Excerpts of Shri Narendra Modi’s interview given during his appearance on ‘Aap ki Adalat’ with Rajat Sharma:

Rajat Sharma: Important leaders of our country – Sonia, Chidambaram, Sharad -they are all worried that wherever they go, they get to hear “Abki baar, Modi Sarkar”.

I didn’t know that high profile people could be worried about such issues. If they are worried they it’s a sign of being small minded not big. 

RS: Sonia said that advertisements are being circulated in every corner of the country that project one man being the cure of all ailments. He is being presented as a miracle.

Even I heard her saying that BJP has got a magician. I thought magicians make items vanish on stage. But these days Delhi is plagued with black magic. They have made jobs and coal disappear. Electricity has vanished. So they think this kind of magic is better than Black magic. 

RS: They say he pretends that there is no other patriot than himself. By chanting false slogans he wants to grab the PM’s post.

Every citizen is a patriot. Neither do I doubt anyone’s patriotism nor do I claim to be the most patriotic person. 

RS: Rahul Gandhi says that our nation doesn’t need a single chowkidaar. Modi wants to change the entire nation. I say that the nation needs crores of chowkidaars. What can a single chowkidaar do?

It a good thing that he listens to my speeches carefully and he knows that crores of chowkidaar will serve him good. One could pose a problem. I am worried that if there are 150 crore chowkidaars then will they include Adarsh Scam culprits and those who have snatched lands of widows of Kargil martyrs? Their LS candidates who have been accused of land acquisition of the farmer of Rajasthan – will they also be chowkidaars? If this is the case then it seems that cat will be made in-charge of milk. 

RS: Their slogan goes- Har haath shakti har haath tarakki.

They need to come up with ideas to put a lid on their work. Their hand that commits sin has to be portrayed in some other way. That is why, for them, it’s- har haath loot har honth jhooth (Every hand loots, every lips speak a lie). 

RS: Nitish alleges that this is mere publicity. On TV, Radio FM and on newspapers – only Modi sarkar is publicized. Modi has created his wave. It is self-created.

I don’t say it myself. You (audience) all are shouting my name on your own. Has anyone taught you? (Audience: Nahi) You all are chanting on your own? (Yes) Do you think that the nation is saying this on its own? (Audience: Yes) Don’t listen to me or Nitish. At least listen to the people. 

RS: We get messages on our mobile phones. They go as follows: twinkle little stars, Abki baar Modi sarkaar; Rahul Gandhi ne khayi chocolate bar, abki baar Modi sarkaar, parathon ke saath khao achar, Abki baar Modi sakar, dil ka bhawar kare pukaar abki baar Modi sarkar, Sonia ji ne Manmohan se kaha ab to apna moun tod do sardar, abki baar Modi sarkar.

I am grateful to the creative people of this nation. Had social media not existed then we would have not been able to hear about this creativity. 

RS: Akhilesh Yadav said in Aap Ki Adalat that Narendra Modi had hired an American agency to create such slogans for publicity. He is giving Rs 1000 crore to that agency.

I have not done anything as such. This lie has been circulating for quite some time. Had I hired such a company, is it possible that it would have been in the newspapers. They would have managed it. 

RS: Anand Sharma, Congress Union Minister said in a press conference that BJP has spent Rs. 10000 crore on publicity.

The first thing that Anand Sharma needs to do is to write to the EC. Then there is a govt agency named Enforcement Directorate. Since they don’t do anything, I’m giving them an idea of doing some work. Let them fully investigate it. Let Anand Sharma do it as fast as possible. If there is any objection from EC, I’m willing to writing to EC to let them do it. 

RS: But Rahul Gandhi says that you are a person who can sell combs to even those who are bald.

I used to sell tea. I never sold combs but the information that I can do it has reached them, is sort of achievement for me. 

RS: Rahul mentions in his public speeches that you are filling balloons and it will burst the same way it got deflated in 2009.

They said the same thing in 2002, 2007 and 2012 when Gujarat assembly elections took place. Their balloons got deflated. They have been defeated in primary match. Now the people will decide the outcome in the final match. 

RS: Sonia Gandhi says that you are being presented as if nothing has been done in the past and you will change things overnight.

I have already said that everything has vanished because of black magic. In the first decade of 21st century, we had such a good opportunity to take off in this era of globalization, from the point Vajpayee had left things. But instead of taking off, we collapsed on the runway itself. It has caused a great damage to the country. Have you ever seen a country that exports wheat and import breads? We are exporting iron-ore and importing steel. In this country, power units of 20,000 mw capacity are closed down. On the other hand, coal mines are also closed down. Why? Because the files have disappeared. For them, files have disappeared but for me, the life of nation has disappeared. Had coal been available, we would have got power. Small industries could have been set up that would have given employment to youth. When we raise these questions they think that they are ruling the nation for four generations, how can a ‘chaiwallah’ challenge them? In a democracy, everybody including kids have the right to ask questions from rulers. 

Rajat Sharma: Their problem is that a ‘chaiwallah’ is trying to become the prime minister.

I am a person who never dreamt of becoming anything. And I tell the youth don’t dream of becoming anything. You should always dream of doing something. I come from a background that my mother would have distributed sweets had I become even a school teacher. It’s the blessings of people in a democracy that can decide the future of a person. In a democracy, no one can decide his future. Even today, I have dreams of doing things but not one dream of becoming anything. 

RS: Rahul has said that Modi can go to any extent to become the PM. He says that if you come to power then you will break nation into pieces. You will create infighting among people.

I think he has borrowed this (cutting into pieces) from his candidate in UP. We will sacrifice our lives for the unity and integrity of nation. Look at the history of the Congress. Look at their track record. Who got the reins of power first? Who divided the country? Who spread the poison of casteism? Who created communal tension? For the first time, the govt asked the army to provide info on the basis of religion. Fortunately, the army refused to share the info saying the army consists of Indians only. They refused to count Hindus and Muslims in army. They should look within themselves.

In Gujarat, I talk about 5 crore Gujaratis only. I talk of 125 crore Hindustani only. I have tried to avoid the sectarian terminology. Gradually every Chief Minister has started doing the same thing. 

RS: Omar Abdullah says that you went to Punjab and accepted their attire, you went to Arunachal and wore their cap, you went to Assam and wore their dress but you refused to wear skull cap offered by Imam.

I have never seen Gandhi, Patel or Nehru wearing such skull cap. Indian politics has deteriorated. They can do anything for appeasement. I believe in respecting traditions of all religions. But at the same time, I have to respect my own tradition as well although I respect all traditions. I can’t hoodwink people by wearing such skull caps. But I believe in taking action against those who show disrespect to other’s caps. 

RS: Nitish Kumar said that in public life, you have to wear both tilak and skull caps. You have to take care of sentiments of others.

If he thinks that it helps in taking care of sentiments then it’s his thought. I believe that their children should get better education. They should have Quran in one hand and computer in the other hand. 

RS: Azam Khan said that after 60 years of independence, we are being called puppies.

Whoever said this was wrong. I will not say anything like this. 

RS: You had said, “we are human beings. It pains even when a puppy comes under my car.”

Modi: In our country we say it pains even if an ant dies. These are proverbs. This should not be interpreted otherwise. And you should know that the person who had taken my interview, despite being a foreigner, had tweeted that I did not mean anything like that. But the news traders, and am not talking about media, used this to sell their stuff. 

RS: Azam Khan while referring to you has said today that we don’t need the sympathy of Modi, the elder brother of puppies.

I should say- thank you very much- to him because the loyalty of dogs is unparalleled. I’m proud that somebody saw this quality in me that will benefit the country. 

RS: Manmohan Singh said that it will be disastrous if you become the PM.

I think his own partymen, including his cabinet ministers said that he should not have said that. And now he has stopped saying that. 

RS: He actually reminded people that it will be disastrous for people if a person, under whose regime killings took place on the roads of Ahmedabad, becomes PM.

He should have remembered, there was attack on Akshardham temple in September 2002, so many people were killed inside the temple, yet Gujarat maintained peace. Gujarat maintained peace even after serial blasts. There was a time when Gujarat used to have riots over kite flying and cricket matches. Gujarat has not witnessed riots for last 12 years. The children of Gujarat don’t know what is curfew all about? Gujarat has progressed because of peace and harmony. And this is what the nation needs for growth as these things will have catalytic effect in achieving that. 

Q: Akhilesh Yadav recently said in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ that Muzaffarnagar riots were incited by Narendra Modi.

I don’t know whether he is having a sound sleep these days. I have been to UP 4-5 times in recent times and I can understand his real concern. He sees Modi in everything- from lion to laptop. This is his problem. 

Question from audience: What will you do for education sector in your first 100 days of rule?

In our country, we should think about poor first. Whenever I meet a person, like a driver, I ask about his family and life. He tells me that he has taken loans for better education of his kids. Nowadays even drivers are taking loans for the better education of their kids. We have always focused on degrees only. Now is the time to focus on skill development that will bring employment to our youth. If we have to compete with China then we have to focus on three things- skill, scale and speed. We need better skill, greater scale and faster speed. 

Question from audience: You are campaigning relentlessly for last two months. From where do you get the motivation?

Modi: I had started the campaign from 15th September. So now it’s 6-7 months since I started the campaign. I am a labourer and my childhood was very tough and physically I am used to all this. I also do my Yoga and Pranayam. But the important point is that I believe you never get tired by doing work. You get tired when you don’t work. When you clean your house, you don’t get tired, it gives you satisfaction.

People’s blessings give you the power to work tirelessly. The only thing required is commitment. The love and affection that I have received from people in last 6 months keeps me running. 

Question from audience: When will we come out of caste based politics?

That’s why I say unless we start using saying – we the 1.25 crore people- the poison of caste will keep creating fissures in the society. There is no harm in feeling proud of your caste but the poison of casteism that creates hatred does not benefit anyone. 

Rajat Sharma: But Sonia ji says that you do what she calls ‘zeher ki kheti’.

It’s good that you have given me the opportunity to speak on this. In Jaipur in last June-July, there was Congress convention going on where Rahul made a speech. He said that I went to Mom’s room this morning and I found her crying. She told me that power is poison. Now the question is who has been in power for the longest time? Who tasted the poison for the longest time? Who has the maximum amount of poison in the stomach? So who will spew poison the most? 

Rajat Sharma: Maulana Madani has said that Muslims are being made to feel scared in the name of Modi. You talk about national integration but it can actually break the country.

What he said was that those who are saying all this are trying to break the nation. 

RS: He says that Muslims are being made to feel scared in your name. What is it in you that scare Muslims?

I don’t think they feel scared. In Gujarat, Muslims feel greater enthusiasm when my name is mentioned. 

Audience: America had banned your entry in that country. Will you go to US if you become PM?

When it happened in 2005, I had told media that we want to create an India where Americans will have to stand in cue to seek visa. 

RS: American ambassador Nancy Powell had to leave after she met you. What did you do?

 (Laughs)…This is something that journalists should investigate. 

RS: You opponents allege that all your developmental claims in the state are hollow. Mulayam Singh Yadav recently asked you to explain whether Gujarat, like UP, also has free irrigation, free education and free medicines.

He should have taken it further- free goondaism, free killings of innocents. 

RS: He responded when you said that it takes 56 inch chest for running the government.

I had responded to him when he said that he will not allow UP becoming another Gujarat. It is then that I had said, “Neta ji, it takes 56 inches chest to make Gujarat. And then I went on to say, in order to make a state like Gujarat, you need to give electricity for 24 hours and 365 days. Most houses in Gujarat have the facility of drinking water from taps, 99% roads in rural regions have proper roads. I said, “You don’t have that kind of stamina. You continue with caste oriented politics because you cannot go beyond that.” Today Ram Manohar Lohia must have been very upset with his disciples. 

Rahul: Rahul Gandhi alleges that you have created Gujarat’s image just through marketing as far as facilities like electricity, water and employment are concerned.

Okay, we can go to Delhi, Bengal and Assam for marketing. But I cannot do that in front of the people of Gujarat, right? They can see through right away. I say that I have constructed roads and if there are no roads, then the people there will never believe me. They would call me a liar if I had not done anything for the agricultural sector. Then I would have not won elections in 2002, 2007 and 2012. I did not lose a single election. Gujarat is the only State that can fight the elections with the agenda of development. Even today our agenda is development and others are running away from this zone.

They don’t have courage to touch this issue. Because they feel that they will be answerable for this. When I had gone to visit Gujarat in 2001, people gathered to meet me. I hadn’t visited my State for quite some time. I had nothing to do there. Before becoming the CM I had not even seen the CM’s chamber. I was not even an MLA and I had not even fought teacher’s elections.

People would come to me and say, we are not asking for anything big.

But at least provide us electricity during dinner time so that we don’t have to eat in the dark. That means, during that period, Gujarat didn’t even get electricity in the evening for dinner. Today Gujarat has electricity all around the year. This cannot be proved through marketing. When people switch on their bulb and see light, it is then that they believe that Modi has provided electricity. 

RS: But it is also true that you got Amitabh Bachchan for promotion and marketing.

This is true… 

RS: It’s the same Amitabh who was once a part of Congress and then SP…?

There is difference between Modi and others. He is indeed close to Mulayam Singh Yadav. He is from UP and thus he has his attachments. But Mulayam Singh used him. He used him in his election campaigns with the slogan – “UP mein hai dum, zulm hai kam”. But that didn’t work.

Amitabh’s role needs to be reflected with intellect. I used him to talk about Gujarat and not of Gujarat government. He advertises Kutch, its handicraft and lifestyle. So if I have that thought, that is my work. I use Amitabh Bachchan as a productive resource for the welfare of Gujarat. It’s been around 5 years that he’s been working with me. Neither he has ever spoken about politics and nor have I. And today let me clarify, when I had given him the proposal that I wanted to promote tourism in Gujarat, he said, “I give you my voice and my face, you may use it”. He refused to take money from me. He does not take a single rupee for promoting tourism in Gujarat and for this I am extremely grateful to him. 

RS: We thought he must be earning a lot from your Government.

I’m a “pakka Ahmedabadi” (pure Ahmedabadi). Our specialty is to find someone on whom we have least expenditure. We believe in single fare, double journey. We don’t give money to people easily. 

RS: If you don’t give then why is it being said that you gave cheap land to Tata, Adani and other builders?

All these accusations are influenced by politics. Our Congress friends keep bringing up such issues. I say, is the Government of India asleep? Isn’t it its responsibility to reprimand a Chief Minister if he is involved in such malpractices? Why aren’t they taking any action?

This means that they don’t have courage to do even that. Secondly, as far as land allocation is concerned, the Supreme Court has said that the policy of Gujarat government is so good that all States must implement that model. Thirdly, a lie that is circulating is that Nano was given land. In reality, Nano was not given a single inch land from the State government. No agricultural land was given to Nano. 

RS: But there are accusations that farmer’s lands were seized and given to Nano?

These people don’t know anything. The Supreme Court has given approval. We had given land to the industries on more than the market rate. Not the present market rate, but the rate that existed then. Gujarat is a policy driven state. Even if you go there, you will get the same benefit that the richest man of India will get. 

RS: Rahul Gandhi says that Gujarat’s credibility cannot be proved because the state does not have RTI, the biggest information right that he has given to the citizens.

Modi: These days he goes around saying that he has given this law and that law…ask him, does RTI apply to J&K? Do Right to education and Anti – corruption Bill apply to Kashmir? First he should see what his government has done. Moreover, Gujarat has RTI and there have never been any complains in Gujarat on RTI. 

RS: Now that you have mentioned Supreme Court I will have to take my case back.

Audience: If your government is formed, will you give an assurance to Christian brothers and sisters that their churches will not be broken down?

I have never heard of such incidents taking place… 

Audience: That they won’t be burnt…?

I have never heard of such instances. Our country does not believe in the concept of your God and my God. We believe that all Gods are one. We have different ways of accepting Him. All ways lead to Him. That is why our constitution does not allow any discrimination. We cannot have communal discussions. We can be religious but not communal. That is why BJP’s motto is Sarva Panth Sambhav. In Gujarat we have the world’s smallest community – Parsi. They even have a pilgrimage centre there. Look at the rich history of India. We have never tried to bring down any community’s place of worship through sword or violence. Castes and religious divides are holding the nation back from growing. I want you all to be at peace. 

RS: You have given consolation to Parsis and Christians. Can you give assurance to Muslims?

Every citizen of this nation has those rights and privileges that Narendra Modi has. 

RS: So nobody has to fear you.

Some people will have to be afraid. Those who plunder the nation, deliver injustice, will have to feel scared of me. And I am not afraid of admitting this. Government cannot be so lenient that it forgives them. People must have sense of security. This does not exist and that is what causes all the trouble. You have to maintain some decorum even at home. And if it is a crime to maintain discipline then I admit my crime. 

RS: There’s one man’s rule in BJP. Modi’s name is chanted everywhere. Even on all the posters. It appears that there is no other leader left in BJP.

This is not true. BJP is a huge organization. It works in that structure. There is a galaxy of leaders who are equally competent. During elections we have to set a goal and prioritize issues. Even for this there is a committee of which Modi is not a part. Previously we worked under Atal ji’s guidance. Then we worked under Advani ji, Harshvardhan in Delhi, Shivraj Singh in MP and in Rajasthan we worked under Vasundhara Raje. So responsibilities are distributed according to the party’s goal. Right now I have been given this role and I have to do what the party has asked me to do. I am a worker of the party. We are a team. 

RS: If you are a team then why did Advani get upset three times?

I don’t think he is angry. 

RS: He was first annoyed when Narendra Modi was made the national convener for the elections in Goa. Then the party went to appease him. Next he was upset when Narendra Modi was declared BJP’s PM candidate. He didn’t attend that meeting and once again the party had to persuade him. Recently he was upset over ticket distribution in the Lok Sabha elections. He wanted to fight from Ahmedabad and party insisted that he contests from Bhopal.

All these three issues have been clarified by Advani and the party. They were all fiction. Because after Goa meeting, he called me up to congratulate me. He was not well so he couldn’t come to Goa. But this made juicy news for media. 

RS: And Jaswant Singh…

Jaswant Singh has just written a review of one of my biographies. 

RS: And you didn’t give him ticket…

I don’t distribute tickets. State election Committee sends its recommendations. Central committee approves of it. Recently we helped his son win elections. BJP has lakhs of workers. It becomes difficult to manage when tickets are distributed. 

RS: But the situation is so grave that Rahul Gandhi is worried that influential leaders like Jaswant Singh, L K Advani have been sidelined by Narendra Modi.

These are people who held Modi’s hand to make him walk. And even today I seek their advice by sitting at their feet. BJP does not work that way. But in their party, look what happened to Sitaram Kesri. He was the President of All India Congress Committee. They threw him out of his office to bring in Sonia Gandhi. 

RS: But now that culture is creeping into BJP. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi tweeted- Sabir Ali has joined the party, now Dawood Ibrahim is next in line.

Let those exchanges remain between them only. 

RS: Party workers say that very few people like you within the party although you have fan following outside. Raj Thackeray said that he will make Modi the Prime Minister.

First part of your statement is not correct. Today there are senior and more experienced members than me in the party. But they have handed immense responsibility to me. My party workers are working relentlessly. If I am anything today, I owe it all to my party workers. That is why I cannot think that my party people do not support me because I would have not even been even at grass root level had it not been for them. 

RS: I have heard that Kumar Vishwas has been praising you and dedicating poems to you. He said that Narendra Modi used to talk to him.

Now that is true. I used to talk to a lot of people. Many say that Modi does not talk to anyone, but at least he is honest in claiming that I talked to him. 

RS: But there is no confusion on the leadership in Congress…

That is what has led to Congress’ fall. Instead of improving the economy of the nation, they are busy generating income for one family. 

RS: Dr Manmohan Singh has said that Rahul Gandhi has outstanding credentials to become the Prime Minister and I am willing to work under his guidance. Has any big leader in your party made such a statement in your favour?

There’s a reason for that – I say, I am willing to work under their guidance. I work under them. 

RS: But one such leader, Murli Manohar Joshi, wanted a ticket from Varanasi but you went there.

I was given that offer. And he is fighting from Kanpur. I believe he is going to win with largest number of votes this time. 

Audience: Sir your clothes are very stylish, who is your designer?

I left my house when I was very young. I could fit all my belongings in a small bundle. I kept wandering for 40 – 45 years and I spent over 40 years begging for food. I had to wash my own clothes. So I thought my shirt occupied too much effort in washing and space too. I cut the sleeves myself. So my shirt became half sleeved. I have been wearing such clothes for over 25 years. Yes, I like to dress up well and stay clean. God has gifted me the sense of mixing and matching colours. So I manage everything on my own. Since I’m God gifted I fit well in everything. I have no fashion designer but I’m happy to hear that I dress well. 

RS: You are secretive about your personal life. Only recently we got to know that you used to sell tea at the Railway stations.

It is true that I don’t talk much about my personal life. People of Gujarat know a lot. But Media today is so vibrant that even if something falls off from the pocket they come to know. Then one day I’d come to Delhi and some Congressmen went about saying silly things about me, they even abused me. They said that Modi was an American agent and what not. I was hurt. I had my rally in Rohini (Delhi). I said, do you even know me? I have spent my childhood selling tea at railway stations and you are throwing such allegations on me? That’s how you all got to know about me. Other than that, so many things keep happening; I can’t go around telling everything. 

RS: You were so naughty that when you were a child you used to catch crocodile babies from the lake and take them home.

I was brave, not naughty. There was a lake in my village and I loved to swim in that lake. I even had to wash my clothes there. So one day I picked up a crocodile baby and took it home. Later on I even took it to school and my teachers were very upset. 

RS: You left your home when you were very young and went up to the Himalayas.

Yes I’ve left my home on several occasions. I wanted to lead a spiritual life. Like I said I spent some years begging for food for sustenance. Even now I desire that. I was greatly influenced by Swami Vivekananda. I visited Ramakrishna Mission and several other places. I recently visited Swami Atmaghanananda. That was another world which I have loved. 

RS: It’s astonishing that a man who used to sell tea and beg for food has now become a brand himself. Comics are written on you, chips and vegetables are sold in your name. Miscellaneous goods are sold in your name.

It is astonishing, I admit. If you consider my background – I am the Chief Minister of Gujarat and my mother still resides in a small house in the village. I am surprised myself as I don’t have any background. It’s like a miracle that has worked in my life. I don’t understand what people want out of me or the party, I don’t know. 

RS: Congress feels that you have prepared a huge underground team who work constantly on social media to create Narendra Modi’s image.

Congress is right for once. I have worked underground in 1975 and 1977 – two years when Mrs Indira Gandhi had imposed emergency on the nation and had imprisoned important leaders. Police were hunting for me too. Then I would wear a turban and stay dressed as a Sardar to hide my identity. Since then Congress is scared of me. My life is an open book. It is true that lakhs of people are associated with me in this election who have got nothing to do with BJP, politics. They are only concerned about the nation. Over 10000 people have come from overseas to assist. I met around 400 youngsters. They are all IITians. They have been putting efforts in their own way. I don’t even know those people. But if I don’t know that doesn’t not mean it’s underground. 

Audience: If you become Prime Minister then will Advani become the next President?

If Modi becomes Prime Minister, it would mean that Advani has made him so. Those who give me position, how can I give them anything? 

Audience: I know that you will become the PM. I have full confidence. I don’t wish to ask you a question. All I want you to do is to remove black magic from this country with your magic.

 If there are millions of others like you then black magic will anyway vanish. 

Audience: After 2002 Gujarat riots, Indian, International media, politicians – were all after you. How did you cope with all of this?

If you are dependent on truth, then you get the strength to face all accusations. Even today I face all sorts of indictments. Maybe my life’s strife has made me strong. Had I not been so strong, maybe I would have not won the hearts of millions of people. I’m privileged to have suffered. I now convert all strife into an opportunity and so far I’ve been successful. 

RS: You had strength and were supported by truth, so why didn’t you discuss this before. Why are you saying all this today in Aap Ki Adalat?

Modi: First of all, whenever I was asked on this issue, I answered all the questions. But I feel that some people do not want answers to questions. They want to hear what they have to say. And their problem is that they don’t do their homework. That’s why they can’t ask me much. 

RS: They just want Narendra Modi to apologize.

Even when I step down from my bed in the morning, I ask mother earth for her forgiveness. Who am I? I’m just a child of this earth. 

Audience: All the parties have stressed on women protection in their manifesto. What will you do that women feel secure?

If you get the opportunity, in October on Navratri, we have a ceremony that continues till over midnight. You can walk around. You will see young girls, clad in jewellery, will be hanging out and riding their scooties. Everything is possible. 

RS: Mulayam Singh Yadav has made a statement at a public meeting that rape is a minor offense and capital punishment is not justified. He said that I become the Prime Minister then I’ll change this law.

If you start collecting such mean statements then, after Mumbai’s terror attack, a Congress minister had said, such minor incidents keep happening. This mindset is very dangerous for the country. Don’t we feel the pain when such crimes take place? I understand that it takes time to bring about social change. But how can we be so insensitive. For a moment imagine that you are that girl who has been raped. Will you then think that it is a small incident? Or think that your own daughter has been raped and then you’ll understand. Every daughter of India is our daughter. The kind of things that we are hearing nowadays, are so troubling to the mind. And even then some ministers add salt to the wound because of their ignorance. It is very painful. I don’t want to give a political answer for this nor do I want to score a political point. I pray to God that at least he doesn’t give us such mentality.


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May 31, 2024

सवाल : चुनाव खत्म होने में गिनती के दिन शेष हैं। मौजूदा चुनावों में आप किस तरह का बदलाव देखते हैं?

जवाब : सबसे बड़ा बदलाव यह है कि आज मतदाता 21वीं सदी की राजनीति देखना चाहता है। इसमें परफॉर्मेंस की बात हो, देश को आगे ले जाने वाले विजन की बात हो और जिसमें विकसित भारत बनाने के रोडमैप की चर्चा हो। अब लोग जानना चाहते हैं कि राजनीतिक दल हमारे बच्चों के लिए क्या करेंगे? देश का भविष्य बनाने के लिए नेता क्या कदम उठाएंगे?

राजनेताओं से आज लोग ये सब सुनना चाहते हैं। लोग पार्टियों का ट्रैक रिकॉर्ड भी देखते हैं। किसी पार्टी ने क्या वादे किए थे, और उनमें से कितने पूरे कर पाई, इसका हिसाब भी मतदाता लगा लेता है। लेकिन कांग्रेस और ‘इंडी गठबंधन’ के नेता अब भी 20वीं सदी में ही जी रहे हैं। आज लोग ये पूछ रहे हैं कि आप हमारे बच्चों के लिए क्या करने वाले हैं तो ये अपने पिता, नाना, परदादा, नानी, परनानी की बात कर रहे हैं। लोग पूछते हैं कि देश के विकास का रोडमैप क्या है तो ये परिवार की सीट होने का दावा करने लगते हैं। वे लोगों को जातियों में बांट रहे हैं, धर्म से जुड़े मुद्दे उठा रहे हैं, तुष्टीकरण की राजनीति कर रहे हैं। ये ऐसे मुद्दे ला रहे हैं, जो लोगों की सोच और आकांक्षा से बिल्कुल अलग हैं।
सवाल : क्या आपको लगता नहीं कि चुनाव व्यवस्था और राजनीतिक आचार-व्यवहार में सुधार की आवश्यकता है। अपनी ओर से कोई पहल करेंगे?

जवाब : देश के लोग लगातार उन राजनीतिक दलों को खारिज कर रहे हैं जो नकारात्मक राजनीति में विश्वास रखते हैं। जो सकारात्मक बात या अपना विजन नहीं बताते, वो जनता का विश्वास भी नहीं जीत पाते। जो सिर्फ विरोध की राजनीति में विश्वास रखते हैं, जो सिर्फ विरोध के लिए विरोध करते हैं, ऐसे लोगों को जनता लगातार नकार रही है। ऐसे में उन लोगों को जनता का मूड समझना होगा और अपने आप में सुधार लाना होगा। मैं आपको कांग्रेस का उदाहरण दे रहा हूं। कांग्रेस आज जड़ों से बिलकुल कट चुकी है। वो समझ ही नहीं पा रही है कि इस देश की संस्कृति क्या है। इस चुनाव के दौरान पार्टी नेताओं ने जैसी बातें बोली हैं, उससे पता चलता है कि वो भारतीय लोकतंत्र के मूल तत्व को पकड़ नहीं पा रही।

कांग्रेस नेता विभाजनकारी बयानबाजी, व्यक्तिगत हमले और अपशब्द बोलने से बाहर नहीं निकल पा रहे। उन्हें लग रहा होगा कि उनके तीन-चार चाटुकारों ने अगर उस पर ताली बजा दी तो इतना काफी है। वो इसी से खुश हैं, लेकिन उनको ये नहीं पता चल रहा है कि जनता में इन सारी चीजों को लेकर बहुत गुस्सा है। कांग्रेस तो अहंकारी है, जनता की बात सुनने वाली नहीं है। वो तो नहीं बदल सकती। लेकिन जो उनके सहयोगी दल हैं, वो देखें कि जनता का मूड क्या है, वो क्या बोल रही है। उन्हें समझना होगा कि इस राह पर चले तो लगातार रिजेक्शन ही मिलने वाला है। मुझे लगता है कि लोग इन्हें रिजेक्ट कर-कर के इनको सिखाएंगे। राजनीति में जो सुधार चाहिए वो लोग ही अपने वोट की शक्ति से कर देते हैं। लोग ही राजनीतिक दलों, खासकर नकारात्मक राजनीति करने वालों को सिखाएंगे और बदलाव लाएंगे।
सवाल : क्या इस चुनाव में जातीय और धार्मिक विभाजन के सवाल ज्यादा उभर आए हैं? जब चुनाव शुरू हुआ था तो एजेंडा अलग था, आखिरी चरण आने तक अलग?

जवाब : ये सवाल उनसे पूछा जाना चाहिए, जिन्होंने पहले धर्म के आधार पर देश का विभाजन कराया। अब भी 60-70 साल से ये विभाजन की राजनीति ही कर रहे हैं। एक तरफ उनकी कोशिश होती है कि किसी समाज को जाति के आधार पर कैसे तोड़ा जाए? दूसरी तरफ वो देखते हैं कि कैसे एक वोट बैंक को जोड़कर मजबूत वोट बैंक बनाए रखा जाए। दूसरा, ये सवाल उनसे पूछा जाना चाहिए जो सिर्फ तुष्टीकरण की राजनीति के लिए एससी, एसटी और ओबीसी का आरक्षण छीनकर धर्म के आधार आरक्षण देना चाहते हैं। इसके लिए वो संविधान के विरुद्ध कदम उठाने को तैयार हैं।

ये सवाल कांग्रेस और ‘इंडी गठबंधन’ वालों से पूछा जाना चाहिए, क्योंकि वही हैं जो वोट जिहाद की बात कर रहे हैं। ये सवाल उनसे पूछा जाना चाहिए जो अपने घोषणा पत्र में खुलेआम ये लिख रहे हैं कि वो जनता की संपत्ति छीन लेंगे और उसका बंटवारा दूसरों में कर देंगे। ये जो बंटवारे की राजनीति है, विभाजन की सोच है उसे अब विपक्ष खुलकर सामने रख रहा है। अब वो इसे छिपा भी नहीं रहे हैं। वो खुलकर इसका प्रदर्शन कर रहे हैं, तो ये सारे सवाल उनसे पूछे जाने चाहिए। देश और समाज को बांटने वाले ऐसे लोगों को जनता इस चुनाव में कड़ा सबक सिखाएगी।
सवाल :  एक देश, एक चुनाव के लिए आपने पहल की थी। क्या आपको लगता है कि इतने बड़े देश में यह संभव है। अगर हां..तो किस तरह से ये लागू हो सकेगा?

जवाब : एक देश, एक चुनाव भाजपा का और हमारी सरकार का विचार रहा है, लेकिन हम ये चाहते हैं कि इसके आसपास एक आम सहमति बने। पूर्व राष्ट्रपति रामनाथ कोविंद जी की अध्यक्षता में बनी कमेटी ने जो रिपोर्ट सौंपी है, उसमें विस्तार से एक देश एक चुनाव के बारे समझाया गया है। इस पर पूरे देश में चर्चा हो, वाद हो, संवाद हो, इसके लाभ और हानि पर बात हो, इसमें क्या किया जा सकता है और कैसे किया जा सकता है। फिर इस पर एक आम सहमति बने। इससे हम एक अच्छे सकारात्मक समाधान पर पहुंच सकते हैं। जो अभी का सिस्टम है उसमें हर समय कहीं ना कहीं चुनाव होता रहता है। ये जो वर्तमान सिस्टम है, ये उपयुक्त नहीं है। ये गवर्नेंस को बहुत नुकसान पहुंचाता है। इसे बदलने की जरूरत तो है ही, पर हम कैसे करेंगे, इस पर संवाद की जरूरत है।

आपने ये भी पूछा कि क्या हमारे देश में ये संभव है। तो आप इतिहास में देख लीजिए कि जब संसाधन, टेक्नॉलजी कम थी तब भी हमारे देश में एक देश, एक चुनाव हो रहे थे। आजादी के बाद पहले के कुछ चुनाव इसी तरह हुए। उसके कुछ वर्ष बाद ही बदलाव हुए हैं। अब भी एक-दो राज्यो में लोकसभा के साथ राज्य विधानसभाओं के चुनाव हो रहे हैं। चुनाव आयोग एक चुनाव कराने के लिए पूरे देश में काम कर रहा है तो उसी में राज्यों का चुनाव भी कराया जा सकता है। इसमें कोई समस्या नहीं है, ये संभव है।
सवाल : गर्मी के कारण कम मतदान के चलते फिर से मांग उठी है कि इस मौसम में चुनाव नहीं होना चाहिए। क्या आप भी चुनाव के कैलेंडर में किसी तब्दीली के पक्षधर हैं?

जवाब : गर्मी के कारण कुछ समस्याएं तो होती हैं। आप देख सकते हैं कि मैंने अपनी पार्टी में सभी उम्मीदवारों को और सामान्य लोगों को जो पत्र लिखा है, उसमें मैंने गर्मी का जिक्र किया है। पत्र में लिखा है कि गर्मियों में बहुत समस्या होती है, आप अपने आरोग्य का ख्याल रखें। फिर भी लोकतंत्र के लिए जो हमारा कर्तव्य है, हमें उसे निभाना चाहिए।

मुझे पता है कि गर्मियों में क्या समस्या होती है। लेकिन इसमें क्या होना चाहिए, क्या बदलाव होना चाहिए, होना चाहिए या नहीं होना चाहिए, ये किसी एक व्यक्ति का, एक पार्टी का या सिर्फ सरकार का निर्णय नहीं हो सकता। पूरे सिस्टम, लोगों, मतदाता, राजनीतिक दलों, कार्यकर्ताओं की सहमति बननी चाहिए। जब एक सामूहिक राय बनेगी कि इसमें कुछ बदलाव लाना चाहिए या नहीं लाना चाहिए, तभी कुछ हो सकता है।

सवाल : आखिरी चरण में पूर्वी उत्तर प्रदेश की 13 और बिहार की 8 सीटों पर चुनाव शेष है। आपने कहा है कि गरीबी और अभाव झेलने वाला पूर्वांचल दस साल से प्रधानमंत्री चुन रहा है। इसके लिए अभी बहुत कुछ किया जाना शेष है। वह बहुत कुछ क्या है, बताना चाहेंगे?

जवाब : देखिए, पूर्वी उत्तर प्रदेश और बिहार के प्रति पिछली सरकारों का रवैया बहुत ही निराशाजनक रहा है। इन इलाकों से वोट लिए गए, अपनी राजनीतिक महत्वाकांक्षाएं पूरी की गयीं पर जब विकास की बारी आई तो इन्हें पिछड़ा कहकर छोड़ दिया गया। पूर्वांचल में बिजली, पानी, सड़क जैसी मूलभूत सुविधाओं के लिए लोगों को तरसाया गया। देश के 18000 गांवों में बिजली नहीं थी। इनमें पूर्वांचल और बिहार के बहुत से इलाके थे। जब मैंने बहनों-बेटियों की गरिमा के लिए टायलेट्स का निर्माण कराया तो बड़ी संख्या में उसका लाभ हमारे पूर्वांचल के लोगों को मिला।

आज हम इसी इलाके में विकास की गंगा बहा रहे हैं। एक्सप्रेसवे से लेकर ग्रामीण सड़क तक हम इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर सुधार रहे हैं, बदल रहे हैं। हम हेल्थ इंफ्रा भी बना रहे हैं। आज पूर्वांचल और बिहार दोनों ही जगह पर एम्स है। इसके अलावा हम इन इलाकों में मेडिकल कॉलेज का नेटवर्क बना रहे हैं। हम पुराने इंफ्रा को अपग्रेड भी कर रहे हैं। अब हम यहां की स्थानीय अर्थव्यवस्था को भी बढ़ावा दे रहे हैं। हमें आगे बढ़ना है, लेकिन हमारा बहुत सारा समय, संसाधन और ऊर्जा पिछले 60-70 वर्षों के गड्ढों को भरने में खर्च हो रही है। हम इसके लिए लगातार तेजी से काम कर रहे हैं। मैं वो दिन लाना चाहता हूं, जब शिक्षा और रोजगार के लिए इन इलाकों के युवाओं को पलायन ना करना पड़े। उनका मन हो तो चाहे जहां जाएं पर उनके सामने किसी तरह की मजबूरी ना हो।   

सवाल : गंगा निर्मलीकरण योजना के साथ ही वरुणा, असि और अन्य नदियों की सफाई की कितनी जरूरत मानते हैं आप?

जवाब : हमारे देश में नदियों की पूजा होती है। हमारी परंपराओं, संस्कारों में प्रकृति का महत्व स्थापित किया गया है। इसके बावजूद नदियों की साफ-सफाई को लेकर सरकार और समाज में उदासीनता बनी रही। ये बड़े दुर्भाग्य की बात है कि दशकों तक देश की सरकारों ने नदियों को एक डंपिंग ग्राउंड की तरह इस्तेमाल किया। नदियों की स्वच्छता को लेकर कोई जागरुकता अभियान चलाने का प्रयास नहीं हुआ।

गंगा, वरुणा, असि समेत देश की सभी नदियों को स्वच्छ बनाने और उनकी सेहत को बेहतर करने के प्रयास जारी हैं। मैंने बहुत पहले नदियों के एक्वेटिक इकोसिस्टम को बदलने की जरूरत बताई थी। आज देश नदियों की स्वच्छता को लेकर गंभीर है। वाटर मैनेजमेंट, सीवेज मैनेजमेंट और नदियों का प्रदूषण कम करने के लिए लोग भी अपना योगदान देने को तैयार हैं। इस दिशा में जन भागीदारी से हमें अच्छे परिणाम मिलेंगे।

सवाल : 2014 में जब आपके पास देश के अलग-अलग हिस्सों से चुनाव लड़ने के प्रस्ताव आ रहे थे, तब आपने काशी को क्यों चुना?

जवाब : मैं मानता हूं कि मैंने काशी को नहीं चुना, काशी ने मुझे चुना है। पहली बार वाराणसी से चुनाव लड़ने का जो निर्णय हुआ था, वो तो पार्टी ने तय किया था। मैंने पार्टी के एक सिपाही के तौर पर उसका पालन किया, लेकिन जब मैं काशी आया तो मुझे लगा कि इसमें नियति भी शामिल है। काशी उद्देश्यों को पूरा करने की भूमि है। अहिल्या बाई होल्कर ने बाबा का भव्य धाम बनाने का संकल्प पूरा करने के लिए काशी को चुना था। मोक्ष का तीर्थ बनाने के लिए महादेव ने काशी को चुना। इस नगरी में तुलसीदास राम का चरित लिखने का उद्देश्य लेकर पहुंचे। महामना यहां सर्वविद्या की राजधानी बनाने आए। शंकराचार्य ने काशी को शास्त्रार्थ के लिए चुना। इन सबकी तपस्या से प्रेरणा लेकर और इनके आशीर्वाद से काशी की सेवा के काम को आगे बढ़ा रहा हूं।

मुझे काशी में जिस तरह की अनुभूति हुई, वो अभूतपूर्व है। इसी वजह से जब मैं यहां आया तो मैंने कहा कि मुझे मां गंगा ने बुलाया है, अब तो मैं ये भी कहता हूं कि मां गंगा ने मुझे गोद ले लिया है। वाराणसी में मुझे बहुत स्नेह मिला। काशीवासियों ने एक भाई, एक बेटे की तरह मुझे अपनाया है। शायद काशीवासियों को मुझमें उनके जैसे कुछ गुण दिखे हों। जो स्नेह और अपनापन मुझे यहां मिला है, उसे मैं विकास के रूप में लौटाना चाहता हूं और लौटा रहा हूं।

दूसरी बात, काशी पूरे देश और दुनिया की सांस्कृतिक राजधानी है। हजारों सदियों से यहां पूरे भारत से लोग आते रहे हैं। यहां के लोगों का हृदय इतना विशाल है कि जो भी यहां आता है, लोग उसे अपना लेते हैं। काशी में ही आपको एक लघु भारत मिल जाएगा। देश के अलग-अलग क्षेत्रों से यहां आकर बसे लोग काशी को निखार रहे हैं, संवार रहे हैं। वो अभी भी अपनी जड़ों से जुडे़ हैं, लेकिन दिल से बनारसी बन गये हैं। कोई कहीं से भी आए, काशी के लोग उसे बनारसी बना देते हैं। काशी और काशीवासियों ने मुझे भी अपना लिया है।
सवाल : हरित काशी और इको फ्रेंडली काशी के लिए आपकी क्या सोच है?

जवाब :  जब काशी के पूरे वातावरण और पर्यावरण की चर्चा होती है तो उसमें गंगा नदी की स्वच्छता एक महत्वपूर्ण बिंदु होता है। आज गंगा मां कितनी निर्मल हैं, उसमें कितने जल जीवन फल-फूल रहे हैं, ये परिवर्तन सबको दिखने लगा है। गंगा की सेहत सुधर रही है ये बहुत महत्वपूर्ण आयाम है।

हम गंगा एक्शन प्लान फेज-2 के तहत सीवर लाइन बिछाने का काम कर रहे हैं। इसके अलावा 3 सीवेज पंपिंग स्टेशनों और दीनापुर 140 एमएलजी के सीवर ट्रीटमेंट प्लांट का निर्माण हुआ है। पुरानी ट्रंक लाइन का जीर्णोद्धार किया जा रहा है। कोनिया पंपिंग स्टेशन, भगवानपुर एसटीपी, पांच घाटों का पुनर्रुद्धार किया गया है। ट्रांस वरुणा सीवेज योजना पर भी तेजी से काम चल रहा है। नमामि गंगे कार्यक्रम के तहत रमना में एसटीपी का निर्माण, रामनगर में इंटरसेप्शन, डायवर्जन और एसटीपी का निर्माण हुआ है। इस तरह की रिपोर्ट भी बहुत बार आ चुकी है कि गंगा में एक्वेटिक लाइफ सुधर रही है। गैंगटिक डॉल्फिन फिर से दिखनी शुरू हो गई हैं और उनकी संख्या बढ़ी है। इसका मतलब है कि मां गंगा साफ हो रही हैं। यहां पर सोलर पावर बोट्स देने का अभियान भी हम तेजी से चला रहे हैं। इससे पर्यावरण बेहतर होगा।

हमारी सरकार ने प्रकृति के साथ प्रगति का मॉडल दुनिया के सामने रखा है। हम क्लीन एनर्जी पर काम कर हैं, हम कार्बन इमिशन को लेकर अपने लक्ष्यों से आगे हैं, हम सिंगल यूज प्लास्टिक के खिलाफ काम कर रहे हैं। हमारी सरकार में देश में ग्रीन प्लांटेशन और वनों की संख्या बढ़ी है। काशी में भी हरियाली बढ़ाने के सभी प्रयास किए जा रहे हैं।
सवाल : काशी समेत पूरे पूर्वांचल के हेल्थ इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर को मजबूत करने के लिए क्या उपाय किए जा रहे हैं?

जवाब : आजादी के बाद पूर्वांचल को पिछड़ा बताकर सरकारों ने इससे पल्ला झाड़ लिया था। हेल्थ इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर पर कोई काम नहीं हुआ था। स्वास्थ्य सेवाओं को बदहाल बनाकर रखा गया था। यहां पर किसी को गंभीर समस्या होती थी तो लोग लखनऊ या दिल्ली भागते थे। हमने पूर्वांचल की स्वास्थ्य सुविधाओं को बेहतर बनाने पर जोर दिया। पिछले 10 साल में पूर्वांचल के हेल्थ इंफ्रा के लिए जितना काम हुआ है, उतना आजादी के बाद कभी नहीं हुआ। आज पूरे पूर्वांचल में दर्जनों मेडिकल कॉलेज हैं। जब मैं काशी आया तो मैंने देखा कि ये पूरे पूर्वांचल के लिए स्वास्थ्य का बड़ा हब बन सकता है। हमने काशी की क्षमताओं का विस्तार किया। आज बहुत से मरीज हैं जो पूरे यूपी, बिहार से काशी में आकर अपना इलाज करा रहे हैं। कैंसर के इलाज के लिए पहले यूपी के लोग दिल्ली, मुंबई भागते थे। आज वाराणसी में महामना पंडित मदन मोहन मालवीय कैंसर सेंटर है। लहरतारा में होमी भाभा कैंसर अस्पताल चल रहा है। बीएचयू में सुपर स्पेशियलिटी हॉस्पिटल है।

150 बेड का क्रिटिकल केयर यूनिट बन रहा है। पांडेयपुर में सुपर स्पेशियलिटी ईएसआईसी हॉस्पिटल सेवा दे रहा है। बीएचयू में अलग से 100 बेड वाला मैटरनिटी विंग बन गया है। इसके अलावा भदरासी में इंटीग्रेटेड आयुष हॉस्पिटल, सारनाथ में सीएचसी का निर्माण हुआ है। अन्य सीएचसी में बेड की संख्या और ऑक्सीजन सपोर्ट बेड की संख्या बढ़ाई गई है। कबीर चौरा में जिला महिला चिकित्सालय में नया मैटरनिटी विंग, बीएचयू में मानसिक बीमारियों के लिए मनोरोग अस्पताल बनाए गये हैं। नवजातों की देखभाल, मोतियाबिंद ऑपरेशन जैसे तमाम काम किए जा रहे हैं।

हमारी कोशिश है कि एक होलिस्टिक सोच से हम लोगों को बीमारियों से बचा सकें और अगर उनको बीमारियां हों तो उनका खर्च कम से कम हो। इसी सोच के तहत यहां वाराणसी में करीब 10 लाख लोगों को आयुष्मान कार्ड बनाकर दिए जा रहे हैं। इस कार्यकाल में हम 70 साल से ऊपर से सभी बुजुर्गों को आयुष्मान भारत के सुरक्षा घेरे में लाने जा रहे हैं, जिससे हर साल 5 लाख रुपए तक मुफ्त इलाज हो सकेगा।

पहले अच्छी स्वास्थ्य सेवाओं को लग्जरी बनाकर रख दिया गया था। हम स्वास्थ्य सेवाओं को सुलभ, सस्ता और गरीबों की पहुंच में लाना चाहते हैं। स्वास्थ्य सेवाएं सुलभ हों, इसके लिए हम ज्यादा से ज्यादा संस्थान बना रहे हैं। वर्तमान संस्थानों की क्षमता बढ़ा रहे हैं। इसके साथ जन औषधि केंद्र से लोगों को सस्ती दवाएं मिलने लगी हैं। हमारी सरकार ने ऑपरेशन के उपकरण सस्ते किए हैं। हम आयुष को बढ़ावा दे रहे हैं, ताकि स्वास्थ्य सेवाएं हर व्यक्ति की पहुंच में हों।

सवाल : पहली बार शहर के प्रमुख और प्रबुद्ध जनों को आपने पत्र लिखा है। वे इस पत्र को लेकर आम लोगों तक जा रहे हैं। इस पत्र का उद्देश्य और लक्ष्य क्या है?

जवाब : काशी के सांसद के तौर पर मेरा ये प्रयास रहता है कि बनारस में समाज के हर वर्ग की पहुंच मुझ तक हो और मैं उनके प्रति जबावदेह रहूं। ये आज की बात नहीं है, मैंने पहले भी इस तरह के प्रयास किए हैं। लोगों से जुड़ने के लिए मैंने सम्मेलनों का आयोजन किया है। 2022 में मैंने प्रबुद्ध वर्ग सम्मेलन किया, उससे पहले भी मैं काशी के विद्वानों और प्रबुद्ध लोगों से मिला हूं। मैंने महिला सम्मेलन किया है, मैं बुनकरों से मिला हूं। मैंने बच्चों से मुलाकात की। गोपालकों, स्वयं सहायता समूह की बहनों से भी मिल चुका हूं। मैं हर समय कोशिश करता हूं कि वाराणसी में समाज के हर वर्ग के लोगों से जुड़ सकूं। आज आप जिस पत्र की बात कर रहे हैं वो वाराणसी के लोगों से जुड़ने का, संवाद का ऐसा ही एक प्रयास है। दूसरा, ये लोकतांत्रिक प्रक्रिया में बहुत जरूरी है कि समाज के प्रमुख और प्रबुद्ध लोगों के माध्यम से जन-जन तक लोकतंत्र में भागीदारी का संदेश पहुंचे। काशी के विकास के संबंध में संदेश जाए। जब ऐसा संदेश जाता है कि काशी के विकास के लिए वोट करना है, तो इससे लोकतंत्र समृद्ध होता है। इससे लोग मतदान के प्रति, संवैधानिक व्यवस्था के प्रति अपनी जिम्मेदारी महसूस करते हैं।

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Source: Hindustan