CM addresses Vivekananda Yuva Parishad in Bhavnagar

Published By : Admin | September 15, 2012 | 14:28 IST

Shri Narendra Modi delivers an inspiring message to the youth at Vivekananda Yuva Parishad in Bhavnagar

Shri Modi speaks on the dreams of Swami Vivekananda for a strong and glorious India

CM takes on UPA for their anti-people policies

Shri Modi announces that state Government will take over the hospital in Mahuva and give it status of a district hospital

CM announces building of 62 hostels for youngsters that can house 32,000 students and network of women hostels for 10,000 women

Shri Modi speaks on Gujarat’s efforts to strengthen state’s Yuva Shakti thought initiatives such as Khel Mahakumbh, giving impetus to ITIs

Gujarat to have a sports university, every district to have a sports school for youngsters: Shri Modi

Gujarat is the state that gives positive news. The news that comes from Delhi brings tears to the eyes, pain to the hearts: Shri Modi


These days our leaders go to USA and associate the land of Gandhi ji, Sardar Patel and Swami Dayananda Saraswati with Ravana: Shri Modi


PM sees coalition compulsions in tolerating corruption but shows spine when it comes to allowing foreigners in India be it FDI or Nuclear Deal: Shri Modi

PM must answer how many Italian businessmen will come and affect the lives of our people, our youth: Shri Modi

One has heard about gold or diamond getting stolen but UPA has stolen coal to the tune of Rs. 2 lac crore: Shri Modi


On the morning of 15th September 2012, Shri Narendra Modi addressed youngsters at Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Parishad in Bhavnagar. Shri Modi spoke on Swami Vivekananda’s dream for a strong India and took on the UPA for its anti-people polices.

On the occasion, Shri Modi made 3 important announcements. Shri Modi stated that the state Government would take over the public hospital in Mahuva, run it and give it the status of a district hospital.

Shri Modi pointed out that there were youngsters he had taken to school with his own hands and today these youngsters want to study more. To help them in that, Shri Modi declared that the Gujarat Government would build a network of 62 hostels that can house more than 32,000 students.

The third announcement is the building of a network of women’s hostels to house 10,000 women in areas where industrial development will take place. He added that budget allocations have already been made on this and that the Government does not merely believing in distributing papers and false promises.

In his speech, Shri Modi paid rich tributes to Swami Vivekananda and said that it was a youngster from India who drew the world’s attention to India’s glorious culture with his speech at the World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago on 11th September in 1893, the same day when Osama Bin Laden killed thousands on innocents in 2001. The Chief Minister opined that had the world understood the message of the 9/11 of 1893, the destructive 9/11 of 2001 would never have happened.

He shared that during the same World’s Parliament of World Religions in which Swami Vivekananda went, there was Shri Virachand Gandhi hailing from the soil of Bhavnagar who attended the same historic event.

The Chief Minister pointed out that Swami Vivekananda dreamt of an India that is at the pedestal of world leadership and he also had immense faith in the youth to make his dreams into a reality. Shri Modi said it is for the youth to complete this dream of Swami Vivekananda. He added that India is among the youngest nations in the world and this can be a great asset.

Shri Modi spoke about some of the initiatives taken by the Gujarat Government to strengthen Yuva Shakti. He spoke on the need of having a sportsman spirit but affirmed that without sport this spirit cannot be developed which is why the Gujarat Government has taken initiatives such as Khel Mahakumbh where lakhs of youngsters get together and play. The Chief Minister declared that Gujarat has decided to make a sports university and decided to give every district a sports school.

It is not only sports but even according adequate dignity to the youth that has been given importance in Gujarat, Shri Modi pointed out. In this, he spoke about Gujarat’s determined efforts towards reforming the ITIs. He said that Gujarat is the first state encouraging inter-disciplinary studies, which will help children who have second thought on the education choices they have made.

Heeding to requests from the large number of media persons present there that he speak in Hindi, Shri Modi said that this is because Gujarat is the only state from which good news is coming while the news from Delhi are sad news that bring tears to the eye and pain to the hearts.

Shri Modi said that he was honored to have attended the centenary celebrations of Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago lecture in 1893. He added that when Swami ji went to USA, he came back doing India proud but when leaders go to USA today, they do the opposite. He asked how a leader associates Gujarat with Ravana and that too on American soil? He asked the audience how could the land of Gandhi ji, Sardar Patel and Swami Dayananda Saraswati be spoken in such light by a leader?

Expressing strong opposition to the FDI in retail being implemented by UPA, Shri Modi said that the time has come when foreigners will sell us tea, grocery among other things and there will be locks in the establishments of our traders. He further spoke that this will create joblessness and affect the youth of the nation.

Shri Modi declared that he has seen the Prime Minister show spine of 2 occasions- one was during the Indo-USA Nuclear Deal and the second is to allow foreigners into India. He brought out the PM’s double standards when he attributes allowing corruption to ‘coalition compulsions’ but is willing to sacrifice the Government for the interest of foreigners.

From the soil of Bhavnagar, Shri Modi directly questioned the Prime Minister and asked him to tell the nation how many Italian businessmen will come and set shop here and adversely affect the youngsters? He also took on the Government for the mammoth coal scam of Rs. 2 lac crore.

The Chief Minister expressed immense pride in the Yuva Shakti of Gujarat and called them to work towards future of Gujarat. Cabinet Ministers, MPs and MLAs were present on the occasion.

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