Chief Minister's address in Moscow opens new avenues

Published By : Admin | October 27, 2009 | 04:54 IST

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi has focused on developing the sphere of partnership with Russian firms, which are operating in Oil, Gas and Petroleum-Energy sectors.

Under Narendrabhai’s leadership, a high level delegation is visiting Russia to attend an International Conference on Energy. Shri Narendrabhai held very fruitful dialogues with Mr.Mandawav, President of GAZPROM.

Internationally acclaimed, GOZPROM operates in Oil and Gas sectors. Mr. Mandawav and his team were really impressed by the upscale initiatives taken by Chief Minister, which are aimed to boom Gujarat’s Gas and Oil economy.

He exemplified various innovative initiatives taken by his Government. Besides Oil-G as explorations, special emph asis is being laid on creating petroleum-reserve, petroleum and energy management. For human resource development, Din Dayal Petroleum University is the right step in right direction. He reaffirmed his commitment to present it as an Energy University in true sense.

President GOZPROM expressed his keenness to forge partnership with G.S.P.C. Gujarat’s various projects, LNG Port Terminal, Exploration Rig Equipment, Bhatinda-Gujarat Gas Pipe Line and Technology transfer issues has exerted great influence. They also took keen interest in these projects. Technical delegation from Russia would soon visit Gujarat. They are ready to offer their cooperation to Din Dayal Petroleum University .They may lent their support in Energy Management subject.

Chief Minister had had very meaningful inter actions with the delegation of a leading Civil Construction & Oil-G as company-ITERA. Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation had invited captains of industries and the C.M over a d inner. Chief Minister highlighted energy policies in global context. He claimed that GSPC has earned good reputation in the business world. Gujarat has emerged as Petro-Capital of India. He briefed the tycoons of industries about the possibilities and business opportunities in Gujarat. Gujarat has been enhancing the sphere of cooperation and p artnership with various countries in diverse sectors.

Gujarat has been the propelling force for Indian economy. Gujarat is on every investor’s radar, has garnered the attention of national and international capital investors.

The delegation under the leadership of the Chief Minister held special meet with the President of Russian firm STG (STROTRANSGAZ). Mr. A.N. Ryanzanov has shown his keen interest in Power-Project and Financial Management. They were deeply influenced by State’s policies on Petrol eum and Energy efficiency.

A get-to-gather ce remony speci ally organised for Gujarati families residing in Russia. Under the astute le ade rship of Chief Minister, Gujarat has emerged as a role-model of development. They felicitated Chief Minister for his leadership skills.


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