Shri Narendra Modi addresses massive public meeting in Porbandar 

Government in Delhi believes in Lutoo aur Khao (loot and make money), we believe in Vikas: Shri Modi 

Congress is a burden for the nation, Gujarat Congress is an enemy of Gujarat: Shri Modi 

Congress cheats its workers and its own allies: CM 

This Vanar draws inspiration from Lord Hanuman, known for his Seva and Bhakti (service and devotion). For him 6 crore Gujaratis are like Lord Ram: Shri Modi gives a befitting reply to a Congress leader who called him a Vanar (money) 

When I became CM the state budget was Rs. 6000 crore, today our SAUNI Yojana to get water to Saurashtra is worth Rs. 10,000 crore: Shri Modi 

If Congress thinks they can win by throwing dirt, they should remember that the more muck is thrown, the more the Lotus shines 

If Delhi Sultanate has the courage they should get our boats back from Pakistan, in front of whom they cannot raise an eye: Shri Modi 

The decision of Porbandar is very important. They should not elect someone due to whom Gujarat’s name will be blotted: Shri Modi

On the evening of 3rd December 2012, Shri Narendra Modi delivered an electrifying speech in Porbandar. He said that the Congress party is a burden for the nation and the Gujarat Congress is an enemy of Gujarat. He affirmed that in the coming elections, it would not only be a BJP wave but a BJP super storm. He also pointed out that as the Chief Minister, he has visited Porbandar more than all previous Chief Ministers have put together. He said that if the Congress thinks they can win by spreading dirt, it should remember that the more muck is thrown, the more the Lotus shines.

Shri Modi affirmed that the decision made by the voters of Porbandar will be particularly important and strongly urged the people not to elect representatives due to which the name of Gujarat will be blotted and added that by elected such people who don’t visit Porbandar and prefer to stay in Ahmedabad, nothing good will happen for Porbandar. 

On the condition of the Congress Party, the Chief Minister pointed out that there is no district where Congress workers are not opposing their own party. He stated that the Congress would get a big shock in the elections. He pointed out that the sins the Gujarat Congress indulges in include putting people in jail, misusing the power, misusing the CBI, RAW etc. He asked the Congress to go directly to the people and win their trust instead of playing such games.

The Chief Minister stressed on the fact that political opposition always existed but not at the levels where it has been taken now by the Congress. He recalled the Swarnim Gujarat celebrations where he invited all former MLAs, Ministers and Chief Ministers and even collected all Governor’s addresses, which would list out achievements of the Congress rule. Infact, during the celebrations former CM Shri Madhavsinh Solanki (of the Congress party) and others also came but the one person who is elected from Porbandar did not come and boycotted it. When the whole of Gujarat was celebrating the Swarnim Jayanti, one person was doing something different and this does not suit a democracy.

He pointed out that the Congress even cheats his own workers. Giving an example, Shri Modi stated that the Congress cheated its own Zila Pramukh and the result was his unfortunate demise. He affirmed that a person has died and the Congress is shedding crocodile tears. He asked what a party would do to the people of Gujarat when it cheats its own workers! He also spoke about how the Congress had to finally announce candidates secretly over the phone and the party’s cheating of its ally the NCP.

On being called a ‘Vanar’ (monkey) by a Congress leader (also hailing from Porbandar) Shri Modi commented that the Congress leader is obviously not well versed with the Ramayana and if he is, he should be aware of the power of Vanar Shakti. Giving a befitting response to the usage of such descriptions, Shri Modi declared, “this Vanar draws inspiration from Hanuman, known for his Seva and Bhakti (service and devotion). This is a Vanar in whose heart you will find 6 crore Gujaratis.” On being called a rat, Shri Modi added that he accepts this certificate of being called a rat, a Vahan of Lord Ganesh.

Shri Modi said that he has got a chance to serve the people of Gujarat for 11 years and when he first became CM he had promised the people that he will work hard, would not leave any stone unturned in the development journey and today he has adhered to every word of it. He asked the people to decide on the basis of his work over the last 11 years. Shri Modi shared that people often ask him if he does not get tired but he answers them that he does not get tired because the happiness of 6 crore Gujaratis is his happiness.

The Chief Minister told the people that there are examples of 2 Governments- one the BJP’s Government in Gujarat and the other Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s Government in Delhi. “Government in Delhi believes in ‘Lutoo aur Khao’ (loot and make money) while the Gujarat Government believes in development” he opined. Shri Modi gave the example of the Rs. 10,000 crore SAUNI Yojana for Saurashtra and contrasted it to the entire budget of the state being Rs. 6,000 crore when he first took over as CM to indicate the new heights of development that Gujarat is scaling.

He spoke about the Sagar Khedu Package and challenged the UPA Government to get our boats back from Pakistan, a nation in front of whom the UPA cannot even raise an eye. Speaking about his path breaking initiative of speaking through 3D technology, Shri Modi said that it’s a matter of pride that Gujarat is the first to use such technology. Shri Modi talked about the success of the 108-ambulance service in saving the lives of many.

Shri Modi urged the people to vote on 13th December and make the Lotus victorious. A large number of people attended the speech and delivered a thunderous applause to Shri Modi many times as his speech was in progress. 

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