Full Text of Shri Modi’s speech in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh

Published By : Admin | November 7, 2013 | 16:35 IST

Bharat Mata Ki...

I pay respect to goddess of Basta Aradhya Devi, Mata Dhanteswar. Brothers, sisters, mothers of Bastar, youths, those MPs present on the stage Sri Dinesh Kashyap, Bhai Kedar Kashyap, Bhai Subhash Kashyap, Bhai Santosh Bapta, Beduram Kashyap, Mahesh Gagda, Sri Bhandavi, Sri Ganiram Barsi, sister Lata Husandi, Sri Kedar Kashyap and those brothers and sisters of Bastar present in large numbers. I have come to Jagdalpur several times before, and have visited the interiors of Bastar as I used to look at the BJP's organisational work. It was then that I had an opportunity to know about Chhattisgarh to a large extent. This Bastar is larger than Kerala state. Bastar has enormous potential, rich natural resources but it has been unfortunate that till the time Chhattisgarh was part of Madhya Pradesh, Congress was ruling but it did not care about the region. This was a picnic spot for the Congress. They used to come here with their friends to visit the forest and used to show them the tribals inhabiting the region, used to show our poverty and used to take all accolades.

Brothers and sisters, the people of Chhattisgarh should not forget the contributions of Atal Behari Vajpayee. It was the foresightedness of Vajpayee Ji, it was his thought that if Chhattisgarh is created as a different state, then it will give an opportunity to develop the state. The soil of this region has immense power and potential.

Chhattisgarh should be made prosperous... this was the dream of Atal Behari Vajpayee ji. Today with the blessings of Maa Dhanteshwari I take pride in the initiatives taken by Vajpayee ji. I pay my respect to Vajpayee ji who laid the foundation of Chhattisgarh. Vajpayee ji had compassion for poor, downtrodden and the exploited tribes and the victims of oppression. He never used to give slogans but had long term policy in his mind. He ensured that government work the welfare the people.

Dear tribal brothers, please tell me since when the tribal society existing in this country. Isn't it for 1000s of years? Wasn't it existing prior to Independence? Aren't the tribal poor people? After Independence, many Congress governments were formed but nobody remembered tribals, their poverty was not looked at, there was no education and career for the children of tribals. After so many years of Independence, Vajpayee was the first PM who created a special ministry for the welfare of tribals. He created separate minister, ministry, department, officials, and budget and ensured that the ministry could work independently. Brothers and sisters, many years after Independence Vajpayee ji took initative for the welfare of tribals. It was only after this that the lifestyle of tribals saw remarkable improvement. It is not only this but in the northeast as well. Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur where tribals are in large in numbers, separate departments were created. He took special care of the tribals in the far-flung areas of Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur.

Shri Modi’s speech in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh

As he created the new state of Chhattisgarh, he created a new system for the tribals. I worked in this region when Chhattisgarh was created, then I was not the Gujarat chief minister. When Chhattisgarh was created it was ruled by the Congress. When I recall the work done during the three years of Congress rule, I am reminded of the atrocities, I get goosebumps. Chhattisgarh was under the rule of repression and oppression. When the party workers of BJP protested for their demands, tribals were beaten up and had to be hopitalised for as long as 6 months. Such cruel rulers were not seen in India. But Chhattisgarh saw the despotic rule, three years before its birth. We feared for the dream of Chhattisgarh as seen by Atal Behari Vajpayee - we feared for its people.

But I will salute the resolute nature of my brothers in Chhattisgarh - dalits, adivasis - they saw it and in the very first elections in Chhattisgarh, they threw off the yoke of misrule and exploitation - in a manner that started the countdown to the fall of Congress in India. For this, I shall congratulate you. Just imagine if you have not given 10 years to Dr Raman Singh and BJP what would have been the state of our Chhattisgarh today. If the looters got hold of Chhattisgarh then nothing would have remained - nothing.

The Central government has got embroiled in the coal scam - who knows if they would have spared even a kilo of Chhattisgarh coal - would have looted that too. It is your farsightedness that prevented Congress rule in Chhattisgarh or else Chhattisgarh would have been doomed under the paws of the Congress in 10 years. I feel the need to compare the state of three states.  Atal Bihari Vajpayee took people into confidence and, without any politicking or bloodshed, carved out three new states - Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh. Look at the last 10 years of progress report of these three states - take stock. Jharkhand is where it was 10 years ago, Uttarakhand has gone backwards, Chhattisgarh is the only in these three that has progressed. What is the reason?  Reason is your farsightedness, the understanding shown by my adivasi brothers of Chhattisgarh.

Congress got many a chance in Uttarakhand - that resulted in lack of development in the state. We all witnessed the tragedy of Kedarnath ji - thousands from across the country died. But the government of Uttarakhand cares two hoots about it. Look at Jharkhand. The richest state in terms of mineral wealth, but it is plagued with political instability. The machinations of the Congress-led central government to wrest power in Jharkhand is well known. Engineering defections, splitting parties, continued and look at the result. Jharkhand kept slipping. Chhattisgarh was saved because of your trust in Dr Raman Singh and BJP. The state has seen rapid development under a stable government. Three examples are before you and today I have travelled from Gujarat to beseech you. In the past the people of India voted for parties, castes and creed, relations. But times have changed. You must vote for development. You must have thought about your own good while voting. But today time has come for you to vote for a better tomorrow for your children. And such a future can only be ensured by BJP and Dr Raman Singh.

I would request you to ensure the continued development of Chhattisgarh. The rapid pace at which Chhattisgarh is progressing must be maintained and enhanced. In our families children grow up faster in their teens, say after 13 a boy or a girl grows up quickly. Every six months they outgrow their clothes. From 13 to 18 children grow rapidly. They gain in height, weight. Chhattisgarh is facing such an age, the teens. If it is nurtured along the path of development and growth the heights it can reach is only imaginable. So brothers and sisters, these coming five years are the most crucial in the development of Chhattisgarh.

Dr Raman Singh has provided a solid foundation of development. Now it is time to build on the foundation, time to take Chhattisgarh to newer heights. For that the years from 2013 to 2018 are the most crucial. If during this duration Chhattisgarh establishes itself, Chhattisgarh's development gathers momentum then this journey would not stop for a century to come. That is why I tell you that this election is not about choosing a government for the next five years. It is an election that will establish the foundation for development for the coming 100 years. Vote should be for development and politics of vote banks should be buried once and for all.

Has anyone seen such a huge gathering in Jagdalpur, has anyone imagined? The winds of change are blowing. The country wants development, wants a government that works for the betterment of the downtrodden. The Congress slogan was "Congress Ka Hath Garib Ke Sath". What happened? They showed you their hand and once they got elected they tried their hand and when they attained mastery in that then it is sleight of hand and nothing else. Their palm haven't spared coal either. People are asking for lockers in banks, not for keeping gold or jewellery or money, to keep coal, safe. Someone told me see Modi ji not only coal we shall have to soon ask for lockers to store onions too. When guests come we shall give them a whiff of the onion and keep it back in the locker.

Brothers and sisters, such a government that makes you shed tears without onions, a government that has snatched onion off the menu from the poor who used to supplant his diet of bajra, jowar or wheat roti with onions must be thrown off from power in this country. They promised. Let me ask you a question. You shall answer.  Do you have faith in Congress and its promise?  They promised that when they come to power in Delhi they will control inflation in 100 days. Should you spare those that have broken their promises? Should you hand over Chhattisgarh to them? Should you believe in their false promises?

I firmly believe that my brothers and sisters from Chhattisgarh would not fall prey to the false promises of the Congress. Tell me, my friend, if Atal Bihari Vajpayee had not dreamt about Chhattisgarh, if you had not mandated for Dr Raman Singh and had he not provided you with a stable government - could anybody amongst you have dreamt of a university in Bastar? Today Bastar has a university. Our country faces a shortage of doctors. The poor don't get treatment. Why? Because the Congress is least interested in establishing medical colleges. As long as they do not get their bags of cash they are not interested in medical colleges. When a medical college is established until and unless piles of capitation money changes hands you won't get admission there.

From Where will you get doctors? If there are no doctors from where will the poor get medical care? I would like to praise Dr Raman Singh that he has established a medical college in this backward district and taken the initiative for future medical care here. Dr Raman Singh has a vision. He is easily accessible to the people here. He interacts with them regularly, but people do not usually recognise him by his name. Who is Dr Raman Singh? But when you say 'çhaawal wala baba' (the rice man) the recognition is instant. Ensuring food security for the poor and downtrodden has been the primary focus of BJP.

And listen to what the Shahzada from Delhi says. He misleads people by saying 'we brought food security bill, we ensured food security'. My dear brothers and sisters, you and only you at Chhattisgarh know that it was the BJP government of Chhattisgarh which brought the first ever law related to food security anywhere in India. Even the government at Delhi understood and appreciated the act. Dr Raman Singh has given the people the right to skill development, right to training.

A government for development should be also be a sensitive one. The violence of Maoism, the bombs the bullets, the human casualty, security forces killed, amidst all this bloodbath, a resolute government has gone ahead with the agenda of development. Dr Raman Singh has demonstrated it. I would like to present before you cases of two governments in India. I shall also ask the political pundits to pay attention. One sensitive and the other insensitive. In May, Dr Raman Singh was travelling around Chhattisgarh on a yatra. Around the same time, Congress party leaders were on their yatras. Maoists killed a substantial numbers of Congress leaders. Recently there was a mammoth rally in Patna. Terrorists struck. Serial blasts targeted the dais, leaders of BJP. What did Raman Singh do and what did the Bihar CM do? Dr Raman Singh briefed the media, said that we shall probe the incident and if there has been any lapse at any level it would be addressed. He ordered an inquiry and adjourned his own yatra. He visited the family of the slain Congress leaders, and a couple of days later in the NIA meeting at Delhi his actions were lauded.

On the other hand, after such a grave incident in Patna we found the Bihar government in Rajgir. They seemed least bothered.  Their body language and verbal statements betrayed some sort of pleasure. When media asked them, pat came the reply, not only are they not acknowledging any lapse, they ruled out any probe. Categorically.

See the difference between a sensitive Chief Minister and a proud and vain one whose only goal is to be in power.  The reaction, the difference is there for the country to see. I would like to laud Dr Raman Singh for his patience, his courage in trying situations and I believe that in the next five years Chhattisgarh would outstrip Gujarat in development . And that would be a proud day for me. The way he took up local issues, wiped out the deficit in electricity generation, worked for the uplift of the downtrodden, the adivasis, the poor. I shall urge you to ensure a landslide victory for BJP . Vote for the lotus symbol and ensure the development of Chhattisgarh for the next century. I am thankful to you for the chance you have given us.  I would like to congratulate you.

'Apan sobai Bastar ki bhai bahin manke mocho patle guhar kare che Bhartiya Janata part cho Kamal phool ne vote dyun bhari bahumat se jitwana - samay ke macho - jay johar' (most probably Chhattisgarhi)

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Start-ups are going to be the backbone of new India: PM Modi
January 15, 2022
Startups makes presentations before PM on six themes
“It has been decided to celebrate January 16 as National Start-up Day to take the Startup culture to the far flung areas of the country”
“Three aspects of government efforts: first, to liberate entrepreneurship, innovation from the web of government processes, and bureaucratic silos, second, creating an institutional mechanism to promote innovation; third, handholding of young innovators and young enterprises”
“Our Start-ups are changing the rules of the game. That's why I believe Start-ups are going to be the backbone of new India.”
“Last year, 42 unicorns came up in the country. These companies worth thousands of crores of rupees are the hallmark of self-reliant and self-confident India”
“Today India is rapidly moving towards hitting the century of the unicorns. I believe the golden era of India's start-ups is starting now”
“Don't just keep your dreams local, make them global. Remember this mantra


My colleagues in the Union Cabinet Piyush Goyal ji, Mansukh Mandaviya ji, Ashwini Vaishnaw ji, Sarbananda Sonowal ji, Parshottam Rupala ji, G. Kishan Reddy ji, Pashupati Kumar Paras ji, Jitendra Singh ji, Som Prakash ji, stalwarts from the world of start-ups from across the country, our young friends, other dignitaries and brothers and sisters,

All of us witnessed the success of Indian start-ups and also saw presentations from some of the stakeholders. All of you are doing a great job. This year of 2022 has ushered in even more possibilities for the Indian start-up ecosystem. The ‘Start-up India Innovation Week’ event assumes greater significance in the 75th year of independence. Your role in building a grand India on the completion of 100 years of its independence is immense.

I congratulate all the start-ups and the innovative youth who are raising the flag of India in the world of start-ups. It has been decided to celebrate January 16 as National Start-up Day so that this culture of start-ups gets as far as the far-flung parts of the country.


The Start-up India Innovation Week is meant to celebrate the successes of the last year and also to discuss the future strategy. This decade is being called the ‘Techade of India’. There are three important aspects to the massive changes that the government is making in this decade to strengthen the innovation, entrepreneurship and start-up ecosystem.

First, to liberate entrepreneurship and innovation from the web of government processes and bureaucratic silos; second, to create an institutional mechanism to promote innovation; and third to handhold young innovators and youth enterprises! Programs like Start-up India, Stand-Up India are part of such efforts.

Steps like eliminating the hassles of angel tax and simplifying tax filing, facilitating access to credit and ensuring thousands of crores of rupees of government funding reflect our commitment. Under Start-up India, start-ups have been given the facility to self-certify compliances related to nine labour and three environment laws.

The process of simplification of government procedures which started with the self-attestation of documents has reached the stage of eliminating over 25,000 compliances today. Startup Runway on the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) platform is also very useful to enable start-ups to provide their products or services to the government easily.


Trust in the ability and creativity of one’s youth is an important basis for the progress of any country. Recognizing this potential of its youth, India is making policies and implementing decisions today. There are more than 1,000 universities, 11,000 stand-alone institutions, 42,000 colleges and lakhs of schools in India. This is the great strength of India.

Our endeavour is to institutionalize innovation in the country by creating an attraction for innovation among students since childhood. More than 9,000 Atal Tinkering Labs are giving children a chance to innovate and work on new ideas in schools. The Atal Innovation Mission is ensuring new platforms for our youth to work on their innovative ideas. In addition, the network of thousands of labs in schools and colleges across the country promotes innovation in every field. We are emphasizing innovation and technology-based solutions to deal with the challenges of the country. We have engaged the youth by organizing many Hackathons and they have given us many innovative solutions in record time.

You must also have experienced how different departments and ministries of the government are in touch with the youth and start-ups and encouraging their new ideas. Whether it is new drone rules, or the new space policy, the priority of the government is to provide opportunities for innovation to as many youths as possible.

Our government has also simplified the rules related to IPR registration. The central and state governments together are supporting hundreds of incubators in the country today. Today, institutions like iCreate are playing a very important role in enhancing the innovation ecosystem in the country. iCreate, i.e., International Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, is giving a strong start to many start-ups and encouraging innovations.

And friends,

We can see the results of these efforts of the government. Whereas 4,000 patents were approved in 2013-14, more than 28,000 patents were granted last year. In 2013-14, about 70,000 trademarks were registered, whereas more than 2.5 lakh trademarks have been registered in 2021. In 2013-14, only 4,000 copyrights were granted, whereas this number crossed 16,000 last year. India's ranking in the Global Innovation Index has also improved a lot due to the campaign that is underway in India regarding innovation. In 2015, India was confined to 81 in this ranking. Now India is ranked 46 in the Innovation Index; it has come down from 50.


India's start-up ecosystem is creating waves in the world today. It is the strength of India's start-up ecosystem that it is full of passion, sincerity and integrity. It is the strength of India's start-up ecosystem that it is constantly discovering itself, improving itself and growing in strength. It is constantly in a learning mode, in a changing mode and adapting itself to new situations. Today who would not be proud to see that India's start-ups are working in 55 different industries? Everyone will be proud of it. Where there were not even 500 startups in the country five years ago, today this number has increased to 60,000. You have the power of innovation, you have new ideas, you are full of youthful energy and you are changing the way of doing business. Our start-ups are changing the rules of the game. That's why I believe start-ups are going to be the backbone of new India.


This spirit from entrepreneurship to empowerment is also resolving the issues of regional and gender disparity in our development. Earlier, big businesses flourished only in big cities and metros; today there is at least one start-up in every state of the country spread over more than 625 districts. Today almost half the start-ups are operating from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. These are converting the ideas of youth from ordinary and poor families into businesses. Today lakhs of youth are getting employment in these start-ups.


The speed and scale at which India's youth are creating start-ups is a testament to the strong will and determination of Indians in this era of a global pandemic. Earlier, only a few companies could become big even in the best of times. But, 42 unicorns emerged in our country last year only. These companies worth thousands of crores of rupees are the hallmark of self-reliant, self-confident India. Today India is rapidly moving towards creating the century of the unicorn. And I believe the golden age of India's start-ups is starting now. The diversity of India is our greatest strength. Our diversity is our global identity.

Our unicorns and start-ups are messengers of this diversity. From simple delivery services to payment solutions and cab services, your scope is huge. You have so much experience working in diverse markets and diverse cultures in India itself. Therefore, start-ups from India can easily reach out to other countries of the world. So don't just keep your dreams local, make them global. Remember this mantra -- let us innovate for India, innovate from India!


It is time for all to mobilize in the virtuous period of freedom. This is the time to move towards goals with ‘Sabka Prayas (collective efforts). I was happy when a group made important suggestions regarding the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan. The extra space available in GatiShakti projects can be used for building EV charging infrastructure. Under this master plan, the entire infrastructure grid, including transport, power, telecom, etc is being brought on a single platform. Your participation in this campaign of creation of multimodal and multipurpose assets is very important.

This will also give impetus to the creation of new champions in our manufacturing sector. The country's ambitious plans are in front of you in many sectors related to defence manufacturing, chip manufacturing, clean energy and drone technology.

Many investors of the country and abroad are investing in drone start-ups following the implementation of the new drone policy recently. Drone companies have received orders worth about Rs 500 crore from the Army, Navy and Air Force. The government is using drones on a large scale for mapping village properties for the Swamitva scheme. Now the scope of drones is increasing in home delivery of medicines and in agriculture. So it has a lot of potentials.


Our rapid urbanization is also a big focus area. Today, work is happening on a large scale in developing our existing cities and building new cities. There is a lot to be done in urban planning. We have to create such ‘walk-to-work’ concepts and integrated industrial estates, where there are better arrangements for the workers. New possibilities are waiting for you in urban planning. For example, a group just mentioned the national cycling plan and car-free zones for big cities. This is very important to promote sustainable lifestyles in cities. You must be aware when I went to the COP-26 summit, I talked about the Mission LIFE and my concept of LIFE is Lifestyle for Environments (LIFE). I believe that we need to make people aware of the use of those things by using technology. For example, the P-3 movement is imperative today. P-3 movement, i.e., Pro-Planet-People! Unless we make people aware of the environment and make them soldiers in the fight against global warming, we cannot win this battle. Therefore, India is involving many countries in this Mission LIFE.


Smart mobility will also make the life of cities easier and will also help in achieving our targets of carbon emission.


India continues to strengthen its identity as the world's largest millennial market. Millennials are the cornerstone of the prosperity of their families as well as the self-reliance of the nation. Our needs and our potential are limitless from a rural economy to Industry 4.0. Investment in research and development related to future technology is the priority of the government today. But it would be better if the industry also expands its contribution in this.


One more thing you have to keep in mind in this decade of the 21st century. A huge market is opening up in the country as well. We have stepped into the digital lifestyle just now. Only about half of our population is online. With the speed, scale and price at which the government is working to provide digital access to the poor and villages, India will have about 100 crore internet users in a very short time.

As last-mile delivery gets empowered in remote areas, it is also creating a rural market and a large pool of rural talent. That's why I request the start-ups of India to move towards villages. This is an opportunity as well as a challenge. Be it mobile internet, broadband connectivity or physical connectivity, the aspirations of villages are rising today. Rural and semi-urban areas are looking forward to a new wave of expansion.

The way the start-up culture has democratized the Idea, it has empowered women and local businesses. From pickles and papadum to handicrafts, the scope of many local products has expanded widely today. Due to increasing awareness, people are becoming vocal for the locals. And just now our friend Kartik from Jaipur talked about making local the global and mentioned virtual tourism. On the occasion of 75 years of independence, I would urge you to hold a competition among children of schools and colleges regarding the virtual creative work of the monuments and events related to independence from the pages of history in their districts and cities. And start-ups like you can compile it and the country should be invited for a virtual tour for 75 years of independence. It will be a big contribution from the start-ups during the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. If you make a beginning regarding an idea which you like and how to bring forth that idea in which format, I think we can take it forward.


During the Covid lockdown, we have seen how small innovative models at the local level made people's lives easier. Start-ups have a huge opportunity for collaboration with small local businesses. Start-ups can empower and make these local businesses efficient. Small businesses are the backbone of the country's development and start-ups are the new game-changer. This partnership can transform both our society and economy and women’s employment especially can get a lot of strength from this.


Many suggestions have come here regarding the partnership between government and start-ups in many sectors, including agriculture, health, education, tourism, etc. Like there was a suggestion that our local shopkeepers are hardly able to use 50-60% of their capacity and a digital solution was offered to them so that they could know which items had emptied and which ones needed to be bought. I will suggest that you connect the shopkeepers with their customers. The shopkeepers can inform their customers that they would be running out of stock of some products in three or seven days. If a message is sent to them, then families will not have to search the boxes in the kitchen to see which products they would be running short of after some days. A message can be sent by a shopkeeper to his customer that he is going to run out of stock of turmeric in three days. You can even convert it into a very large platform and can become a very big aggregator and can become a bridge between shopkeepers and customers.


I assure you that every suggestion, every idea, every innovation of the youth will get the full support from the government. The next 25 years, which will take the country towards the 100th year of independence, are very important friends and most important for you. This is a new era of innovation i.e. ideas, industry and investment. Your exercise is for India. Your enterprise is for India. Your wealth creation is for India and job creation is for India.

I am fully committed to converting the energy of the youth into the energy of the country. It has become very important to understand your suggestions and ideas because there is a new generation that thinks in a new way. I am sure that all the government departments will benefit from the ideas that have emerged from the seven-day brainstorming and will try to implement in government policies and see how it impacts the life of society. I thank you all for taking your valuable time out to take part in this event because you belong to the world of ideas and sharing those ideas with everybody is very important.

I wish you all the very best. There is already the atmosphere of the holy festival of Makar Sankranti. But do take care of yourself from Corona.

Thanks a lot.