"Shri Narendra Modi campaigns in Karnataka "
"Shri Modi addresses massive public meeting in Mangalore "
"If you are worried about your future my young friends, then there is only one way ahead- that is a Congress Mukt Karnataka! A Congress Mukt Hindustan: Shri Modi "
"Congress has been practicing votebank politics for years, the BJP believes in development: Shri Modi "
"CM comes down heavily on Congress for their stand on cow slaughter. Says Centre encouraging Pink Revolution "
"Congress-led UPA Government is weak. Is the future of the nation secure under such a Government? asks Shri Modi "
"Shri Modi lauds work of BJP Government in Karnataka"

On Thursday 2nd May 2013 Shri Narendra Modi addressed a massive public meeting in Mangalore. Shri Modi asked people to vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party in the upcoming Assembly Elections. In a clear message to the youth of the country to reject the politics of the Congress, Shri Modi affirmed, “If you are worried about your future my young friends, then there is only one way ahead- that is a Congress Mukt Karnataka! A Congress Mukt Hindustan (Congress free Karnataka, Congress free India). Shri Modi shared that the difference between the Congress and the BJP is that while the Congress has been practicing votebank politics for years, the BJP believes in development. “It is for the people of Karnataka to chose, if they want votebank politics or embrace politics of development and think of the future.”

Shri Modi further gave the example of the Congress promise of revoking the cow slaughter bill brought by the BJP Government as a clear example of votebank politics of the Congress. He also called for the Election Commission to take note of the statement by certain Congress leaders. “Can anyone say, vote for me and I will give you so much money? Congress leaders say vote for us and we will allow cow slaughter,” he pointed out. The Chief Minister added that the Centre is determined to promote the Pink Revolution, which involves the slaughtering of animals for meat export.

Shri Modi termed the Congress-led UPA Government in Delhi as a weak one. Speaking on the Sarabjit issue, Shri Modi asked, “What happened to Sarabjit in Pakistan? In every nation, there are scuffles between ordinary inmates in jail but those who are facing capital punishment are always kept in a different cell in isolation. Then, what is the reason that Sarabjit was attacked in this manner?” Shri Modi described Sarabjit’s death as an extra-judicial killing.

He further blamed the Centre for their inaction that proved to be fatal in this case. “The Centre had time to react after Sarabjit was attacked, they could have put pressure on Pakistan, gone to the international community but they left the fight to Sarabjit’s family. His sister was crying to save her brother,” he affirmed. Shri Modi declared that there is no nation in our neighborhood that is not troubling us. “China is doing so much still the Government is clueless, Bangladesh does not listen, our fishermen are killed but the killers refuse to return home from Italy,” Shri Modi avowed and questioned, “Is the future of the nation secure under such a Government?”

The Chief Minister also gave befitting replies to the misleading statements the Prime Minister made while campaigning in Karnataka. “Prime Minister asks what the Karnataka Government did for electricity, but it was under him that the nation was under darkness for over 24 hours. India was shamed at the global level. Prime Minister must tell us who is responsible for this,” he said. Shri Modi also shared that the nation’s power capacity is under utilized only because the Centre has not come up with any clear policy on coal. He also asked the Prime Minister why the Centre has taken no steps to increase fertilizer production, which can be of great help for the farmer.

Referring to the Congress’ abysmal governance, he pointed that despite having control over a very powerful Government at the Centre, the Congress is not able to manage Delhi and asked that if the party cannot manage Delhi, how is it going to manage Karnataka? Shri Modi came down heavily on Congress leaders who are born with golden spoons.

On the other hand, Shri Modi lauded the work of the BJP Government in various spheres including coastal development. “In the coming days the sea coast is going to be very important both for trade and defence purposes,” he noted, adding, “The Mumbai attackers could not have reached Mumbai without aid. We can’t afford to leave our defences open to breaches like 26/11 in the future.” He said that there may have been internal problems in the Party but the development journey of Karnataka did not suffer. Shri Modi remarked that earlier riots, curfews were common in Mangalore but under the BJP Government there is peace and that the people have embraced brotherhood. “ We want people of Karnataka to have a life of peace and happiness but Congress prefers divide and rule,” he declared.

Former Karnataka Chief Minister and BJP National Vice President Shri DV Sadananda Gowda addressed the occasion. He lauded Shri Modi for the work he has done in Gujarat and attacked the Congress for failure on various fronts.

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नमस्‍कार साथियों।

2023 का वर्ष आज बजट सत्र का प्रारंभ हो रहा है और प्रारंभ में ही अर्थ जगत के जिनकी आवाज को मान्‍यता होती है वैसी आवाज चारों तरफ से सकारात्‍मक संदेश लेकर के आ रही है, आशा की किरण लेकर के आ रही है, उमंग का आगाज लेकर के आ रही है। आज एक महत्‍वपूर्ण अवसर है। भारत के वर्तमान राष्‍ट्रपति जी की आज पहली ही संयुक्‍त सदन को वो संबोधित करने जा रही है। राष्‍ट्रपति जी का भाषण भारत के संविधान का गौरव है, भारत की संसदीय प्रणाली का गौरव है और विशेष रूप से आज नारी सम्‍मान का भी अवसर है और दूर-सुदूर जंगलों में जीवन बसर करने वाले हमारे देश के महान आदिवासी परंपरा के सम्‍मान का भी अवसर है। न सिर्फ सांसदों को लेकिन आज पूरे देश के लिए गौरव का पल है की भारत के वर्तमान राष्‍ट्रपति जी का आज पहला उदृबोधन हो रहा है। और हमारे संसदीय कार्य में छह सात दशक से जो परंपराऐं विकसित हुई है उन परंपराओं में देखा गया है कि अगर कोई भी नया सांसद जो पहली बार सदन में बोलने के लिए में खड़ा होता है तो किसी भी दल का क्‍यों न हो जो वो पहली बार बोलता है तो पूरा सदन उनको सम्‍मानित करता है, उनका आत्‍मविश्‍वास बढ़े उस प्रकार से एक सहानूकूल वातावरण तैयार करता है। एक उज्‍जवल और उत्‍तम परंपरा है। आज राष्‍ट्रपति जी का उदृबोधन भी पहला उदृबोधन है सभी सांसदों की तरफ से उमंग, उत्‍साह और ऊर्जा से भरा हुआ आज का ये पल हो ये हम सबका दायित्‍व है। मुझे विश्‍वास है हम सभी सांसद इस कसौटी पर खरे उतरेंगे। हमारे देश की वित्त मंत्री भी महिला है वे कल और एक बजट लेकर के देश के सामने आ रही है। आज की वैश्‍विक परिस्‍थिति में भारत के बजट की तरफ न सिर्फ भारत का लेकिन पूरे विश्‍व का ध्‍यान है। डामाडोल विश्‍व की आर्थिक परिस्‍थिति में भारत का बजट भारत के सामान्‍य मानवी की आशा-आकाक्षों को तो पूरा करने का प्रयास करेगा ही लेकिन विश्‍व जो आशा की किरण देख रहा है उसे वो और अधिक प्रकाशमान नजर आए। मुझे पूरा भरोसा है निर्मला जी इन अपेक्षाओं को पूर्ण करने के लिए भरपूर प्रयास करेगी। भारतीय जनता पार्टी के नेतृत्‍व में एनडीए सरकार उसका एक ही मकसद रहा है, एक ही मोटो रहा है, एक ही लक्ष्‍य रहा है और हमारी कार्य संस्‍कृति के केंद्र बिंदु में भी एक ही विचार रहा है ‘India First Citizen First’ सबसे पहले देश, सबसे पहले देशवासी। उसी भावना को आगे बढाते हुए ये बजट सत्र में भी तकरार भी रहेगी लेकिन तकरीर भी तो होनी चाहिए और मुझे विश्‍वास है कि हमारे विपक्ष के सभी साथी बड़ी तैयारी के साथ बहुत बारीकी से अध्‍ययन करके सदन में अपनी बात रखेंगे। सदन देश के नीति-निर्धारण में बहुत ही अच्‍छी तरह से चर्चा करके अमृत निकालेगा जो देश का काम आएगा। मैं फिर एक बार आप सबका स्‍वागत करता हूं।

बहुत-बहुत शुभकामनाएं देता हूं। धन्‍यवाद।