Mr. Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat showcased ‘Brand Gujarat’ to Chinese top leadership and its business community

Shri Narendra Modi took up the case of 22 Indians languishing in Chinese Jail with top Chinese leadership

Narendra Modi invites Chinese business community and public enterprises to participate in Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor Summit – 2013

Narendra Modi raised the issue of Chinese presence in POK and wrong maps of India

China’s top leadership held free and frank discussion with Shri Narendra Modi about socio-economic development

Chinese leadership praises accelerated socio-economic development and inclusive growth in Gujarat

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, during his fourth visit to China, on the invitation of Communist Party of China (CPP), held a wide ranging discussion with top Chinese leadership. In a rare gesture, China’s top leadership hosted his delegation at Great Hall of People and had a free and frank discussion and exchange of ideas on a range of subjects including trade, industry, socio-economic development, investment, and prevailing global economic scenario. Shri Modi emphasized about the shared heritage of India and China, and common vision for improved quality of lives of their people.

In his meeting with the Mr. Wang Gang, Vice Chairman of the China People’s Political Consultative Conference, (and a member of the Polit Bureau of Communist Party of China), at Great Hall of People, Mr. Narendra Modi covered wide ranging topics. He brought out the recent advances made by Gujarat in the field of socio-economic development and inclusive growth, which includes double digit economic growth as well as rapid agricultural growth in Gujarat. He shared the strength of Gujarat which has made it a top destination of investors and people to live and work in the State. He dwelled upon the success of biennial Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit. He showcased Gujarat as a destination with a conducive environment to invest and work. He also explained Gujarat becoming a major tourist destination.

Mr. Narendra Modi brought out the richness of Buddhist culture in Gujarat which solicited very keen interest among Chinese leadership. He also dwelled upon the ancient Indian and Chinese ethos, relationship, friendship, cultural and business ties. Shri Modi said, “To give a big boost to the economic interaction, we must emphasize of cultural exchange. I am keen to start a Mandarin language school. We also have a number of Buddhist places which can be the driver of cultural exchange. You may be happy to know that Gujarat has already emerged as a great tourist destination in the Asia region.”

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi discusses urban development scenario with the Mayor of Beijing Municipal Government with Gujarat delegation on 9 Nov 2011 and group photo of Gujarat deligation with Mayor.

During the summit meetings, he was accompanied by India’s Ambassador to China Dr. S. Jaishankar and other embassy officials. From India, he was accompanied by top industry and business and including the Gujarat chambers of commerce & industry leaders and Gujarat Government officials.

While showcasing Brand ‘Gujarat’ – which is equated with Guangdong of China, he invited Chinese business community and public enterprises to participate in the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit–2013. Shri Modi stated, “I have seen growing interest among Chinese companies to work in Gujarat. We wholeheartedly welcome them. My personal visit is to reinforce that process.” During his meeting with top Chinese leadership, Shri Narendra Modi took up the case of 22 Indians languishing in Chinese Jail since early 2010. He said that these boys belong to Gujarat and have suffered a lot. He requested for early resolution of the issue.

Mr. Wang Gang praised the rapid socio-economic development of Gujarat. He praised the leadership provided by Shri Narendra Modi in improving the socio-economic conditions of all people ensuring double digit growth, which is a huge achievement. He congratulated the Chief Minister for his stupendous achievements. He shared the Chinese experience of Socio-economic development. He emphasized that both India and China can share their experiences and learn a lot from each other. He took keen interest in Gujarat and its socio-economic development. He emphasized that China is keen to work with Gujarat for mutual economic co-operation. He said that China valued its friendship with India tremendously and will always keep this in mind while resolving the issues concerning with India and its people.

Yesterday, on arrival at Beijing Airport, Shri Narendra Modi was received by the high ranking officials of the Chinese Government led by Director General of International Department of Communist Party of China and Indian Embassy in China. He was given a warm reception.

Earlier in the day, the Vice Minister of International Department Mr. Cheng Fengxiang, hosted a welcome banquet in the honour of Chief Minister, Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi also had a summit meeting with him alongwith the members of the delegation. During the meeting, Mr. Narendra Modi raised the issues of prolonged detention of 22 Indians in a Chinese Jail, wrong maps by China showing part of Arunachal Pradesh in China and related issues. He highlighted the issue of presence of China in POK, which has security implications as in many POK areas, terrorist training centres are being run by the Pakistan. During the meeting, he impressed upon the Chinese leadership to encourage business community to invest, forge joint venture with Indian companies and also to participate in next Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit. During the delegation level meeting, sector-wise discussion took place and International Department wholeheartedly supported the Chief Minister’s proposal. Vice Minister, International Department accepted the invitation extended by the Chief Minister to visit Gujarat and agreed for China’s participation in the next Vibrant Gujarat Summit in a big way. Shri Modi offered the opportunities for collaboration in sports as Gujarat has set up a sports University.

Shri Modi also had a delegation level meeting with the Mayor of Beijing Mr. Guo Jinlong. He gave a detailed status of Gujarat and its cities as well as growing urbanization, which provides excellent opportunities for cooperation and collaboration. He invited the Mayer and his key officials to visit Gujarat and its cities to explore the cooperation and collaboration in various areas.

In the morning, Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the China-India Business summit held at Raffle Hotel, Beijing where more than 180 companies/ industries from China participated. His visit has generated a huge interest among business community and Chinese political leadership. During the Business summit, Principal Secretary (Industries) Mr. M. Sahu and GIDB CEO Mr. A. K. Sharma made the presentation about Gujarat, and various opportunities in the State. The industry captains accompanying the Chief Minister also presented and discussed various opportunities they are looking for and also which Gujarat offers for business, investment, joint venture for the Chinese. In the evening, the Chief Minister also had a meeting with Indian students studying in China.

Gujarat Chief Minister and his delegation will be travelling to Shanghai and Chengdu tomorrow, where they will have high level meetings.

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