Shri Modi addresses large meeting of party workers in Isanpur area of Ahmedabad. This is part of Maninagar seat that Shri Modi represents

 Shri Modi speaks on various issues ranging from democracy, politics to the Gujarat elections

 Congress has done such sins that the people will never forgive them: Shri Modi

 Elections are biggest festivals of democracy, a great opportunity to strengthen team sprit: Shri Modi

In the last 11 years Gujarat has created a new faith and a trust in the institution of democracy among the people who had lost faith in the political system due to the political culture the Congress has created: CM

 In a time when Congress totally dominated the politics of the country, former PM Rajiv Gandhi said for every Rupee going out 15p reaches the village. He gave the problem not the solution. It was the hand that was taking away the money: Shri Modi 

If 100 paisa leave Gandhinagar, every single paisa reaches the poor. Middlemen are unemployed in Gujarat: Shri Modi 

BJP follows politics of development, Congress follows votebank politics: Shri Modi 

CM attacks Congress for doing great injustice to Gujarat be it GUJCOC or Gas Pipeline issue

On Monday 19th November Shri Modi addressed a large number of party workers in the Isanpur area of Ahmedabad. The area falls under the Maninagar Assembly seat, which Shri Modi has been representing since a decade. In a comprehensive and inspiring speech Shri Modi shed light on a variety of issues ranging from democracy, national politics and the elections in Gujarat. He also expressed his wishes to the people on the start of the Gujarati New Year. He stated that the Congress has done such sins that the people will never forgive them.

The Chief Minister described elections as the biggest festival in democracy and termed them as opportunities to integrate the common man into the political process. He stated that not only those above 18 but also small children learn about the system during the elections. Shri Modi added that elections are not only about victory and defeat but an occasion of Lok Shikshan (people’s education) and further shared that during election times many issues pertaining to the people come to our notice and if we can work on them after the election, the respect for democracy in the minds of the common people increases tremendously. Even from the organization point of view, Shri Modi said elections are a great opportunity to strengthen team spirit.

Motivating the workers of Maninagar, Shri Modi said that he is leaving this 1 seat on their shoulders as he goes to work on the 181 other seats. “You work in Maninagar for the victory of one candidate here and I will work for victory of the remaining 181 seats... Let us see who wins this race of victory margins” he said, as the workers gave a thundering applause! He gave the example of Mahatma Gandhi as an effective Lok Sangrahak (organizer) and asked everyone to take inspiration from his method of mobilizing people into a movement.

Shri Modi stated that in the last 11 years the Gujarat has done something remarkable, which is creating a new faith and a trust in the institution of democracy among the people who had lost faith in the political system due to the political culture the Congress has created. He urged political pundits to take not of this but added that either they will either take ages to understand it or will not be brave enough to write about it.

The Chief Minister further shared that in these last 11 years the Gujarat Government has shown that with the same system it is possible to bring about change and create a faith in an atmosphere of mistrust.

Shri Modi declared that the allegations he has encountered are allegations such as ‘You promised 10 km roads but made 8 kms or you promised to build 500 schools and build 350’, which are all centered around development but in case of Congress people only talk about scams to the tune of 1 lakh crore and CWG scams! He affirmed that no one asks the Congress about development now. The Chief Minister also shared the large number of calls he received complementing him for the Kankaria Lakefront Development, which has given a wonderful recreation place for the citizens.

Recalling what former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi (that if one Rupee goes out, by the time it reaches the villages it becomes 15p), Shri Modi stated that Mr. Gandhi made these comments at a time when there was complete control of the Congress on the politics of the country. Yet he only gave the problem and did not talk about the solution. Shri Modi further opined that in reality it was their Hand that swindled the money.

The solution to this has been found in Gujarat over the past 11 years, he said- if 100 paisa leaves Gandhinagar, every single paisa reaches the poor. The Chief Minster asserted that middlemen have become unemployed in Gujarat.

On the relation of the Congress with the people of Gujarat, Shri Modi affirmed that the people of Gujarat know the Congress from head to toe and if the Congress is out of power in most Taluka Panchayats, Zila Panchayats, Nagar Palikas etc. then Gandhinagar is a distant dream for them. He expressed surprise that despite being rejected by the people repeatedly the Congress comes and stands in front of them! He attributed the Congress interest in Gujarat to the fact that there is prosperity in the state- if Gujarat was poor the Congress would never bother, Shri Modi said.

Comparing the difference in their politics, Shri Modi categorically spoke that the BJP follows politics of development whereas for the Congress it is votebank politics. He further spoke that the Congress thought the BJP would make the same mistake of following votebank politics but they have been proven totally wrong. He expressed surprise at the fact that same Congress that thrived on votebank politics and dividing society is now talking about 6 crore Gujaratis in their ads, indicating that atleast they have learnt something. Shri Modi’s advise for the Congress was that if they aspire to make a foothold in Gujarat they must quit votebank politics and embrace politics of development. Till they do not do that, the people will not look at them.

Shri Modi recalled the days of the Congress Government when in every 10 years, 3 Rath Yatras passed in curfew and curfews were common even after cricket matches. All this is history now!

The Chief Minister threw light on a separate Dirty Tricks Department of the Congress whose sole agenda is to create dirty, character assassinate people, publish scurrilous literature etc. He shared that the Congress has spent crores on these methods that are highly unbecoming in a democracy. Shri Modi urged the Congress that they should believe in talking in the open, each side must properly place their points and let the people judge but sadly the Congress believes in lies and nothing else.

During his speech Shri Modi gave several instances of the Congress’ anti-Gujarat mindset. He recalled how IT Notices were sent to those who took part in the Vibrant Gujarat summits and brought investment to Gujarat. Similarly, despite having a 2/3rd majority in the Assembly 2 times, the state Government has been receiving roadblocks from the Centre on the GUJCOC Bill despite the fact that Congress ruled Maharashtra has the same bill. Shri Modi questioned if the people of Gujarat be allowed to suffer injuries at the hands of terrorist? The same injustice is being done in the case of Gujarat’s initiative to provide piped gas to the people.

Shri Modi strongly urged the Congress that if they have a problem with him, they should hang him but they should stop doing injustice to the 6 crore people of Gujarat! He shared that when the Congress assumed power in 2004, on the second day they released an order that they will impose 356 and send Modi to jail instead of laying out a vision for development of the states.

The Chief Minister observed that despite the Congress not leaving any stone unturned to destroy Gujarat the state has made a mark for itself in development at the international stage. The Congress on the other hand has only cheated the people, be it promising to bring prices down in 100 days or promising free power to farmers in Maharashtra and not delivering on the same. He said that since many many years we are hearing the slogan of ‘Garibi Hatao’ but despite ruling the nation for most number of years since 1947 has the Congress removed poverty?

Shri Modi asked the workers to go out and tell every citizen the truth about the Congress and how they have ruined the nation. He narrated the example of how the 2 economists of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (headed by Smt. Sonia Gandhi) were unceremoniously removed. Their “crime”- they praised the development in Gujarat. He expressed joy that the latest BJP advertisements of the Captain and Vice Captain are generating a tremendous response in Gujarat.

The Chief Minister urged workers to continue to work hard for the elections, obey the Model Code of Conduct and said that victory was guaranteed as there has been development. For Shri Modi, V is both for Vikas and Victory. He again stated that Gujarat will celebrate Diwali on 20th December and despite the entire Delhi descending on Gujarat, the resounding chorus in the state will be ‘Ekmat Gujarat, Bane Bhajap Sarkar!’

Those gathered there showed great enthusiasm in Shri Modi’s priceless words.

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