Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi has said that the ultimate object of Mission Mangalam Scheme is women-empowerment, which aims to free them from the shackles of private money lenders, who are charging exorbitant interest from them. Lacs of women are being engaged in economic activities through self help groups (SHGs).

The GKM has ended mediator’s loot and tyranny, stated CM. Referring to the mass movement of Satyagrah, which ultimately made our country independent, he claimed that GKM is bound to achieve the laudable goal- the goal of Good Governance. Aankalav scored a double triumph today that Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi presided over the Garib Kalyan Mela and distributed welfare assistance to the tune of Rs 675 Lacs among 4534 beneficiaries, under various schemes.

The 50 Garib Kalyan Mela held in the recent past has infused confidence and hope among the poor, in this paradigm we have started holding Garib Kalyan Mela at Taluka places, just after passing of the State’s budget in the assembly, said CM. The service delivery mechanism has been transformed in to a dedicated force; they make concerted efforts to help the poor. It is basically about improving the living conditions of the poor, added CM.

Shri Narendra Modi called on for the change in mindset of implementing the schemes. He gave various examples, which had shown sheer lack of coordination, that the person who did not own a plot was given benefit of the dwelling-unit. Present Government is first allotting plot and then the dwelling-unit benefits. He made a fervent appeal to the poor to seek benefits of government scheme, and fighting out poverty with full of their strength and energy. State Government is always there with the poor to help them fighting the decisive battle against penury, he added.

A positive environment has been created, as there is no rush for acquiring BPL cards, but by economic empowerment of the poor, the poignant moment is to submit the BPL card. Education offers us immense strength to fight against poverty; he made an appeal to educate the children.

The ongoing Seva –Yagna is to continue, undeterred by the critics and organised groups of mediators, CM confidently said that the benefits and financial assistance would continue to reach the poor; no mediator or vested interest can derail the Seva-Yagna.

Lambasting the elements engaged in creating controversies about the financial-aid being given through the platform of GKM. CM criticised that when such elements were in power, they never bothered about serving the poor, but present government is heading with a vision of welfare and economic empowerment of the poor, such elements are triggering undue controversies. CM cautioned the poor to recognise such elements.

Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Shri Fakirbhai Vaghela announced that under the State Urban Mission a canal-linked water supply scheme for Aankalav town has been sanctioned at the project cost of Rs. 4.46 Cr. As many as 51000 beneficiaries would receive financial assistance worth Rs. 62 Cr through 12 Garib Kalyan Melas, he added. Deputy Chief Whip Shri Ambalal Rohit also addressed the gathering.

Earlier Collector Shri R.N. Joshi and DSP Shri A.K.Jadeja, eminent leaders, top officials were present.

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