CM files nomination papers from Maninagar, addresses people of the constituency

Published By : Admin | November 30, 2012 | 21:17 IST

Shri Narendra Modi files his nomination papers from Maninagar Vidhan Sabha seat for Gujarat Elections 2012

Before filing his papers, Shri Modi interacts with people from the constituency and delivers inspiring speech

CM gives Mantra of Vikas Vishwas, and Vijay” (Development, truth and victory)

CM attacks Congress for their failures on various fronts, says those who hide from their own workers, what will they tell the people of Gujarat!

BJP a Karyakarta driven party, with a organizational foundation

If Congress thinks they will win on the basis of money power, they have not understood the people of Gujarat: Shri Modi

On the afternoon of Friday 30th November 2012 Shri Narendra Modi filed his nomination papers from the Maninagar constituency in Ahmedabad for the 2012 Gujarat Vidhan Sabha elections. Shri Modi has represented Maninagar in the Assembly since 2002.

Before filing his nomination papers Shri Modi delivered a soul stirring speech to BJP Karyakartas in Maninagar in which he spoke on various issues. “Let us work hard and not rest till 17th December” Shri Modi said.

He said that he has steered the boat of Gujarat’s development despite all obstacles and gave the inspiring mantra of “Vikas, Vishwas and Vijay” (Development, truth and victory) to the people.

BJP a Karyakarta driven party with a organizational foundation

Shri Modi said that the BJP is a Karyakarta driven party and one that it centered on its organization. He added that the BJP’s election planning is centered around the worker.

He stated that the BJP has lakhs of workers who have not fought any elections but are selflessly immersed in the service of Bharat Mata. Their dream is to take this country forward. Shri Modi said such workers are the strength of the BJP and no party is blessed with such strengths.

Congress is person oriented, uses money power

On the other hand Shri Modi affirmed that the Congress is a person oriented, family oriented party with people who constantly want something or the other. He further said that the Congress fights on money power and that is the mistake they make.

He recalled that during the 2007 Vidhan Sabha elections campaign the Congress spent crores on the campaign and this time it would increase manifold, which is understandable considering the loot of the coal scam, 2G etc. He declared that if the Congress thinks they will win the elections on the basis of the money power they have not understood the people of Gujarat. He said Gujarat is the land of Sardar Patel and no force can overcome us or buy us and if the Congress is dreaming to do the same they are mistaken!

Those who hide their faces from their workers, what will they tell the people of Gujarat!

Taking a pointed dig at the Congress over the infighting, Shri Modi asked if any Congress leader has been for the last 4 days? “Forget the public, their own workers cannot find them. The leaders who have to hide their faces from their own workers, what will they tell the people of Gujarat?” he asked.

A state where a 12-year-old child is wise, people will snatch Congress’ mandate permanently

Referring to the behind the curtain acts of collaboration by various parties in Gujarat, Shri Modi said, “Recently Congressmen were in tears. Why? Well, because one 12-year-old child snatched away mandate from Congressman’s hand and fled. Congress speaks truth (sometimes) by mistake. The state where a child is so wise, people are all set to snatch way Congress’s mandate permanently.”

He added, “Congress has no guts. Congress doesn’t dare to say that they have fixed it with so and so? Making Ahmed Patel the CM is behind the curtains game but why are you acting behind curtains? Congress cannot see any Patel except Ahmed Patel? People have third eye, they are familiar with the games you play.”

Don’t bother about candidates; only think of the future generations!

Shri Modi affirmed that there is loot doing on in Delhi and asked what would happen if power is given to the same people in Gujarat. He asked if a youngster could say his future is secure under Congress? Or if farmers can say their livelihood is safe. Is there a change in the life of the poor under the Congress? He asked.

Shri Modi urged the people not to think about candidates but think about the future generations before casting their precious vote.

Can we give our future to casual hands?

The Chief Minister said that he has observed Congress Chief Ministers and wondered how they run Governments. He shared that during important meetings where the Prime Minister is present Congress CMs are clueless as to what agenda is being discussed and when he raises an issue they ask him- how did you raise this? He questioned if we can give our future in thehands of those working with such casual attitude with no trace for working hard?

Congressmen confused after yesterday. What they did for 12 months is simply washed away

Shri Modi stated that the Congress spent crores, gave so many ads on TV but when the BJP got new technology and Shri Modi was able to interact with people across 26 places at one time, the Congress got confused as all that they have been doing for last 12 months has been washed away.

He asserted that the Congress will never win on the force of its lies and while the BJP has accepted development, the Congress is still spreading lies day and night.

Proud that even to criticize me, they say you have worked more!

Talking about an article in a newspaper, which said that he has put in too much money in Maninagar, Shri Modi wanted to know if doing so is a crime. “Is Maninagar not a part of Gujarat? Don’t its people deserve all happiness and comforts? Should I not work for them?” the Chief Minister asked and added that he believes in development of each and every part of Gujarat.

Shri Modi expressed joy that even to criticize him they are saying he worked more!

He also pointed out that the election is important to him because Gujarat needs to show that elections can be fought on the issue of development. He came down heavily on the Congress for showing no concern that Parliament in not functioning for the last 4 days.

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