CM launch fifth round of Garib Kalyan Mela via video conference

8184 development works worth Rs.521 crore to be dedicated to people

12 lakh houses handed over to poor during last decade

Launching the fifth round of Garib Kalyan Mela (GKM) via video conference today.Chief Minister Narendra Modi said that with GKM the state government has not merely given government benefits to the poor for which they were entitled, but has also made them strong enough to fight with price-rise and health problems.

In about 24 GKM slated to be held today at various panchayat seats of 52 talukas, aids worth Rs.215 crore will be distributed by different ministers. Prior to this, benefits worth Rs.10,000 crore have already been distributed to 74 lakh beneficiaries in around 869 GKM.

Speaking via video conference the Chief Minister said the existence of middlemen and ‘commission-companies’ has been vanished due to GKM. Gujarat government has earned a repute of being a government which is committed to the service of poor throughout their lives, he said.

Highlighting the works done under GKM the Chief Minister said the present government has handed over 9.80 lakh houses to all the BPL families in 0-16 category. Gujarat is the first state in India where no single 0-16 BPL family left without a house facility. Now, the state government has undertaken a mission to allot houses to BPL families of 17-20 category.

Alerting the women regarding opposition’s delusive announcements of giving houses to them Chief Minister said that in the past 40 years they merely managed to give some scattered houses to 10 lakh people. Whereas, the present government has handed over houses to 12 lakh poor during last decade.

Different ministers will dedicate various development works on the Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays of every week in 910 taluka panchayat seats of 64 talukas of 10 districts. In all, 8184 development works worth Rs.521 crore will be dedicated to people.

The state government will also felicitate about 18,392 former panchayat representatives for their services. Giving details of this the Chief Minister said that Gujarat has given an invaluable price to the nation in the form Panchayati Raj. Former Chief Minister late Balvantray Mehta who implemented the Panchayati Raj was of Congress. But rising above the partisan politics the present government will felicitate all the living representatives who have given their contribution for panchayats.

Mentioning the great response given by people from all walks of life to the state government’s decision to put complete ban on gutkha, Chief Minister said the decision will create an atmosphere of social revolution which will also give impetus to the financial prosperity of the people.

He said that by giving computer training to youths under empower programme the state government has cut down the educational imbalance between the rich and poor. Nearly 2.5 lakh youths have received training under the programme and gained a new confidence.

He said the present government does not believe in resorting to playing vote-bank politics and deluding poor by political sloganeering. The government believes in giving poor their due benefits and in working hard for their welfare.

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