"Shri Narendra Modi addressed ‘Hunkar rally’ in Purnia, Bihar"
"BJP is not going to the people only to form a government. We have come to the people to give stability and a development oriented government: Shri Modi"
"Expressing surprise at the recent breaking of the BJP-Janata Dal alliance, Shri Modi said that this could have possibly been because of the Bihar CM’s dreams of becoming the Prime Minister"
"Shri Modi stated how the ‘Shahzaada’ spoke of introducing technology and giving mobile phones to the people, but asked if the entire country had regular electricity supply to charge the phones"
"Attacking the Third Front, Shri Modi said that these were only a set of parties made to either support the Congress or save them"
"Gujarat's secularism is true works for every section of society: Shri Modi"
"There are schools for whom money is going but nothing is happening. Can 'paper schools' make the future of Bihar's youth: Shri Narendra Modi"

Shri Narendra Modi addressed a large crowd of supporters at the Hunkar rally in Purnia, Bihar, on the afternoon of 10th March, 2014.

Talking about the lack of development in Bihar, Shri Modi mentioned how the State government was sanctioning grants for dummy schools, and pocketing the money thereby. “There are schools for whom money is going but nothing is happening. Can 'paper schools' make the future of Bihar's youth? We need schools not on paper but on the ground,” said Shri Modi, while also speaking of the horrifying incidents where the elderly who had gone to pay their power bill were hit mercilessly in a police station. “Bihar needs to be free from terror and Maoism but he is not interested as it comes in the way of his votebank politics,” said Shri Modi, making a direct attack on Bihar CM’s indifferent attitude. He also spoke of how children – the future generation – were made to suffer. “Be it Patna or Delhi, are they bothered about your children. Innocents were killed after eating mid-day meals. A committee was formed since a year by the Centre but not one meeting was held for the concern. It is not that they are spoiling today's Bihar. So immersed in votebank politics they are that they keep playing with your future,” said Shri Modi. Citing the sorry conditions of jute cultivation in the State, Shri Modi said, “The Shahzaada keeps making allegations but is not willing to answer. What happened to the jute industry here. They let jute farmers get ruined but themselves are experts in Jhooth ki kheti (telling lies).”

He also cited the tremendous potential of the fishing industry in Bihar, owing to the extensive water resources of the State, but mentioned how fishes worth crores were still being imported in the State. Ensuring that development must reach every person, irrespective of their caste, creed or community, Shri Modi affirmed, “Our focus will be the states on the Eastern part of India and bring them at par with the rest of the states. Bihar Badlega tabhi desh me vikas ki bahar aayegi. Bihar needs the change and the help to shine. Be it special package, status or attention...for the good of Bihar we will do everything, and that will be our priority.”

Shri Narendra Modi addressed ‘Hunkar rally’ in Purnia, Bihar

Attacking the Congress for the misgovernance witnessed, Shri Modi stated that the arrogance of ministers in the Central government was on the seventh heaven. He spoke of how Bihar wanted freedom from the Jungle Raj, but today the entire Nation was under the Jungle Raj, and urged the people of Bihar to take the lead and free the Nation.

Making a scathing attack on the Congress government’s lack of accountability for their deeds in the past decade, Shri Modi stated how the ‘Shahzaada’ spoke of introducing technology and giving mobile phones to the people, but asked if the entire country had regular electricity supply to charge the phones. He further added, “Schools in Bihar don't have computers - in a state where there are so many bright youngsters, is this a good thing? The coming age is about technology, but only 2% schools have computers. Shahzaade ji, what is the Centre doing about this.” Shri Modi also asked if the Congress minister’s claim of making the Akash tablet available to all was met by, and if not when would it be made.” One of their "intelligent" Ministers said we will give Akash Tablet but when will the tablet come on earth? Which hands took the money?” said Shri Modi.

Attacking the Third Front, Shri Modi said that these were only a set of parties made to either support the Congress or save them. The crowd roared in negation, when Shri Modi asked them if the Third Front had ever visited them during the Kosi floods, when the farmers were suffering, or whether they had made peace during the communal violence in UP and Assam, or showed support during the Gujarat earthquake, or if they had raised their voice when the heads of soldiers were beheaded. “They rise when the poll bugle is sounded...only to sleep and rise during the next elections,” said Shri Modi.


Expressing surprise at the recent breaking of the BJP-JDU alliance, Shri Modi said that this could have possibly been because of the Bihar CM’s dreams of becoming the Prime Minister. Adding that this fallout would definitely pain stalwarts like Jay Prakash Narayan and Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Shri Modi said, “I was thinking for days - why was our very happy alliance broken. I was really trying to understand and thought a lot. Some people said arrogance, some said he stabbed us in the back. I thought how would JP and Dr. Lohia be feeling - imagine their pain. But a few days ago we understood why he broke the alliance - the dream of becoming PM did. And he thinks so highly of himself, it is higher than the Everest… he feels nothing is possible without him.”

Recollecting Bihar’s refusal to accept support from Gujarat, Shri Modi said that the government in Bihar was so arrogant to have refused help in times of a natural calamity. He stated that such arrogance was not acceptable in a Democracy, and expressed hope that this arrogance would not come in the way of Bihar’s development when the BJP forms the government at the Centre in 2014 elections.

Affirming the significance of coalitions in politics, Shri Modi shared the 3 forms of politics witnessed in today’s society, and these were – the politics of Ghatbandhan, Bhrashtabandhan and Lathbandhan. “BJP is doing "gathbandhan". Congress is doing "brashtbandhan" and the criminals are doing "lathbandhan". Our politics is about coalitions. Every coalition where we are part of as leaders, has been successful. BJP is not going to the people only to form a government. We have come to the people to give stability and a development oriented government,” said Shri Modi. He urged the people to vote for the BJP in the 2014 elections and called for the need to move ahead with the ‘Mantra of development - Vividhta Me Ekta, Bharat Ki Visheshta’.


Recalling the contribution of the Yadav community, and the association Gujarat shared with them. “Yaduvansh se humara nata hai...lot of these families are in dairy. The community produced CMs, Ministers but did justice happen to farmers,” stated Shri Modi as he spoke of how the farmers in Bihar were given less prices for their milk earlier, and after Amul’s intervention, the situation had improved now.

Stating forth how political parties had played politics in the name of secularism and Muslim communities, Shri Modi put forth facts from the Sachar community report, which highlighted how the poverty in urban Muslims was 45% in Bihar and only 24% in  Gujarat, in rural Muslims this figure was 38% in Bihar and 7% in Gujarat, the per month expenditure for an urban Muslim in Bihar was Rs. 550 and Rs. 875 in Gujarat, and for a rural Muslim was 426 in Bihar and 670 in Gujarat, the literacy in Muslims was 42% in Bihar and 74% in Gujarat, infant mortality rate was 100 in per 1000 children in Bihar and 50 in Gujarat. Also, the Integrated Child Development Skill programme ensured that only 2% Muslim kids got the benefit in Bihar, while 32% got it in Gujarat. “Gujarat's secularism is true works for every section of society,” affirmed Shri Modi.

Recalling the bomb blasts in Patna in October 2013, during a BJP rally, Shri Modi commended the courage of the people of Bihar, and said, “When history is written, 27th October will be remembered. I won’t talk about the bombs and the lows of politics, but I will bow to the people of Bihar. Despite the blasts they did not move. Such sights are unprecedented.” Shri Modi also extended greetings to all for the upcoming festival of Holi and affirmed that along with the colours of Holi, the colour of the BJP too would spread all over the Nation soon.


Senior BJP leaders spoke on the occasion and urged the crowd to show their support for BJP in 2014 elections. Speaking on the occasion, Former Deputy CM Shri Sushil Modi spoke of how Biharis were insulted in Congress ruled Assam and Maharashtra but given due respect in Gujarat. He affirmed that the people of Bihar would vacate any seat to make Shri Modi the PM of India. “When Modi ji was declared as PM candidate we were alone but now parties from all over are joining us. Make a strong PM and Government,” said Sushil Modi.

Leader of Opposition Shri Nand Kishore Yadav spoke of the lack of development and how people were cheated of the special status under Shri Nitish Kumar. He said, Every section of the society is admiring Narendra Modi. He does not see society on the basis of caste. Is this is crime,” even as he questioned the Opposition’s stance at rebuking Shri Modi’s humble upbringing.

Lok Sabha MP Shri Shahnawaz Hussain spoke of how the BJP believed in integral humanism, and affirmed that if the BJP came to power, they would do development work instead of merely giving speeches.

Calling Shri Narendra Modi as the future PM of India, MP Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy said that the people wanted Shri Modi to unfurl the Tricolour from the Red Fort this August. “People want Modi so that Pakistan is taught a lesson,” said Rajiv Rudy.

Bihar BJP President Shri Mangal Pandey stated that the Nation was standing at the threshold of change and affirmed that Shri Modi will bring this change. He said, “The future of the 10.5 crore people of Bihar is in your hands. We await the day you become the PM.”

Champaran MP and former Bihar BJP President Radha Mohan Singh urged the people to break the barriers of caste or creed and make Narendra Modi the PM of India. He compared the progress in Gujarat with the slow pace of development in the rest of the Nation and stated that the slogan ‘Har Modi, Ghar Modi’ was popular across the length and breadth of India.

Former Bihar Minister Ashwini Kumar Chaubey affirmed that if everyone came together and voted, then BJP would certainly cross the 272 mark. Stating that voting for Nitish Kumar would be similar to voting for terrorists, he urged the people to vote for Shri Narendra Modi, affirming that Shri Modi popularity had cut across borders and made him an international icon.

Lok Sabha MP Uday Singh spoke of how the entire Nation is looking for a change and how that change is none other than Narendra Modi. Citing the lack of development in Bihar, he said, “Narendra Bhai, people want to listen but they also want to tell you- they are placing their trust in you.”

Lok Sabha MP Kirti Azad questioned Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s claim of being fit to become the PM, stating that under his rule the BPL families of Bihar were falling into the APL category and vice versa, even as the State lacked good infrastructure, be it in case of schools or hospitals.

Dr. CP Thakur called for the need to make BJP victorious in all seats of Bihar by voting for Shri Narendra Modi and stated that Shri Modi would be with everyone, be it the poor, rich or Hindus, Muslims, Christians or Sikhs.

National Dalit Leader Shri Ram Chandra Paswan recalled his close association with Shri Modi since 1999, and said, “Jitna unka naam bhari hai, utna unka kaam bhari hai aur samman bhari hai...leave caste, creed and vote for NDA.”









Pariksha Pe Charcha with PM Modi
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PM Modi calls for united global efforts to defeat Covid-19 pandemic

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PM Modi calls for united global efforts to defeat Covid-19 pandemic

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Governors are an important pillar of Janbhagidari in this battle against Covid: PM
Combined power of all community organizations, political parties, NGOs and social institutions needs to be harnessed in this fight: PM
PM emphasizes significance of tracking, tracing and testing; highlights importance of increasing RTPCR tests
Government is committed to ensuring adequate availability of vaccines: PM

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today interacted with Governors of States regarding the Covid-19 situation and ongoing vaccination drive in the country, through video conferencing.

Prime Minister said that in the battle against Covid, along with the vaccines, our values and sense of duty are our biggest strengths. Praising the citizens who participated in this battle last year considering it their duty, he said that the same feeling of Janbhagidari needs to be encouraged now as well. He said that the role of the Governors, through appropriate utilization of their social capacity, thus becomes all the more critical to achieving this. Governors are an important link to ensure better coordination between State Governments and society, he said, adding that the combined power of all community organizations, political parties, NGOs and social institutions needs to be harnessed.

Prime Minister suggested that the Governors can actively engage to ensure that social institutions collaborate seamlessly with the State Governments towards micro containment. He said that their social network can help ensure an increase in the capacity of ambulances, ventilators and oxygen in hospitals. Along with spreading the message about vaccination and treatment, the Governors can also spread awareness about AYUSH related remedies.

Prime Minister noted that our youth, our workforce, is an important part of our economy. Hence, it is important to ensure that our youth follows all Covid related protocols and precautions. He said that the Governors’ role is also critical in ensuring the greater engagement of our students in University campuses towards this Janbhagidari. We also need to focus on better utilization of facilities at University and College campuses, he added. He said that just like last year, NCC and NSS also have a key role to play this year as well. Prime Minister said that the Governors are an important pillar of Janbhagidari in this battle and their coordination with State Governments and guidance to institutions of the State will further strengthen the nation’s resolve.

Discussing the rise in the number of Covid cases, the Prime Minister said that in this stage of the fight against the virus, the country stands to gain from last year’s experience and improved healthcare capacity. He discussed the increase RTPCR testing capacity and noted that the country has become Aatmanirbhar with respect to kits and other material related to testing. All this has led to a reduction in the cost of RTPCR tests also. He added that most of the products related to testing are also available on the GeM portal. Prime Minister emphasized the significance of increasing tracking, tracing and testing, and said that RTPCR testing needs to be increased from 60% to 70%. He said that it is pertinent to ensure that more and more people get tested.

Prime Minister underlined that the government is committed to ensuring adequate availability of vaccines. He highlighted that India has become the fastest nation to reach the landmark of 10 crore vaccinations. Noting the positive impact of Tika Utsav in the last four days, he said that in this period, the vaccination drive was expanded and new vaccination centres also came up.


The Vice President of India, Union Home Minister and Union Health Minister also attended the interaction.

The Vice President appreciated the Prime Minister for leading the fight against Covid and his proactive steps to develop the infrastructure required to tackle the pandemic. He also highlighted the scientific community's contribution in giving a vaccine to India and the whole world. He also talked about the contribution of healthcare workers, sanitation workers, and other frontline workers who have played a vital role during the pandemic.

The Vice President called upon the Governors to bring up a coordinated front by leading all-party meetings in their respective states and engaging with civil society organisations to spread awareness about covid-appropriate behaviour. The Vice president said that a 'Team India spirit' cutting across policy lines should be adopted, and in this regard, Governors as the 'Guardians of the State' could guide the State Governments.

Union Home Minister stressed the importance of saving each and every life. Union Health Secretary gave a presentation on Covid cases and vaccination drive. He gave an overview of how India has followed a proactive and pre-emptive approach in this endeavour.

The Governors shared details of how their respective states are tackling the spread of the virus and coordinating activities towards ensuring a smooth implementation of the vaccination drive, while also mentioning the deficiencies of healthcare facilities in the States.

They gave suggestions for further improvement in the efforts and shared plans of how Janbhagidari can be increased through the active social engagement of various groups.