Extremely warm response to Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra in Dharampur, Valsad district.

We are going on the path of development, Congress is taking the path of lies: Shri Modi

Thank the people of Dharampur for their warm reception. Spent a lot of time here in my youth: Shri Modi

Atmosphere in the entire nation is that of worry. People asking what will happen, where is our country heading: Shri Modi

Congress slapping Gujarat everyday but when we go to the people with these instances panic strikes them: Shri Modi

Shri Modi speaks about measures taken by Gujarat Government for development of Adivasi community

The Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra reached Dharampur in Valsad district on 13th September 2012. In a powerful speech, Shri Modi spoke about the various development initiatives Gujarat has taken for Tribal communities and came down heavily on the Congress politics of spreading lies and negativity. He said that while the Gujarat Government is going on the path of development, the Congress is embracing path of lies.

Shri Modi thanked the people of Dharampur for the warm reception accorded to him as well as the Yatra and recalled that he shares an old relation with Dharampur in his younger days. He added he stayed in Ashrams in Dharampur and has eaten in the houses of many people of this wonderful town.

The Chief Minister said that today the atmosphere is the entire country is that of worry and people are asking what will happen, where is the country heading. He stated that for the first time since Independence the country is leaderless and directionless and in such an atmosphere, Gujarat is the land from where good news is coming every day!

Shri Modi expressed shock at the appalling levels of corruption under the UPA rule including the latest Rs. 2 lac crore coal scam. Speaking on the series of advertisements of the Congress to change Gujarat’s Disha (direction), Shri Modi asked whether the people of Gujarat want to be looted, if there want a return of a culture of communalism, dynasty politics, curfews, corruption among other things to which the crowd unanimously roared “NO!” He added that such Disha of the Congress does not suit Gujarat and instead asked the Congress to adopt Gujarat’s Disha to change the Dasha of the Country.

The Chief Minister said the Centre has been slapping Gujarat everyday but when it is conveyed to the people in the form of advertisements panic strikes among the Congress. He asked them to withdraw instances of injustice to Gujarat and the Thappad would automatically go away.

In his speech Shri Modi listed some of the efforts of the Gujarat Government towards the development of Tribal communities. He said that the Garib Kalyan Melas have given benefits worth crores to the people.

Shri Modi shared that when the Government brought the Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana, the Congress was crying foul and making baseless arguments. But, instead of the Rs. 15,000 crore promised, the Government spent Rs. 18,000 crore and today the package has now increased to Rs. 40,000 crore due to which there have been smiles of lakhs of members of Tribal community.


The Chief Minister affirmed that every family wants their child to do well become doctors and engineers but while the Congress played politics of reservations, it did nothing for primary education especially in Tribal areas. Shri Modi declared that in the last decade the Government has created primary education infrastructure for Tribal communities, opened engineering colleges and will be opening medical colleges as well. He remarked that had the Congress done the same 40 years ago, things would be different.

Shri Modi also spoke on the importance of skill development and the relief measures announced by the Gujarat Government for the farmers.




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