Development is solution to all problems: Shri Modi at Amod, Bharuch District

Published By : Admin | September 15, 2012 | 15:36 IST

Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra in Amod, Bharuch District

 Disha of the BJP is development and Sadbhavana, Disha of the Congress is divide and rule: Shri Modi

 Earlier little development in Bharuch but today it is among fastest growing districts. All this development happened without assistance form the Centre: Shri Modi

 Development is the solution to al problems: Shri Modi


I am passionate about Gujarat and proud that I am serving its 6 crore people: Shri Modi reacting to a Congress leader’s comments that he is a regional leader and cannot be compared with Rahul Gandhi

On the afternoon of 15th September 2012, Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra reached Amod in Bharuch district. In his speech Shri Modi said that the solution to all problems in development and contrasted the development oriented Disha of the BJP with the divide and rule mindset of the Congress.

Shri Modi said that in the earlier time Bharuch district saw little development but today it is among the fastest growing districts along with Kutch. He pointed out that all this development had happened without any help from the Centre.

The Chief Minister asked the audience if they are happy with the development be it roads, work of the health department, education, agriculture to which the unanimous reply was “YES!” But, Shri Modi replied that he is not yet happy as all he has done is correct the roadblocks left by 40 years of Congress rule. There is a lot more to come, he added.

In his speech, the Chief Minister made it categorically clear that development is the solution to all problems.

On the spurt of advertisements by the Congress Party, Shri Modi affirmed that they had to run the ads 90 times because it is a lie they have to repeat to make it sound like the truth. He said that the Disha of the Congress is to divide and rule, practice corruption, caste and communal politics whereas the Disha of the BJP is that of peace, unity, brotherhood and Sadbhavana.

Shri Modi affirmed that the Congress is not interested in development. He took on the Congress for corruption, 2G and coal scam as well. He said that on a day when the Gujarat Government took 2 decisions of 100% interest relief on crop loans and a 50% relief in electricity bills of farmers the Congress hiked diesel prices by Rs 5/- and reduced LPG cylinders per house. Shri Modi stated that these decisions will cause great trouble to the people. He asked the Congress what happened to their promise that prices will drop in 100 days of their assuming power?

Commenting on the comments of a Congress leader that Shri Modi cannot be compared with Mr. Rahul Gandhi because he is a state leader in contrast to Mr. Gandhi who is a national leader, the Chief Minister declared that he is proud that he is serving the 6 crore people of Gujarat, who are is family. It is passion for Gujarat that makes him think about the state as well as its people day and night!

Large number of people cheered Shri Modi and extended support to the Yatra.

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