CM shares his thoughts in satsang-katha of Atirudra Yagna at Dwarika

Published By : Admin | April 22, 2012 | 14:11 IST

India’s cultural heritage is our life force: CM

CM shares his thoughts in Satsang-Katha of Atirudra Yagna at Dwarka

In a Satsang-Katha of Atirudra and Shiv Mahapurana Gyan Yagna at Dwarka the Chief Minister Narendra Modi said that India’s cultural heritage is its life force. “Our ancestors have conceived of a life style that strikes balance between nature and organic life. The modern science also acknowledges it”, he said. 

The Chief Minister was present as the Guest of Honor in the Atirudra and Shiv Mahapurana Gyan Yagna organized by MLA Pabhuba Virambha Manek’s family at Dwarka. On the occasion, the Chief Minister performed
poojan of Shivpurana Mahapothi and paid obeisance to
vyaspitha. The family members of Mr. Pabhuba heartily welcomed Mr. Modi.

Speaking at the Satsang-Katha where a large number of devout people were present the Chief Minister said that Indian culture has conceived of the God in female form also. In Indian tradition it is said that God has many forms and yet He is the only one. The devotee creates the God in his image and so we see crores of images of God in India. The idea that ‘
nar(man) can become
Narayan(God) by performing good deeds’ has been developed in a scientific way in the Indian culture.

In the entire world, it is only the Indian spiritual system that has linked the trees and animals with the Gods. The
bilipatra has been linked with the Lord Shiva and the
bilipatra also has a connection with human health, he said.

Shri Modi also reminded the people of the need to embrace education and specially the importance of educating the girl child.

In the beginning of the programme MLA Prabhuba Manek delivered the welcome address. MLAs Mulubhai Bera, Laljibhai Solanki, Meghjibhai Kanjariya, President of District Panchayat P.B.Vasoya, representative of  Sardapitha Narayan Swami and devout people in large number were present on the occasion.

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