Shri Modi felicitated for creation of Vinchhiya Taluka 

I challenge the Prime Minister to compete on development. But they wont- they want to compete of spreading lies, where we have already lost and nor do we want to compete in that: Shri Modi

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi came to Rajkot and spoke on various things but did not say a word on rising prices: Shri Modi 

Creation of Vinchhiya Taluka announced in September this year. New Taluka will come into force on 26th January 2012

On the evening of Monday 15th October 2012 Shri Narendra Modi was felicitated for the declaration of separate Vinchhiya Taluka. Shri Modi spoke about the development in Gujarat and asked Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to compete on development.

On the creation of Vinchhiya Talukas Shri Modi affirmed that theirs is not a Government that believes in false promises and once they say something will happen, it does happen. He believed that the creation of Vinchhiya Taluka would help both the new Taluka and the existing Jasdan Taluka as well.

The Chief Minister said that Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi visited Rajkot and spoke on a lot of things but remained silent on the crucial issue of price rise that is causing great difficulty to the common man. Shri Modi challenged the Prime Minister to compete on development but added that they wont do so as they only want to compete on spreading lies where the BJP has already lost because it does it want to compete.

He reminded the people of the Congress promise in 2009 when they said 1 crore jobs will be given but nothing of that sort has happened. Shri Modi asked if this was not cheating the people.

Shri Modi spoke about the Government’s decision to act as a guarantor for a youngster who seeks a loan to start a new initiative for them selves. He said that he took this decision not because there is excessive abundance of money in the state coffers but because he has immense faith in the youth. He narrated how the experience with Sakhi Mandals has been very successful in empowering women of Gujarat.

Shri Modi affirmed that there is some or the other development work going on within a distance of 25 kms in any direction of the state. He said that very often elders remark, “Where does Modi get this money from?” to which Shri Modi replied that the money belongs to the people only that earlier it enriched the pockets of a few middlemen while now it is spent on development works.

The Chief Minister said that he does not need to collect money for anyone and added that he has no son-in-law either. He affirmed that the 6 crore people of Gujarat are like a family to him.


Creation of Vinchhiya Taluka

The decision to create a separate Vinchhiya Taluka was announced by Shri Modi during the Vivekananda Yuva Parishad at Rajkot in September this year.
Earlier in May this year Shri Modi had inaugurated a 25 MW wind farm near Jasdan. Gujarat has been making substantial advances in harnessing sources of renewable energy.

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