There was a demand for new Talukas but these demands not met earlier and even if they were, it was guided by votebank politics not development: Shri Modi

CM speaks about success of Garib Kalyan Melas in taking development works to the poor

CM felicitated for creation of Mahisagar District

Shri Modi comes down heavily on Congress for cheating the people on the issue of giving additional cylinders to the poor

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi said Congress CMs will provide 3 additional LPG cylinders but gas companies have said they cannot provide more than 6 cylinders at subsidized rates: Shri Modi

Shri Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Balasinor, Kheda District on Tuesday 23rd October 2012 and was felicitated for the creation of a separate Mahisagar District. In his speech he brought out instances of the Congress party cheating the people and took on the UPA for their refusal to allow Gujarat to go ahead with their initiative of providing piped gas to the people. He spoke about the good governance in Gujarat.

Many Chief Ministers from Kheda and Anand but lots left to be done for development in these areas. The leaders assumed- where will our votes go from here!

Shri Modi spoke about how the state Government has created 50 new
‘Prants’ that will contribute to the development journey of Gujarat. He added that there have been long demands for new Talukas et al but these demands were not met and even if they were passed, it was not with a motive of development but keeping in mind votebank politics.

He added that Kheda and Anand have given large number of Chief Ministers to Gujarat but still lot more is left to be done for development. This is because these leaders assumed that votes will anyway come, which is why they did not make these places partners in Gujarat’s development journey.

The Chief Minister said that these leaders could not even provide drinking water to the people and spoke about the how the scenario has changed in the last 10 years with the Sujalam Sufalam Yojana Canal, the Yojana coming till Balasinor and the rise in Gujarat’s water table.

Mr. Rajiv Gandhi once said out of every Rupee that leaves Delhi, 15 paisa reaches the people! What were the Hands that made it 15 p?

Shri Modi recalled the statement by former Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi that out of every 1 Rupee that goes out of New Delhi, 15 p reaches the people. He said that when Mr. Gandhi made this statement there was total Congress dominance over politics from the Centre till the Panchayat level. Thus, he should explain which were the Hands that made it 15 p?

Shri Modi affirmed that they only spoke about problems and not solutions. On the other hand, the Chief Minister spoke about the success of the Garib Kalyan Melas in which benefits worth Rs. 14,000 crore have been given to the poor. The Chief Minister recounted that earlier if a widow wanted her pension or if a physically challenged person wanted a cycle it was not possible without middleman. All that is history now. He affirmed that if 1 Rupee goes out then the poor must get every 100 paisa of it!

Dr. Manmohan Singh in power for 8 years but have you heard any good news form Delhi in this period?

Shri Modi asked if during the last 8 years in which Dr. Manmohan Singh and the Congress are in power the country got any good news. He added that the news that is coming is of scams, corruptions, rapes, loot, jail, bail and rising prices. He affirmed that this is the Disha of the Congress where the Disha of the BJP is that of Sardar Patel!

CM shares instances of Congress cheating, particularly on the issue of LPG cylinders

Shri Modi systematically shared instances of Congress Party cheating the people. He talked at length about how they have cheated the people on the issue of providing additional LPG cylinders.

The Chief Minister said that when Mrs. Sonia Gandhi came to Rajkot she spoke about how she instructed Congress Chief Ministers to provide 3 additional LPG cylinders in the wake of UPA’s decision to cut the number of subsidized LPG cylinders to the people. Mrs. Gandhi also asked the Gujarat Government to do the same.

But, Shri Modi shared that about 4 days back oil and gas companies declared that they cannot give a single cylinder over the designated 6 on subsidy, which implies that whoever seeks a 7th cylinder will have to do so on market price. Shri Modi declared that the Congress is making such claims for political gains while the gas givers are saying something else, which is nothing but cheating! He further asked if there is any person in any state who has got these additional cylinders and affirmed this is how the Congress is misleading the people.

The Chief Minister said that while Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is still talking about cylinders the Gujarat Government has gone a step ahead and made a scheme of Rs. 10,000 crore to provide piped gas to the people for which a 2200 km pipeline is already in place. 7 lakh families getting benefits of this initiative and they do not need to stand in line for cylinders.

But when the Congress came to know of this they went to New Delhi and asked for the obstruction of this initiative at any cost. This led to a decree by the Centre preventing the Gujarat Government going ahead with the pipeline saying it is not in the state government’s jurisdiction. Shri Modi said he has had to go to the Supreme Court on this issue and is sure to win there and provide pipe gas to more people of the state.

We hear of cycles, money or gold getting stolen but this Government has stolen coal to the tune of Rs. 2 lakh crore!

Continuing his attack on the Congress for cheating the people Shri Modi spoke about the corruption of the coal scam. He said that the Congress is expert in cheating and is giving new promises every week to fool the people. He challenged the Congress that they should implement 3 promises they give here from New Delhi and only then will he believe that their words and promises carry weight.

He said that the Congress promises to bring prices down in 100 days during 2009 campaign but that did not happen. Similarly, in Maharashtra the Congress promised free power to the farmers in their manifesto but it’s been 4 years and that has no farmer has availed of that benefit! He added that Mrs. Sheila Dixit promised something on the lines of ‘Ghar Nu Ghar’ 8 years ago but no one who filled the form has got a house till now. 1 crore jobs were promised before 2009 Lok Sabha elections but that too has not happened. Shri Modi asked if this was not cheating.

On the other hand the Gujarat Government has taken the decision to become guarantor if any youngster seeks a bank loan to start a new venture. He said that he is taking this step because he has faith in the youngsters of Gujarat.

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi changed Disha came to Rajkot but Congress’ Durdasha will continue!

Shri Modi affirmed that in 2007 Mrs. Sonia Gandhi came to Chhota Udepur but the Congress was wiped out there. This time she changed her Disha and came to Rajkot but the Congress will be wiped out even there.

The Chief Minister declared that one can travel in a radius of 25 km in every direction and there will be some or the other development work going on in Gujarat. He further said they very often people discuss how he is getting so much money from but replied that the money belongs to the people, only that earlier it was used to enrich pockets of a select few whereas now it is spent for development of people. Shri Modi said that he has no son or son-in-law so the question of his accumulating money for anyone does not arise. His family is the 6 crore people of Gujarat and their joys are his and his duty is their development.

Cabinet Minister Shri Ramanlal Vora and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

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