CM honours Sanaskrit scholar Vasant Anant Gadgil at Pune

Published By : Admin | July 9, 2012 | 22:00 IST

Shri Narendra Modi honoured Sanskrit scholar Vasant Anant Gadgil at Pune.

Language is a mirror that reveals Real self: Shri Modi

Mother tongue is something which can be caught listening at home: Shri Modi


On Monday 9th July 2012, Shri Narendra Modi honored Sanskrit scholar Vasant Anant Gadgil at Pune. Shri Modi called for an urgent need to make the Sanskrit language extensively popular with a view to promote it among the masses and let the knowledge contained in the scriptures go global. Shri Modi conveyed that the language was an inheritance; and it is a mirror that reveals the real self.

Shri Narendra Modi adored Gadgilji’s unfathomable zeal for the language and considered it noteworthy. Praising Gadgilji Shri Modi said “Gadgilji not only dreams in Sanskrit but also dreams only of Sanskrit”. He further added, Gadgilji’s enthusiasm and excitement at an elderly age is an inspiration to everyone besides his devotion towards Sanskrit is remarkable. Shri Modi affirmed that Gadgilji is among the few people who can draw attention of masses towards the path of Sanskrit.

Pointing out the initiatives taken by Gujarat to promote the language Shri Modi said that Gujarat has set up a Sanskrit University based at Somnath and people from around the nation pursued their education up to the doctorate levels. Along with this Shri Modi added that on the occasion of Swarnim Jayanti (Golden Jubilee) of Gujarat, the Government had taken an initiative to train 1 lakh people in Sanskrit and the campaign was undertaken for the entire year.

Shri Narendra Modi pointed out that learning mother tongue is so easy that it can be caught listening at home. Depicting the traditions and values inherited in the culture he mentioned that Gujarat had taken an initiative to set up Indian Institute of Temple Management that trains priests, as their prevails a great demand of them both in India and Abroad.

Emphasizing on the importance of Sanskrit Shri Narendra Modi revealed certain facts and said, Germany was the first to broadcast news in Sanskrit on radio which did not happen in India on the contrary there are discussions to stop the broadcasting of news in Sanskrit on Doordarshan and radio in India.  He also said that, children in London are specifically taught Vedic mathematics thinking that the kids should not be deprived of such an amazing knowledge.

One of the significant parts of the event was the launch of the epic “Bheemayanam”. Shri Narendra Modi had released an epic ‘Bheemayanam’ on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s life and time, written by Dr Prabhakar Joshi and published by Sharada Dnyan Peetham. Shri Modi said there might be many ways to know Dr. Ambedkar, a lot of literature might be available but its availability in Sanskrit language has some special message, a specific strength to bond the society. Moreover Prof. Joshi is among the few intellectuals who could show a new flank to the society which was worth saluting. Shri Modi felt fortunate enough to be invited to honor saint like Gadgilji and seek his blessings.

Recently in the month of June, Shri Narendra Modi had stressed some important facts relating this ancient language and the treasures hidden in it at Sanskritotsava held at Gandhinagar.

Prominent among those present on the occasion included scholars Patangrao Kadam, G.B. Deglurkar, Sadanand Phadke, Vishwanath D Karad, D.D. Patil,Dipak Tilak, Mayor Vaishali Vankar, Vishwajit Kadam.Rahul Karad and founders and directors of 60 institutes of Pune.

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