Shri Narendra Modi addresses Van Lakshmi Programme in Dang District as part of 64th Republic Day celebrations

Coming decade will be golden decade of opportunity for Tribal communities of Gujarat: Shri Modi

Dang district will be a model district for the development of Tribal community: Shri Modi

Earlier national festivals were about unfurling the Tricolour by Government officials and school children. We have made them opportunities of Lok Shikshan and made people partners in Gujarat’s development journey: Shri Modi

CM inaugurates new RTO for Dang district. The RTO is 100% computerized.

Shri Modi shares efforts and initiatives of the Gujarat Government such as education, skill development, Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana etc. that have made qualitative difference in the lives of Tribal Communities

On Friday 25th January 2013 Shri Narendra Modi spoke at the Van Lakshmi Programme in Dang District. This programme is a part of the Gujarat Government’s celebrations of India’s 64th Republic Day. The Chief Minister spoke at length about the initiatives for the development of the Tribal community in Gujarat and pointed out that the coming decade will be a golden decade of opportunity for the Tribal communities of Gujarat. He also shared that the Dang district will become a model district for the development of Tribal community.


This village has caught the eyes of Gandhinagar!

Shri Modi said, “You must be proud of one thing. This village nestled in the forests has caught the eye of Gandhinagar. It has never happened in the past. Can you imagine, the entire Gandhinagar is here at the feet of the Tribal communities of Dang district.”

The Chief Minister spoke about the State Government’s efforts to celebrate national occasions such as Republic Day and Independence Day in the various parts of Gujarat. He affirmed, “We started an effort. National festivals should become festivals of development. Republic Day or Independence Day should not be only about unfurling the Tricolour by Government officials and school children as it was reduced in the past. We have to make them opportunities of Lok Shikshan and by doing so we will make people partners in the journey of development.”

He recalled that this did not happen in the past and that in the last decade the State Government added new life in celebrating these occasions and that festivals have now been taken to the various districts.


CM inaugurates development works in Dang district

Today Shri Modi inaugurated development works worth Rs. 180 crore in Dang district. He recalled that earlier the entire Budget for the district was between Rs. 2 crore or Rs. 5 crore but today the development works that have been inaugurated are far beyond and that this is no small thing.

The Chief Minister shared that earlier the Dang district was a ‘1 district-1 Taluka’ area and that is when the State Government decided to announce an additional Taluka for Dang district. But, Shri Modi declared that the people asked for one more Taluka and the Government decided to create additional Subir Taluka. He avowed that the State Government promised a decision before 26th January and the promise has been fulfilled.

The Chief Minister inaugurated a new RTO and recalled that earlier Dang vehicles were registered with the RTO at Valsad but now there is a new RTO in the Dang district. The RTO is 100% computerized and Shri Modi affirmed that there is no Tribal district in the country where there is a 100% computerized RTO.


Shri Modi speaks of how the efforts of state Government have brought qualitative change in the lives of Tribal Communities

During his speech, Shri Modi shared the various steps the State Government has taken for the development of the Tribal communities. “We put a focus on education. We have set up a girl’s hostel so that my Adivasi daughters can study,” he stated. Shri Modi recalled that for many years the Tribal stretch from Umargam to Ambaji had no schools for youngsters to study science but today there is no Taluka left behind which does not have schools to study science at Class XII level. This has given new opportunities and opened several doors for the students, Shri Modi opined.

He shared that many ITIs have started to promote skill development. He further said that today many students of Tribal communities are going overseas to study and are becoming pilots, nurses etc. Shri Modi affirmed that this would enhance self confidence among the youngsters. He also added that youngsters from Tribal communities are shining on the sports field.

The Chief Minister pointed out that there was a time when there was no income in agriculture but due to the efforts of the State Government that has changed. He shared that today Adivasi farmers are cultivating strawberries as well. Likewise, the State Government has launched a new initiative with the Reserve Bank of India that provides loans due to which trees can be conversed. Shri Modi affirmed that Gujarat is the first state doing this.

Shri Modi further talked about how initiatives like the 108 Ambulance Services and the Mukhyamantri Amrutam (MA) Yojana have brought a qualitative change in the lives of the Tribal communities. He even talked about the success of the Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana and pointed that it can be a model for others to learn from.

During the day Shri Modi performed the Shilanyas of the Ambedkar Bhavan. Former Minister Shri Mangubhai Patel and MLA Shri Mangalbhai Gavit were present on the occasion.

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Prime Minister participates in the first Outreach Session of G7 Summit
June 12, 2021

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi participated in the first Outreach Session of the G7 Summit today.  

The session, titled ‘Building Back Stronger - Health’, focused on global recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and on strengthening resilience against future pandemics. 

During the session, Prime Minister expressed appreciation for the support extended by the G7 and other guest countries during the recent wave of COVID infections in India. 

He highlighted India's ‘whole of society’ approach to fight the pandemic, synergising the efforts of all levels of the government, industry and civil society.   

He also explained India’s successful use of open source digital tools for contact tracing and vaccine management, and conveyed India's willingness to share its experience and expertise with other developing countries.

Prime Minister committed India's support for collective endeavours to improve global health governance. He sought the G7's support for the proposal moved at the WTO by India and South Africa, for a TRIPS waiver on COVID related technologies. 

Prime Minister Modi said that today's meeting should send out a message of "One Earth One Health" for the whole world. Calling for global unity, leadership, and solidarity to prevent future pandemics, Prime Minister emphasized the special responsibility of democratic and transparent societies in this regard. 

PM will participate in the final day of the G7 Summit tomorrow and will speak in two Sessions.