CM addresses convention of Raval Yogi Community 

Centre’s decision of snatching 4% reservation benefits from
the quota of Baxi Panch is afflictive for socially and educationally backward class people: CM 

Raval community is extremely hardworking and believes in peaceful co existence: CM

Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi today described the Centre’s decision of allotting 4% reservation benefit to the minorities from the 27% Baxi Panch quota as afflictive for the socially and economically backward classes of people. Referring to the Centre’s move, Shri Modi said that by causing pain to the people of the backward classes, the Centre would not be able to enjoy power for long.

Shri Modi was speaking at a convention of the Raval Yogi community, which belongs to the Baxi Panch at Gandhinagar. Shri Modi felicitated dedicated individuals of the Raval community, which included 10 dignitaries of the community and 21 others who had contributed for the upliftment of the community. Shri Modi also released a book ‘Aapno Raval Samaj’ in the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Modi expressed happiness in the fact that this was the first time such a function was happening and lauded the community members for organizing it. He reaffirmed the need of standing united as a community, as a society for overall development.

The Chief Minister also remembered the invaluable contribution of his teachers who belonged to the Raval community in shaping his life. He remembered how his teacher Shambhubhai went all around the state leading an effort to have better handwriting among children. After being blessed by such stalwarts of the Raval community, coming here at such a convention is like coming home, Shri Modi said.

Shri Modi strongly reaffirmed the need to spread education, both among boys and girls in the community. He said that those communities that realized the value of education have done really well. He said the fruits of building schools for the community would be far more than any other step taken.

Shri Modi said that the Raval community is an extremely hard working community that has always believed in peaceful coexistence. He said they had never come in the way of others and that was their strength. He said that unlike in some other communities, those individuals of the Raval community who do well do not turn their back on the community and this is an extremely positive thing. He said that for the development of Gujarat, it is important the Raval community also develops.

The Chief Minister stated that Gujarat is moving ahead on the path of ‘Sauno Saath, Sauno Vikas’(All together, growth for all). He gave the example of the Garib Kalyan Mela where the state government was going to the poorest of the poor to secure their well-being. He said that the government had given housing to the most backward of communities and the only condition for giving the house was that the community must educate their children! He again reminded that there could be no compromise on education.

Shri Modi spoke about the importance the Government had given skill building and he appealed to the youth to go to it is for new opportunities and skill building. He also asked to take benefits of the educational schemes, which the state government has floated, for the backward communities. He said that education helps the people to keep away from addictions and ill customs.

Chairman of Gujarat Housing Board Shri Jayanti Barot, Chairman of Gujarat Thakor and Koli Vikas Nigam Shri Punjaji Thakor, Labh Infrastructure’s Shri Lakshman Raval and people of Raval community in large numbers were present on the occasion.

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June 19, 2021

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has congratulated, Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla for completing two years in office.
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