is more than the population of several nations. Data consumption in India is among the highest and cheapest in the world. Indians are the largest users of social media. There is a diverse and extensive market that awaits you.


This digital expansion is being powered by creating state-of-the-art public digital infrastructure. Five hundred and twenty-three thousand kilometres of fibre optic network already links our One hundred and fifty six thousand village councils. Many more are being connected in the times to come. Public wi-fi networks across the country are coming up. Likewise, India is working actively to nurture a culture of innovation. There are state-of-the-art innovation labs in Seven Thousand Five Hundred schools under the Atal Innovation Mission. Our students are taking part in numerous hackathons, including with students overseas. This gives them the much-needed exposure to global talent and best practices.


Over the past year, we have witnessed a lot of disruption in different sectors. Much of it is still there. Yet, disruption does not have to mean despair. Instead, we must keep the focus on the twin foundations of repair and prepare. This time last year, the world was still seeking a vaccine. Today, we have quite a few. Similarly, we have to continue repairing health infrastructure and our economies. We in India, implemented huge reforms across sectors, be it mining, space, banking, atomic energy and more. This goes on to show that India as a nation is adaptable and agile, even in the middle of the pandemic. And, when I say - prepare-I mean: Insulating our planet against the next pandemic. Ensuring we focus on sustainable life-styles that stop ecological degradation. Strengthening cooperation in furthering research as well as innovation.


The challenges our planet faces can only be overcome with a collective spirit and a human centric approach. For this, I call upon the start-up community to take the lead. The start-up space is dominated by youngsters. These are people free from the baggage of the past. They are best placed to power global transformation. Our start-ups must explore areas such as: Healthcare. Eco-friendly technology including waste recycling, Agriculture, New age tools of learning.


As an open society and economy, as a nation committed to the international system, partnerships matter to India. France and Europe are among our key partners. In my conversations with President Macron, In my summit with EU leaders in Porto in May, digital partnership, from start-ups to quantum computing, emerged as a key priority. History has shown that leadership in new technology drives economic strength, jobs and prosperity. But, our partnerships must also serve a larger purpose, in service of humanity. This pandemic is not only a test of our resilience, but also of our imagination. It is a chance to build a more inclusive, caring and sustainable future for all. Like President Macron, I have faith in the power of science and the possibilities of innovation to help us achieve that future.

Thank you.