Commerce Ministry Report Lauds Gujarat's Land Acquisition Model

Published By : Admin | May 6, 2014 | 15:32 IST
"Narendra Modi takes on vested interest group that keeps attacking Gujarat"
"Narendra Modi cites Commerce Ministry Report that lauds Gujarat’s land acquisition policy"
"Do not defame people of Gujarat for your own selfish politics, Narendra Modi tells Congress"
"Earlier SC and High Court have also lauded Gujarat’s Land Acquisition Model"

In a strong reply to the senior leadership of the Congress Party and especially the Congress President and the Vice President, who leave no opportunity to abuse Gujarat, the NDA’s PM candidate Shri Narendra Modi highlighted the findings of a report associated with the Commerce Ministry that lauds Gujarat for their land acquisition policy and asked the Congress leaders who keep abusing Gujarat to read the report before insulting the 6 crore people of Gujarat. He was speaking during the Bharat Vijay 3D rallies, addressing people across over 100 locations of India.

The Report Titled 'Best Practices to Improve the Business Environment Across States/UTs in India'shortlisted best practices which can be followed by the country to improve the business environment. Based on these findings they some important observations pertaining to Gujarat.

Regarding the Land related interventions in Gujarat, the report notes that the model followed by Gujarat oversees and ensures reduction in complexity across all processes in getting land. The report elicits best practices followed in land acquisition, development of land & supporting infrastructure as well as land allotment.

An important observation is that the price determination of the land is based on market prices determined by a scientific method that ensures good returns to farmers. There is also provision for employment of one member of each family whose land is acquired. 

Information on land made available on online portal with highlights on availability of land, power, gas, distance of port, airport, SEZ among 65 parameters for Industries based on the critical parameter specific requirements chosen by the entrepreneur. There is also an Online Grievance Redressal and monitoring system for the entrepreneur. 

The report also notes that Gujarat’s land model has been recognized as best practice in various reports published by bodies like FICCI, CII as well as Planning Commission to help improve the business environment.

The report also lauds the practices of the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) for adopting various features in the XGN (Extended Green Node), which the report says can be replicated by other states.

The report illustrates the commitment to pro-people good governance adopted by the Gujarat Government and comes as a fitting answer to the bundle of lies the Congress spreads about Gujarat and Shri Narendra Modi. The Commerce Minister, who himself does not spare a chance to abuse Gujarat, may also like to comment on this report that has come out under the auspices of his own Ministry.

It is important to note here that even the Supreme Court has lauded the prudency of processes involved in Land Acquisition in Gujarat. Recently the Gujarat High Court in it's decision regarding Tata Nano plant observed that all processes followed are totally fair & there is no discrepancy involved.

Devoid of any constructive issue in the campaign the Congress leaders are busy coining innovative adjectives for the Gujarat Model. Keeping in mind their childlike preferences they see Balloons and Toffees more than development. This report yet again shows how the so-called toffee brought another trophy for Gujarat, leaving the Congress leaders to savor their own bitter toffee of lies and negativity. 

Considering we have witnessed a Government that did not believe in devdelopment and at the same time made the environment ministry synonymous with red tape and corruption, the report released today can be a pleasant reminder on hos Gujarat has been on the path to quick development and at the same time been conscious about the environment as well.

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