UPA cheating the youth by false job promises: CM at Patan

Published By : Admin | September 23, 2012 | 16:07 IST

Shri Narendra Modi addressed Vivekananda Yuva Parishad in Patan

CM announces formation of 3 new Talukas- Saraswati, Shankeshwar and Suigam in Patan District

CM speaks on development that has taken place in North Gujarat over the last decade in all fields including industry, agriculture and solar energy

Shri Modi inaugurates medical college in Dharpur

Shri Modi comes down heavily on the Congress for their move related to providing cooking gas and preventing Gujarat from going ahead with the pipelines that would benefit lakhs of people

On the morning of Sunday 23rd September 2012 Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Vivekananda Yuva Parishad in Patan. In a comprehensive speech Shri Modi exposed the anti-people move on the part of the Congress related to providing cooking gas to the people. He spoke about the development that has taken place in North Gujarat.

Shri Modi announced formation of three new Talukas in Patan district – Saraswati Taluka, Shankheshwar Taluka and Suigam Taluka - with a view to enhance geographical convenience. The announcement will come into effect from approaching January 26.

On the occasion the Chief Minister paid rich tributes to the vision and farsightedness of Swami Vivekananda. He shared that Swami ji had written that he would leave his earthly form before the age of 40 and that is what happened. Similarly in 1897 he called for complete worship and dedication towards Bharat Mata for at least 50 years and exactly 50 years later in 1947 we attained Independence. But, there is another dream of Swami Vivekananda’s that remains unfulfilled and that is the dream of Jagad Guru Bharat or India attaining the pedestal of world leadership. Shri Modi spoke about Swami ji’s faith in the youth and said that Swami ji may not be in our midst today but our youth should fulfill his dreams for a strong and glorious India.

In his speech Shri Modi spoke about the Rs. 2000 crore package for Patan District and stated that many of the works are already underway. He announced the creation of a new Saraswati Taluka in Patan district that would come into effect from 26th January 2013.

Shri Modi spoke about the development that had taken place in North Gujarat over the last decade. Today, he also inaugurated a medical College in Dharpur and called this a landmark step in the development of North Gujarat. The Chief Minister shared his dream that every district in Gujarat should have a medical College and recalled the earlier days when lack of seats dashed hopes among youngsters to become doctors.

He said that North Gujarat was earlier known as a drought prone region but with the Sujalam Sufalam Yojana this has changed. Shri Modi further stated that who would have imagined agriculture and industry would thrive in North Gujarat the way it is now. He remembered how he was mocked when spoke about developing a solar hub in this region but today, the eyes of the entire world are on Patan District where the new solar park has come up.

The Chief Minister outlined the ongoing Narmada canal works, under which 900 km. branch canals will be built at the cost of Rs.726 crore. “This canal network will provide irrigation water to 4.26 lakh acre of land of 283 villages in six Talukas of Patan district”, he said.  He also spoke about the approval given to the Santalpur-Radhanpur Special Investment Region (SIR).

Coming down heavily on the Congress, Shri Modi affirmed that those who cheat the people couldn’t be forgiven. He shared that in 2004 and 2009 the Congress made series of false promises vis-à-vis creating jobs for the youth but none of that came true. On the other hand Government of India estimates suggest that Gujarat created 72% of the total jobs generated in the country. Shri Modi shared that the Gujarat Government has given 3.5 lakh jobs in the last decade and will add another 1 lakh more. He also expressed shock at the levels of corruption under the UPA and wondered whether he should laugh or cry on the coal scam.

Shri Modi thoroughly exposed the anti-people policies of the UPA related to providing cooking gas. He affirmed that the Government took a decision to provide only 6 cylinders to the people, thus leaving them at the mercy of the black market. But Gujarat decided to create a 2200 km pipeline and spent large amount of money for the same. Infact for the first time in India 300 villages were to avail of piped gas through pipelines. But, this was when Delhi woke up and it gave orders two years ago that not an inch of pipeline could be added. Shri Modi said that on one hand they are reducing cylinders and on the other they are preventing these pipelines. The Chief Minister affirmed that if Gujarat is allowed to do what is planned to, it would save 3.5 crore gas cylinders every year and benefit billions of rupees to the Centre exchequer that would otherwise be used in giving subsidy. He spoke about the anti-Gujarat mindset that is widely prevalent in Delhi.

Earlier Cabinet Minister Shri Jay Narayan Vyas spoke on the occasion. Ministers Smt. Anandiben Patel and Shri Ramanlal Vora were present on the occasion.

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