“Dholida dhol re vagad…” from Sept 28, 2011 to Oct 5, 2011

Chief Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate Navratri Festival

Maha Arti of Mother Goddess will be performed

Around 200-250 artists to perform dance and musical programme titled ‘Praseed Parameshwari’ on choreographed on theme of philosophy of ‘Chandi Pathh’& ‘Shkatipeeths’of Gujarat

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi will inaugurate the Mega Cultural Event of Navratri, the worlds’ longest holy dance festival on Wednesday, 28 September, 2011 at 7 pm at the well known Gujarat University ground in Ahmedabad. The Maha Arti of Mother Goddess will be performed by Shri Modi and other dignitaries and the valued gathering on the ground.

Chief Minster will cut the ribbon of a special photo gallery and theme pavilion- SANT NAGARI based on the lives of various legend saints. Around 200-250 artists will perform a special mesmerizing dance and musical performance titled ‘Praseed Parameshwari’ on the theme in which the philosophy of ‘Chandi Pathh’along with ‘Shkatipeeths’of Gujarat will be showcased.There will be performances on main stage arena by renowned artists and orchestra with public participation. The state lelvel garbza competion will be performed on ancilliary stage at the event venue during navaratri.

As many as 17Diplomats and Ambassadors of various countries like, SA, Singapore, Indonesia etc. will remain present on this occasion. The members of the state cabinet, senior officers and other dignitaries will also be present.

This year, Navratri, The flagship state-level program is organized by the state Tourism Department in association with Gujarat Industrial Navratri Festival Society (GINFS) in Ahmedabad. The Nine-Night Navratri will be celebrated during September 28, 2011 to October 5, 2011. During the festival, there would also be other programs like, Sheri Garba competitions, Food stalls and display of Adventure Sports, Kid’s area, Handicrafts stalls and many more attractions in Gujarat University Ground.

There will be indeed a matter of great attraction, a Photo Exhibitions of 50 top Tourism Destinations of Gujarat and a Pavilion on upcoming sant Nagri”at Dharoi. the Sant Nagri is a theme park which will be coming up Dharoi.It is the CM’s idea to create a Theme Park which depicts all great saints of India.Gujarat Tourism is showcasing it in the Vibrant Navratri exhibitions.

The biggest USP of Gujarat as a tourist destination is its diversity of products. It is being promoted as a complete family destination, since Gujarat caters to the diverse tastes of tourists, whether it is a mega event like Navratri or wildlife at Gir Sanctuary of the exotic Kutch or the exquisite handicraft.

From the first day to the last, tends and thousands of people attired in their colourful dresses and costumes congregate in villages, towns and cities to celebrate the feminine Divinity or Shakti personified by Goddess Humanity. Each and every people from small children to young to adults and aged come from different part s of the Gujarat, country and abroad to join in the revelry in the nine nights of Navratri.

The Garba is indeed a ceremony in which everyone takes part irrespective of caste or social position.The songs of the Garba are melodious and have been handed down through generations.

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