Shri Modi felicitated for creation of Dholera Taluka 

Dholera is on the map of the world. No one would have imagined there would be so much money in Dholera: Shri Modi 

CM urges people to continue to work hard and spend money on educating their children 

Congress is known to cheat the people: Shri Modi 

CM shares instances of cheating the people at the hands of the Congress Party


On the morning of Thursday 18th October 2012 Shri Narendra Modi was felicitated for the creation of a separate Dholera Taluka. Shri Modi spoke about the pheneomenal development in Dholera and took on the UPA Government for cheating the people.

Shri Modi said that Dholera is now on the map of the world and spoke about the prosperity that has come into the lives of the people of Dholera.   He affirmed that no one would have imagined that there would be so much money in Dholera. The Chief Minister asked the people to use the money to educate their children and asked the people to continue to work hard in the future.

On the development of Dholera Shri Modi recalled that when he had gone to Japan, the people saw a film on Dholera that left them impressed. He declared that Dholera will be the world’s biggest SIR and added that the airport in Dholera will be larger than that in Ahmedabad also.

Shri Modi said that the creation of a new Dholera Taluka will help the people immensely. Government offices will come here and it will have its own Taluka Panchayat. Talking about the development in Gujarat, Shri Modi stated that the budget for irrigation during the last Congress rule in 1996-1997 was Rs. 600 crore whereas today, Rs. 700 crore is spent on getting water for Dhandhuka and Dholka!

Shri Modi recalled that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi visited Chhota Udepur in 2007 and that time the media wrote extensively on how there were record number of people attneding her meet and how Modi is wiped out but in the ensuing elections the Congress was wiped out in Chhota Udepur. Similarly, this time Mrs. Gandhi came to Rajkot and the result will be a step ahead of what it was in Chhota Udepur. The Chief Minister said that if somebody commits a mistake, the people forgive him but asked if the people can fogive those who cheat? Shri Modi affirmed that the Congress is known to cheating the people and listed out instances of the Congress cheating. He spoke about how the Congress promised free power to the farmers of Maharashtra but 4 years on nothing of that sort has happened. They promised to being down prices in 100 days but prices have only increased. He asked if this is not cheating the peope to which the unanimous reply was “YES!”

Shri Modi declared that the Congress cheats their own workers as well. He spoke about how the Congress told their workers that there will be early elections. After that they said they will come out with the list of candidates by 1st May and that was later extended to 15th August. Shri Modi asked how can leave a state to those people who tell lies to their own workers? Shri Modi affirmed that the Congress has been in power in New Delhi for the past 8 yeats but have we heard any good news from Delhi? He stated that we cant let Gujarat come into the hands of those who looted the nation and added that he is a Chowkidar who will not let the land come into Gujarat.

The felicitation was very well attended by people from all age groups and communities. Women turned up in large numbers to join the occasion.

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January 19, 2022

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has greeted the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team on their Raising Day.

In a series of tweets, the Prime Minister said;

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Disaster management is a vital subject for governments and policy makers. In addition to a reactive approach, where disaster management teams mitigate the situation post disasters, we also have to think of disaster resilient infrastructure and focus on research in the subject.

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