Complete text of Finance Minister’s speech - Gujarat Budget 2011-12

Published By : Admin | February 25, 2011 | 21:24 IST

Hon'ble Speaker Sir, I rise before this august House to present first Budget of second decade of 21st century and the last one of 11th Five Year Plan, in the backdrop of developmental strategy that our Government unveiled for the years 2001-10. This is my 17th opportunity to present Budget to this House and I am happy to report that faith that people of Gujarat had reposed, while presenting Golden Jubilee Celebration year budget has been fulfilled to a very substantial extent. The last decade has been notable in the development saga of Gujarat and its genius has been recognized not only in India but internationally as well. I see clear distinction between our development trajectory during the last decade and the planning that took place in the earlier decades. There was a time when Gujarat was striving to provide for basic needs of its citizens. However, a glance at the developments that have taken place during the last decade shows that the State has come out of this struggle and has achieved prosperity with peace, good governance, development of art and culture, healthy life style, high quality of education and disciplined administration. Through these, State has achieved a higher human development index and has been able to provide higher quality of life for its citizens. Our development strategy, inspired by 'Sarvodaya' philosophy of 'Sarvajana Hitaya, Sarvajana Sukhaya' aims at holistic development rather than frittering away energies on disjointed efforts. Our Government resolve is to use strong base of people's power and resolute leadership to realize the mantra that development of Gujarat would lead to development of the nation. The resultant sense of fulfillment of the people of Gujarat is reflected in the festivities during the Golden Jubilee year.

'Suvarna Jayanti Year' has revealed tremendous strength of People's Power and one has witnessed new strides in the sphere of art and culture. During the year, we have made unprecedented achievements. Be it record breaking ninety nine hour long vocal rendition at 'Tana Riri' festival or record of preparing five thousand six hundred Gujarati vegetarian dishes, 'Vanche Gujarat' programme involving half a crore people or 'Samay Dan' of five crore man-hours or record in tree plantation, 'Swarnim Sankalp' or 'Khel Mahakumbh'; all these milestones have given a new identity to Global Gujarat. During this year, one lakh people have learnt to speak Sanskrit and more than 20,000 people participated in a chess tournament establishing a new world record. Presence of 101 countries and 19 States of India during Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors' Summit: 2011 including participation by developed nations like Japan and Canada re-emphasizes the global identity of Gujarat. The credit for this goes to our financial discipline, good governance and to the resolute and visionary leadership of our Chief Minister and ultimately to the people of Gujarat at large. Planned and balanced development has been the basis of the success that has transformed the spirit and the body of Gujarat during the last one decade. This is the result of balancing the development process with a futuristic vision. In this context, I quote the famous political thinker Edmund Burke, "… The nerve that never relaxes, The eye that never blenches, The thought that never wanders, These are the masters of victory." Gujarat has presented before the country a unique model of development wherein all sectors of economy i.e. agriculture, manufacturing and services have been given equal importance. Rather than developing one sector at the cost of the other, our principle has been holistic development at a steady pace. We have planned for greater productivity of agriculture, larger availability of land for farming and also tried to make farming cost effective and provide greater value for money. Because of tourism and medical tourism, Gujarat has made a mark for itself on the world map of hospitality management. This is the result of "holistic development".

Annual Plan of the State

This is the last year of 11th Five Year Plan. During this Five year Plan, Gujarat will exceed the target of ` 1,11,111 crore and would reach a level of ` 1,27,652.68 crore. This is due to multi-faceted planning process. State's Domestic Product (SDP) has grown from a level of ` 4,29,356 crore (current prices) in 2009-10 to ` 3,67,745 crore in 2008-09, thus recording a growth rate of 16.80%. During the same period SDP in current terms showed a growth of 10.23%, rising to ` 3,31,633 crore from a level of ` 3,00,847 crore. During the year 2011-12 size of Annual Plan has been fixed at ` 37,152.68 crore. This marks an increase of 23.80% over the Annual Development Plan of 2010-11 that stood at ` 30,000 crore. Sector wise allocations are as under:

Head Provision in crores

1. Agriculture & Allied Activities 2477.66
2. Rural Development 1563.42
3. Special Area Programme 134.00
4. Irrigation & Flood Control 8910.57
5. Energy 1919.01
6. Industries & Mines 1181.58
7. Transportation 3710.76
8. Communication 493.71
9. Science & Technology 378.12
10. General Economic Services 1540.27
11. Social Services 14814.00
12. General Services 29.58
Total: 37,152.68

Apano Taluko Vibrant Taluko

The true essence of democracy lies in having people partnering the growth process. If people participate right from the planning to implementation of the development process, then extraordinary results can be obtained in the quality, speed and extent of Government programmes. This has been the guiding thought behind the paradigm of the Panchayati Raj. I am happy to announce that in the Golden Jubilee year of Gujarat, as a part of decentralized planning, we are placing before the People the scheme of "Apno Taluko Vibrant Taluko." Today, the development of nation is dependent upon States and States in turn depend on districts. Gujarat has taken a step further in this direction and wants to involve the taluka unit in the development process. In this new experiment every taluka will plan as per its requirement and challenges that it faces and would carry out the implementation and reap the benefits of development. It is important that every taluka aspires to develop faster and this sense of belonging would give a new stimulus to the development process. It is our goal that we have competition across talukas through which we will be able to take fruits of the development to the common man. During the current year, I have provided ` 600 crore for the ambitious programme of "Apno Taluko Vibrant Taluko."

Accordingly, to provide infrastructure services for villages from taluka headquarters, `2700 crore would be spent over next four years. In this new experiment of "Apno Taluko Vibrant Taluko", expenditure on various development schemes worth ` 11,000 crores would be made from the taluka level, over next four years.

Decentralized District Planning:

To meet the minimum requirement of the talukas, under the discretionary provision 12% increase is suggested. That would place the allocation at ` 549 crore.

Agriculture & Co-operation

  • A provision of ` 245 crore for National Agriculture Insurance Scheme.
  • A provision of ` 11.33 crore for increasing 135 seats at bachelor level and 240 seats at ITI level in the field of agriculture.
  • Subsidy to agriculturists for buying tractors. Provision: ` 35 crore.

Animal Husbandry

For development of this sector, value added production and creating income generating assets, liberal allocations have been made.

  • A provision of ` 40.81 crores for acquisition of automatic milk collection system by the milk producer co-operative societies.
  • With a view to increase the production of milk by preventing scarcity of cattle feed in the area of Saurashtra and Kachchh, a provision of ` 30 crore is made for scheme to accelerate the production of cattle feed and improve its quality.
  • Co-operative activities have a significant contribution in the economy of Gujarat. The specific steps will be planned to strengthen this structure.
  • A new Fisheries Training Institute will be established at Jafarabad.

Water Resources and Kalpsar:

A provision of ` 1900 crore is made under Water Resources and Kalpsar Department.

Under the 'Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojna' priority is given to intensive development of agriculture. In spite of having rich natural resources, same could not be used for the betterment of lives of our tribal brethren. The rate of growth of agriculture remains low. The Government of Gujarat is committed to overcome this challenge by making agriculture in tribal areas modern and mechanized. To ensure that tribals living in upstream of irrigation dams are not deprived of irrigation facilities, we have made a provision of ` 371 crores of which 34 crore would be used for Shehara, Godhra and Lunawada talukas of Panchamahals in the works for Panam High Level Canal; for Ukai High Level Canal, there is a provision of ` 13 crore and for Kadana High Level Canal, Check-dams irrigation there is a substantial provision.

  • Participatory irrigation management model is a gift of Gujarat to the nation. To hand over such irrigation projects to water users' associations, there is a provision of ` 33.09 crore.
  • With a view to increase the production of milk by preventing scarcity of cattle feed in the area of Saurashtra and Kachchh, a provision of ` 30 crore is made for scheme to accelerate the production of cattle feed and improve its quality.
  • Total provision of ` 444.45 crore for the works of water harvesting like constructing check dams, deepening of ponds etc.
  • To provide water of Narmada canal in various reservoirs of North Gujarat, following works worth ` 142 crore would be taken up; (1) from Narmada main canal to Vatrak, Mazum and Meshwo and (2) Balance work of pipeline from Narmada main canal to Dantiwada reservoir.
  • A provision of ` 132.76 crore for extension and rejuvenation of canals of existing irrigation schemes.
  • A provision of ` 43.26 crore to undertake the works of additional structures in Sujalam SufalamYojana.
  • A provision of ` 132.17 crore for salinity ingress prevention in Saurashtra, Kachchh, Ghed area and South Gujarat and to prevent coastal erosion.
  • An additional provision of ` 38 crore for flood protection on Tapi at Surat city.
  • An additional provision of ` 46.82 crore for accelerated planning of Kalpsar Yojana.

Sardar Sarovar

During the Golden Jubilee year, Mahatma Mandir was built in Gandhinagar city named after Father of the Nation. Now, in order to pay our homage to the maker of modern India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, it is proposed to erect tallest statue in the world at Sadhu Bet near Sardar Sarovar Dam. This would be called, "Statue of Unity." For this, primary studies, survey, geological studies, seismological surveys, model building and studies related to environmental issues are being undertaken.Developments in agriculture sector in Gujarat has attracted attention of the nation. To further this successful experiment and give primacy to irrigation, it has been decided to almost double the investment in Sardar Sarovar from ` 3500 crore to ` 7010 crore. The giant stride in the provision in the budget indicates commitment of the Government towards farmers.

  • Under Sardar Sarovar Yojna the works of branch canals, distributaries and minor canals will be undertaken at the cost of ` 3500 crore in Kachchh district. Also, works of three pumping stations will be undertaken at the cost of more than ` 515 crore in Kachchh district.
  • It has been planned to provide ` 2400 crore for the work of 470 km length of branch canal in Saurashtra region, distributaries and work of minor canal, out of which work of Morbi, Botad, Limbdi and Dhrangdhra branch canal will be undertaken.
  • Work will be undertaken at a cost of ` 1500 crore for the work of Branch canal of 135 km length for Rajpur, Amarapura, Dhhima and Gadhsisa branches in Patan and Banaskantha districtof North Gujarat. Works of distributery and minor canals will also be undertaken.
  • A provision of ` 175 crore for micro irrigation scheme, sprinkler and spray irrigation scheme.

Water Supply

A provision of ` 1822 crore under Water Supply Department to accelerate the work of State wide water supply grid.

  • A provision of ` 1037.70 crore under Sardar Sarovar Canal Scheme, Sujalam Sufalam Yojana and other rural group schemes based water supply grid scheme.
  • A provision of ` 50 crore to promote Water Committees of the State, which have also been awarded by United Nations.
  • A provision of ` 325 crore has been made for the works of water supply under Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojna for providing drinking water in 43 talukas in 12 districts. It would cover 500 villages / faliyas in 15 pockets and four clusters.
  • A provision of ` 200 crore under Sagarkhedu Sarwangi Vikas Yojna is made to provide adequate and drinking water to the 200 villages and hamlets under water supply scheme covering 38 talukas in 12 districts located along 1600 km long coastal belt.


A provision of ` 2553 crore under the Education Department.

  • Importance of education in life is well understood. However, to achieve new heights in education, quality education is must. To ensure that children in backward and interior areas get quality education which will include, inter-alia; setting up of day-time school, which will have transportation facility for children, facilities for food, education materials and other modern facilities. Teachers would also be provided residential quarters within the complex. To set up such ten modern education complex on pilot basis in the backward and interior places, a provision of ` 20 crore has been made.
  • To improve administration in primary schools and to ensure that quality of education is not affected, a new cadre of Principal will be created for which a provision of ` 59.50 crore is made.
  • A provision of ` 170 crore is made to create ancillary facilities in the Primary Schools.
  • A provision of ` 33 crore is made to equip all the granted and Government schools with computers, LCD screens and projectors.
  • A provision of ` 16 crore for construction of 23 new buildings and other expenditure of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas.
  • 8 Non-granted Sanskrit 'pathshalas' will be converted into granted schools.
  • Under Vanche Gujarat programme, school libraries would be duly equipped.
  • A provision of ` 5.50 crore for starting Standard XIth in the granted and Government schools.
  • A provision of ` 29.42 crore for the works of buildings of Government secondary and Higher Secondary Schools.
  • A provision of ` 5 crore for the development of institute, Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat, formed for improving the quality of higher education; a provision of ` 2.52 crore for commencing Chemical Science and Technology Centre at Kranti Guru Shyamji Krushna Verma Kachchh University; a provision of ` 7 crore for the construction of new buildings of Somnath Sanskrit University and Technological University. During the year new Government Arts & Commerce Colleges would commence at Rapar (Dist.: Kachchh), Vallabhipur (Dist.: Bhavnagar), Bayad (Dist.: Sabarkantha), Bhanvad (Dist.: Jamnagar), Jhaghadiya (Dist.: Bharuch) and Mangrol (Dist.: Surat).
  • A provision of ` 238 crore to improve infrastructure facilities at various Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics.
  • A provision of ` 9.65 crore for the quality improvement programme for technical education.
  • A provision of ` 16 crore for the buildings of the hostels of two Engineering Colleges and 6 Government Polytechnics.
  • Planning for creation of Indian Institute of Information Technology.

Health & Family Welfare

  • A provision of ` 2145 crore for Health & Family Welfare Department
  • A provision of ` 185 crore to develop medical colleges at Patan, Sola (Ahmedabad), Gotri (Vadodara) and Valsad.
  • A provision of ` 92 crore for developing ancillary infrastructure facilities for new medical colleges at Junagadh, Vadnagar and Gandhinagar.
  • A provision of ` 7 crore to establish centre of excellence in stem cell research, genetic medicine and other related fields.
  • A provision of ` 14.50 crore to start a new dental college at Sidhapur in North Gujarat.
  • A provision of ` 12 crore for upgradation of medical colleges and hospital campus at Rajkot, Bhavnagar and Jamnagar.
  • A provision of ` 102 crore for infrastructure facilities for development of Indian system of medicines and Homeopathy(AYUSH).

Women & Child Development

  • A provision of ` 1264 crore for Women & Child Development Department.
  • Gujarat has pioneered in providing supplementary nutrition to the adolescent girls. Government of Gujarat, committed to the welfare of women and children, has taken initiative in providing fortified food having micro nutrients for children, adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating mothers A provision of ` 589 crore has been made for this purpose.
  • Pre-mix packets of ready-to-cook sukhadi, sheero, upama and Balbhog having micro nutrients are provided free of cost at Anganwadi centres. A provision of ` 110 crore has been made to construct 'Nandghar' –new buildings for 3100 such anganwadis.

Panchayat & Rural Housing

A provision of ` 1627 crore for Panchayat and Rural Housing Department.

  • A provision of ` 245 crore for National Agriculture Insurance Scheme.
  • A provision of ` 128.89 crore to construct 28,642 houses under Sardar Patel Awas Yojna.
  • A provision of ` 40 crore under e-Gram-Vishwa-Gram Yojna. This would make information easily available to the citizens at the talukas of the State.
  • A provision of ` 34.50 crore to impart training to Talati, Panchayaat Sahayak and the elected representatives of the Panchayats.
  • A provision of ` 80 crore for RURBAN Infrastructure facilities.
  • A provision of ` 89 crore for Seed-Money Scheme. This would incentivize competition among gram-panchayats for overall development.

Rural Development Mission Mangalam

  • A provision of ` 722 crore under Rural Development Department.
  • There has been thought process that nobody should be below the poverty line and nobody should suffer from the clutches of money-lender. Mission Mangalam is born embodying empowerment of women, economic empowerment, self employment and self sufficiency. To ensure that fruits of development reach the last man and also economic empowerment of women takes place, Government of Gujarat has brought in scheme of Mission Mangalam. This scheme proposes to uplift the rural women and accordingly, a provision of ` 200 crore has been made. In the recently concluded Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors' Summit: 2011, MoUs worth ` 21,000 crore were signed with top companies and banks whose direct benefit would accrue to Sakhi Mandals.
  • As a part of target to provide residences to 1,65,000 BPL families and for Indira Awas Yojana in Rural Housing a provision of ` 185.62 crore has been made.
  • A provision of ` 167 crore under Sampoorna Swachchhata Abhiyan and Nirmal Gujarat Abhiyan.

Urban Development and Urban Housing

  • A provision of ` 3030 for under Urban Development and Urban Housing Department
  • A provision of ` 1579 crores for Swarnim Jayanti Mukhyamantri Shaheri Vikas Yojana.
  • A provision of ` 16 crore to create housing for the urban poor.
  • A provision of ` 564 crore to provide various infrastructure facilities in five municipal corporations (mission cities) of the State.
  • A provision of ` 75 crore for granting subsidy of ` 4500 pertoilet to the urban poor to construct their own toilets.
  • A provision of ` 50 crore for the share capital of the company
  • Metro-link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA) which has been established for constructing metro railway line joining Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar.

Roads & Buildings

A Provision of ` 3341 crore under Roads & Buildings Department.

In order to ensure that Gujarat makes rapid strides in providing infrastructure facilities of world class, following schemes are being taken up;

  • The construction of the first express highway of the State of 117 km. (approx.) of length joining Ahmedabad to SIR Dholera, to be taken up at the cost of ` 2200 crore.
  • The 151 km. long road between Rajkot-Bhavnagar will be converted into four-lane.
  • Roads joining major ports and industrial areas of Gujarat will be taken up on PPP basis at a cost of ` 746 crore.
  • A provision of ` 100 crore for linking villages or suburbs having population of less than 500 through pucca roads.
  • A provision of ` 121 crore for Kisanpath Yojna.
  • A provision of ` 80 crore for Pragati Path.
  • A provision of ` 47 crore for Vikas Path Yojna.
  • A provision of ` 98 crore for construction of 10 metre wide roads joining district headquarters to neighboring districts.
  • A provision of ` 10 crore for recruitment of Assistant Engineers in Roads & Building department.
  • A provision of ` 30 crore for construction of pucca roads necessary to facilitate movement of workers engaged in salt farming.

Ports & Transport

  • A provision of ` 600 crore under Ports & Transport Department.
  • A provision of ` 425 crore for purchasing new 3000 buses to- increase facility to citizens.
  • Modernization of 21 bus stations for enhancing the facilities to the public.
  • Roll-On-Roll-Off (Ferry Service) from Ghogha to Dahej at a cost of ` 296 crore.

Energy & Petrochemicals

Energy is an important factor for the industrial, economic and-social development. The Government salutes the tricolor of India by making a provision of ` 1900 crore to make Gujarat energy hub of India, thus ushering in saffron revolution in the field of energy. This would complement white revolution in the field of milk production and green revolution in the field of agriculture in the State.

  • A landmark achievement in the history of power generation by achieving generation capacity of 18000 MW through a record increase of 36% i.e. 4742 MW over the current installed power generation capacity of Gujarat.
  • Planning for creating new 105 sub-stations to improve quality of power distribution.
  • A provision of ` 248 crore to provide electric supply at proper voltage for agricultural use to the farmers through the scheme of Kisan Hit Urja Shakti Yojna (KHUSHY).
  • New transmission line with the length of 4822 circuit kilometres will be installed at a cost of ` 1382.91 crores.

Oil & Gas

  • A provision of ` 50 crore to establish gas distribution system in tribal areas.
  • In the next year, more than one lakh consumers will be issued gas connections besides linking 84 cities and 100 villages through gas pipelines. Gujarat is the only State providing gas connection upto villages.
  • Planning for installation of additional 31 CNG stations as a part of environment safety.

Industries & Mines

A provision of ` 1515 crore under Industries & Mines Department. Gujarat has emerged as the centre of attraction for investments not only within the country but to the entire community of global investors after unprecedented success of 'Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors' Summit: 2011. Dahej and Dholera SIRs have been created to maintain this flow of investment and provide benefit of world-class infrastructure facilities to the projects established in Gujarat.

  • Small and Medium enterprises are important in creating employment opportunities. A provision of ` 140 crore for Interest Subsidy scheme.
  • A provision of ` 180 crore to create infrastructure facilities for industrial development.
  • A provision of ` 36 crore for preservation of environment.
  • A provision of ` 55.80 crore for the incentivizing industries.
  • A provision of ` 50 crore for Skill Development Anchor Institute.
  • A provision of ` 45 crore for the development of Salt industry.
  • A provision of ` 55 crore for the development of Civil Aviation.
  • Planning to develop international level airport and allied facilities at Dholera.
  • A provision of ` 55.50 crore for creation of Golden Gujarat Growth Fund.

Cottage & Village Industries

Small and Cottage industries have a significant role in the economic development of Gujarat. For the development of these industries a provision of ` 155 crore has been made.

Geology & Mining

By linking all the works related to development of mining, i.e. epayment e-royalty and return into modern system; entire procedure has been made more transparent and exact.

Tourism and Pilgrim Places

A new chapter of tourism in Gujarat commenced after a unique campaign, which has earned Gujarat prestigious place on the tourism map of the world. The concrete results of the same are now being observed. A provision of ` 200 crore has been made to further develop tourism.

  • A provision of ` 10 crore has been made to make amenities available at tourist places on seashore.
  • An equity fund of ` 100 crore will be raised. Gujarat Tourism Development Company will be started. Its share capital will be paid over two years and for the same a provision of ` 21 crore has been made.
  • To promote the tourism development in the State, the investment of ` 50,000 crore has been estimated in the State to organize people's fairs (lok mela) and festivals, religious tourism, Mahatma Gandhi circuit, Buddhist circuit, North Gujarat circuit, development of coastal places, eco-tourism, heritage, roads and railway connectivity and development of infrastructure facilities.

Sports, Youth & Cultural Activities

  • A provision of ` 250 crore for the development of Sports Youth & Cultural Activities Department.
  • A provision of ` 67.77 crore to further pursue unparallel success of 'Khel Mahakumbh'.
  • A provision of ` 10 crore to establish Sports University as a part of developing Sports Infrastructure facilities.

Scheduled Tribes Welfare

A provision of ` 4848 crore for the Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana under tribal area sub-plan.

  • A provision of ` 15.50 crore to provide basic amenities for welfare of Halpati caste.
  • In the Dang district, five Ashram Schools functioning there will be upgraded to a level of 'Eklavya' like residential schools. Rates of assistance will be improved for schemes like stipend, uniform etc.
  • Rate of pre-matric scholarship will be increased to ` 150 for Standard 1 to 7 and ` 300 for Standard 8 to 10.
  • The rate of special scholarship for primitive group and Halpati students will be increased from ` 300 to ` 650.
  • The rate of assistance for uniform to the Scheduled Tribes students will be increased to ` 200 per student, whereas the rate of uniform for Adarsh Nivasi Schools will be increased from ` 250 to ` 300.
  • The limit of tool assistance to medical and engineering students will be increased from ` 2000 to ` 3000.
  • The stipend rate of ITI students will be increased to ` 250 per month.
  • To provide irrigation facilities in the talukas bordering large dams.
  • Plan to double numbers of beneficiaries under 'Jivika' and 'Sunshine' projects.
  • Intensive livelihood project in 401 interior villages.
  • Establishment of four new institutes for high level skill development in tribal areas.

Scheduled Caste Welfare

  • A provision of ` 2030 crore under Scheduled Caste Welfare.
  • Increasing the rate of pre-matric scholarship, scholarship to ` 150 for Standard 1 to 7 and ` 300 for Standard 8 to 10.
  • The present rate of scholarship given to the students of most backward classes will be increased and all the students of Std 1 to 10 will be given scholarship of ` 650.
  • The assistance for uniform given to the primary school students will be increased from ` 150 to ` 200.
  • The rate of stipend for ITI students will be revised now upwards to ` 250 per month.

Welfare of Developing Castes

  • A provision of ` 360 crore for Welfare of Developing Castes
  • Increase in rate of pre-matric scholarship, scholarship to ` 150 will be given for Standard 1 to 7 and ` 300 for Standard 8 to 10.
  • The assistance for uniform given to primary school students will be increased from ` 150 to ` 200.
  • The rate of stipend for ITI students will be revised upwards to ` 250 per month.
  • A provision of ` 11.45 crore for construction of buildings of Government Hostels at Visnagar, Dhandhuka, Rajula, Morbi and Vadodara.

Social Security

  • A provision of ` 5.47 crore for starting social security complex at Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot and Surat.
  • A provision of ` 6.65 crore under Integrated Child Security Scheme.

Science & Technology

  • A provision of ` 200 crore under Science & Technology Department.
  • A provision of ` 80.32 crore for further strengthening of GSWAN – World's most elaborate civilian IT Network.
  • A provision of ` 26.15 crore to expedite activities of Gujarat Biotechnology Mission.
  • Planning to strengthen Institute of Seismological Research – the only institute in India established by Gujarat in the field of comprehensive research.

Information & Broadcasting

To strengthen the system to ensure the reach of information related to developmental programme to common people, provision for Information & Broadcasting Department: ` 50 crore.

Revenue Department

  • A provision of ` 758 crore under Revenue Department
  • With a view to decentralizing administration and making the new scheme of "Apno Taluko Vibrant Taluko" a success, the Government has taken historic decision to strengthen the administrative structure. I have the pleasure to announce that number of Prant Offices will be doubled from the present level of fifty five.
  • The Government is constantly active in the direction of full use of e-Governance technology in development schemes so that the citizens may avail benefit of the Government scheme meant for people's welfare. Janseva centres have been a blessing for the common man. A provision of ` 180 crore has been made for equipping Prant Offices and "Aapano Taluko Vibrant Taluko, Jan Seva Kendra" with best facilities so that they become more efficient.
  • An ambitious plan for making e-stamping arrangement available at e-Dhara Centres of all the talukas of the State.
  • New Sub-registrar offices will be started in the remaining 89 talukas to increase facilities for people by covering all the transactions related to property transfers.
  • The present 151 Sub-registrar offices will be renovated.
  • A provision of ` 13.59 crore to expand re-survey work in additional eight districts for updating property and land records prepared before 100 years.
  • The posts of Data-Entry Operator, Deputy Mamlatdar and Circle Officer will be filled up for further strengthening of revenue functioning.


  • A provision of ` 804 crore for making effective administration of the services under Home Department.
  • A provision of ` 22 crore to create 20 new quick response teams for making security arrangement more modern.
  • A provision of ` 68 crore for modernization and expansion of training arrangement for the police force and commandos.
  • A provision of ` 81.29 crore for traffic regulation and arrangement, creation of new jails, increase of facilities in the present jails and equipping police machinery.
  • A provision of ` 40 crore to establish e-Governance by equipping Home Department, various offices under it and police stations through Information Technology.
  • A provision of ` 33 crore for border area development modernization of police machinery and equipping them by modern weapons.

Legal Department

  • A provision of ` 462 crore under Legal Department
  • A provision of ` 40.92 crore for construction of new court buildings in various districts and talukas.
  • A provision of ` 5.55 crore for the works of Solar System and modernization of Gujarat High Court complex.
  • A provision of ` 184.90 crore for repairing works in various court buildings and construction of residences of Judicial officers.
  • Planning for establishment of District & Sessions Judge, Chief Senior Civil Judge and Chief Judicial Magistrate Courts in Tapi district.
  • Planning for establishing new Courts at Una, Dhoraji and Viramgam.

Forests & Environment Department

  • A provision of ` 508 crore under Forests & Environment.
  • A provision of ` 4 crore for production of good quality grass in Kuchchh and Saurashtra areas under "Banni Ghas Vikas Yojna".
  • A provision of ` 15.21 crore for mangrove plantation over 16,830 hectare, for conservation of coastal areas and marine life.

Climate Change

  • A provision of ` 100 crore for Climate Change Department.
  • Energy is the basic requirement for development. However, it is essential to ensure that this process of change is not at the cost of environment. Gujarat fully understands its responsibility and therefore "Suryatirth" – a Solar Park – a first in the country, is being set up at Charanka at Santalpur.
  • A provision of ` 25 crore for making Gandhinagar a solar city.

Labour & Employment Department

  • A provision of ` 334 crore under Labour & Employment Department.
  • It has been planned to start 36 new ITIs during the next year. It will provide facility of ITI in all the talukas of Gujarat.
  • Plan to increase capacity of 1,000 seats in the existing IITs.
  • Planning to impart training to one lakh trainees in rural areas by establishing 150 new 'Kaushalya Vardhan Kendras' in the next year.

Food & Civil Supplies

  • A provision of ` 235 crore under Food & Civil Supplies Department.
  • To provide essential commodities to the common man, a provision of ` 115 crore has been made, out of which ` 72 crore is for tribal areas.
  • Plan to issue bar-coded ration card to the cardholders for making entire system of ration card more accurate and foolproof.

Fiscal Management

Gujarat's economy continues to accelerate at a very high pace and does not require any additional fiscal stimulus. It gives me great pleasure to inform this august House that the Government has constantly tried to keep up the pace of development which reflects in the development oriented planning. At the same time, we have retained the fiscal balance which reflects prudent financial management of our Government. There have been many hurdles in our path of growth through holistic development, but our economy has continued to register quantum growth.

This is ample proof of our good administration and effective financial management. Our Government is committed to retain the fiscal financial discipline, as envisaged in the Report of 13th Finance Commission. Accordingly, in this session, the Government would bring the legislation encapsulating revised roadmap for fiscal consolidation. Despite the challenges in expenditure control on account of implementation of 6th Pay Commission recommendations and increase in costs on account of backbreaking nation-wide inflation, the Government has tried to maintain fiscal discipline through a revenue surplus budget.

Accounts for the year 2009-10: Now, I will review the actual receipts and expenditure for the year 2009-10. It was expected that there would be surplus of ` 136.69 crore due to net transactions during the year, but the accounts for the year 2009-10 show that there is deficit of ` 225.10 crore due to net transactions.


Revised estimates for the year 2010-11:

It was expected that there would be deficit of ` 558.44 crore in the estimates for the year 2010-11, but now the surplus of ` 1598.13 crore is expected in the revised estimates by the end of the year due to net transactions.

 Estimates for the year 2011-12:

Estimates for the year 2011-12 show the surplus of ` 49.69 crore as follows: (` in crore)



Honourable Speaker Sir,

The overall surplus as per Budget Estimates for the year 2011-2012 is ` 49.69 crores. I now present tax proposals for the year 2011-2012.

Tax on tobacco

Tobacco and its products are injurious to health. In order to reduce its consumption, the rate of VAT on tobacco and its products was increased from 15% to 20%, including additional tax,

during the financial year 2010-2011. The effort of the State Government has been appreciated by the Government of India and the international organizations. I propose to increase the rate of

VAT on tobacco and its products from the present level of 20% inclusive of additional tax to 25% inclusive of additional tax. "Unmanufactured tobacco" shall continue to remain exempted.

Rate of tax on mobile phone

At present, the rate of VAT on mobile phone in the State is 5% including additional tax. While the rate of VAT in other states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi is about

15%. In order to correct this imbalance, I propose to increase the present rate of VAT on mobile phone from 5% inclusive of additional tax to 15% inclusive of additional tax. Green Cess

Attracted by good quality and well organized infrastructure facilities in the State, many industrialists are planning to set up power plants in Gujarat. On account of geographical location, ease

of imported coal and gas and also the positive attitude of the State Government, the installed capacity of conventional energy sources has soared to 13,258 MW. There has been constant

increase in capacities and during year 2011-12, we expect the installed capacity to reach the level of 18,000 MW. However, conventional energy affects the environment. In this context, it is

essential to promote 'Clean and Green Energy' in the State. On account of its geographical location, long coastline and climate, Gujarat can take a lead in generation of "Clean and Green


Considering these factors, State Government feels that generation of clean and green energy should be given fillip and also provide funding for purchase of non-conventional energy and for

protection of environment, State Government wants to set up "Green Energy Fund". For this I propose to enact Green Cess Act and introduce "Green Cess." Accordingly, I propose to

levy Green Cess at a rate of 2 (two) paise per unit on generation of all kinds of electrical energy, including captive energy, but excluding solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy, geo-thermal

energy, tidal energy and hydal energy. A Bill containing these measures would be brought before the Assembly during the current session. Conclusion The final position of Budget Estimates for the year 2011-2012 will be as under: (` in crores) (1) Surplus as per Budget Estimates: (+) 49.69 (2) Proposed increase in taxes: Value Added Tax: 280.00 Green Cess: 244.00 Total 524.00 (3) Estimated overall surplus (+) 573.69 I commend the Budget for the consideration of this august House.

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