Shri Modi felicitated for creation of Bodeli Taluka

This Government takes concrete decisions on files and is concerned about the common man: Shri Modi

Congress is in power for 8 years in Delhi but have you heard any good news coming from there? Shri Modi asks

CM takes on UPA for the cotton export ban and their simultaneous promotion of pink revolution

Our Disha is development, peace, unity and brotherhood: Shri Modi

I have no son or son in law. Whatever is there in Gandhinagar is for 6 crore people and their development! Says Shri Modi

On Friday 19th October 2012 Shri Narendra Modi was felicitated for the creation of a separate Bodeli Taluka. Shri Modi attacked the UPA for the ban of cotton export and their encouraging of the ‘pink revolution.’ He also said the Disha of the BJP is Development, Peace, Unity and Brotherhood.

Shri Modi speaks about creation of new Taluka and District

The Chief Minister spoke about the creation of separate Bodeli Taluka and Chhota Udepur district and affirmed that this is a Government that takes concrete decisions on files and is concerned about the common man.

Congress in power for the last 8 years, have you read any good news from Delhi?

He said that the newspapers are full of praises of the Congress party and insulting Gujarat and its poor but the people now know the Congress from head to toe and there is nothing to explain to them about the Party!

Shri Modi affirmed that the Congress has been in power for the last 8 years but asked if there is any good news that has come from New Delhi during this period? On the other hand, there is good news coming from Gujarat and the state has scaled newer heights of progress.

He asked the people if they are happy with the work done by the Gujarat Government to which the people unanimously answered YES! But Shri Modi replied that he is not happy as till now he has only filled the ditches of preceding Congress rule!

Shri Modi comes down heavily on Centre for cotton export ban and promoting of pink revolution

Shri Modi affirmed that the farmers were looted at the hands of the Centre. He asked why was the cotton export ban enforced when prices of cotton were at an all time high? He added that due to the ban the prices fell down and the farmers lost Rs. 7000 crore. Farmers of Gujarat were particularly affected by this decision of the UPA because cotton from Gujarat is sold at high prices and 80% of India’s cotton comes from Gujarat.

He added that now the market has lost trust in India and asked the people if the UPA can be forgiven for these anti-farmer measures.

Shri Modi said that while the Centre is banning export of cotton, it is doling out subsidy for mutton export and is encouraging the pink revolution. Shri Modi asked how can this happen in the land of Mahatma Gandhi and added that it is sad when they is proud of the fact that we topped the list of beef exports. Similarly, he shared that mutton shops enjoy no income tax for 5 years.

The other name for Congress is Cheating!

The Chief Minister affirmed that the other name of the Congress is cheating and shared instances of the Congress cheating the people. He shared that in Maharashtra the Congress promised free power to the famers but its been 4 years and the farmers are still waiting for the same!

Similarly, in Delhi Smt. Sheila Dixit promised something very similar to the lines of ‘Ghar Nu Ghar’ but its been 12 years that she is in power and no person has got a home. The matter went to the Lokayukta, to the President and now the High Court. He stated that the Congress and Smt. Dixit have to answer why they cheated the people.

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi came to Chhota Udepur in 2007; Congress got wiped out there!

Shri Modi recalled that during the 2007 elections Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi visited Chhota Udepur but the Congress was vanquished in the area. This time, she has changed her Disha and come to Rajkot but the Congress’ Dasha will not change and the Congress will be wiped out even there, Shri Modi declared.

Our Disha is Development, Peace, Unity and Brotherhood.

Shri Modi asked if we want to take Gujarat in the Disha of New Delhi, from where there is daily news of scams and corruption? He said that the Disha of the BJP is development, peace, unity and brotherhood.

He recalled the days when there was curfew in the state and remarked that that is now history.

I am like a Chowkidar in Gandhinagar! Wont let the Hand cast its shadow on the treasury!

The Chief Minister declared that he is sitting in Gandhinagar as a protector of the treasury, who will not let the shadow of the Hand (referring to the Congress) cast its shadow on the state’s coffers. He said people often wonder where is he getting so much money for development from but the truth is that the money in Gandhinagar belongs to the 6 crore people of Gujarat only that earlier it used to fill the pockets of select middlemen.

Shri Modi further said that he has no son or son in law and that whatever is there in Gandhinagar is for the development of 6 crore people of Gujarat and they wont allow Gujarat to get looted.

Recalling Maharani Laxmibai’s pledge ‘Meri Jhansi Nahi Doongi’ ( I will not give my Jhansi to the British), Shri Modi asked the people to affirm that they will got give their Gujarat to the corrupt.

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