Yet another Congress lies exposed!

Myth that Gujarat government taking away Gauchar land stands shattered

Congress government from 1985-1990 gave land out of which record 93% was Gauchar land. Between 1990-1995, 32% of the land was Gauchar land!

Under Shri Modi in the last 11 years only 4% of land given is Gauchar land

 Under Congress rule from 1980 to 1990, Gauchar land reduced by 3600 hectares. In the last 11 years under Shri Modi 6800 hectares rise in Gauchar land across Gujarat

Congress lies nailed yet again!

As Gujarat goes to the polls in December, the nervousness and panic among the Congress is getting more palpable by the minute. Denied the opportunity to rule the people of Gujarat for years, the Congress is trying every trick out of the book to spread lies and attempt to derail the journey of progress the state has been going through over the last 11 years. Many times, it has taken the form of canards and worst form of character assassination against individuals.

Among the many lies they have spread, one of them is that the Gujarat Government has taken away large tracts of Gauchar Land over the last 11 years! If there was ever a Nobel Prize in Fiction, there is nobody as worthy as the Gujarat Congress for that honour.



After seeing the facts, it will be very clear who took away prized Gauchar land and who has made every effort to preserve it!

From 1985-1990 when the Congress was in power in Gujarat, 93% of the land that was doled out to industrialists was Gauchar land!

In the next 5 years, from 1990-1995 when once again the Congress ruled the state, 32% of the land given was Gauchar land.

Such was the insensitivity of the Congress that lush green Gauchar land in South Gujarat was given to industrialists!

Things changed when Shri Narendra Modi assumed office in 2001. Right from the beginning he displayed utmost sensitivity towards Gauchar land and in the last 11 years, among the land given out only 4% is Gauchar land. Such figures are unheard of in the past.



There is more…

In the decade from 1980 to 1990 (completely dominated by the Congress in Gujarat), there was a reduction of 3600 hectares of Gauchar land in Gujarat.

But, under the visionary leadership of Shri Narendra Modi Gauchar land has gone up by 6800 hectares over the last 11 years!

So who are the real snatchers of Gauchar land?

During the dark days of the Congress, not only was Gauchar land taken away but also development failed to reach the common people. Today, all sectors of the economy are seeing progress. If the state’s agriculture is growing at 11% when the nation’s agriculture is failing to go beyond 3%, our industries are doing very well as well. Gujarat is the highest job creator in the nation and unemployment is the lowest in the state as per Government of India records.

Thus, it is for you to decide:

Why is the Congress misleading the people of Gujarat on Gauchar land when their own record is abysmal to say the least?

Can we trust people who spread lies and attempt to derail the progress journey of a state only for self-interest?



Modi Govt's #7YearsOfSeva
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