"As promised by CM, decision will be taken before 15th Aug taking into farmers’ views"
"CM accepts the recommendations, of a 4-minister committee, to exclude 36 villages of a proposed 44 "
"Mandal-Becharaji SIR decision was considering farmers’ all-round facets & how it aids development"

Chief Minister Narendra Modi accepts the recommendation of the committee comprising four ministers to exclude 36 villages from SIR out of total 44 villages in the proposed Mandal-Becharaji special investment region (SIR).

CM met the farmers and leaders of 44 villages of SIR and gave them an audience for their representation. Shri Modi assured the farmers a positive decision on issues related to their land after a comprehensive consultation round on every possible outcome. CM declared in the meeting that the feelings of the farmers would be considered for the decision and with this regard, state ministers Mr. Nitinbhai Patel (finance minister), Mrs. Anandiben Patel (minister of revenue), Mr. Bhupendrasinh Chudasma (minister of law) and Mr. Saurabhbhai Patel (minister of power supply) were the committee members who were tasked with the handling of consultation with farmers and their representations or the leaders of the said villages. The committee had accepted the representations and suggestions of both; in favour and objections to it.


Proposed Mandal-Becharaji Special Investment Region

After the comprehensive discussion of the committee of ministers, and taking into account the feelings of the farmers, 36 villages out of total 44 villages, proposed under SIR, were excluded from the proposed Mandal-Becharatji SIR. Of the 36 villages that are excluded from the proposed SIR include 14 villages from Mandal taluka, 10 villages of Detroj taluka and 12 villages of Dasada-Patadee.

The excluded villages of Detroj taluka are Chhaniyara, Dekavada, Ghateesana, Kanza, Mota Karanpura, Nana Karanpura, Rampura, Ratanpura, Sadatpura and Umedpura while villages from Mandal taluka are Anandpura, Daddhana, Dalod, Jalesana, Kunapur, Manpura, Nayakpur, Vanparadi, Varamor, Vasana Kunpur, Vinchhan, Vinzuvada, Viththalapur and Zanzarava. Meanwhile, Dasada-Patadee taluka has Alampura, Bubavana, Echhavada, Eravada, Gosana, Naviyani, Panava, Sishiya, Valevada, Vanod, Chhatrot and Manavada villages excluded from the SIR.

The ministers’ committee has recommended reconstructing of the Mandal-Becharaji SIR area, including the 8 remaining villages. The name of these 8 villages include Bhagapura and Shihor from Detroj taluka, Hasalpur-Becharaji, Seetapur, Ugharoj, Ugharojapura and Ukaradee from Mandal taluka and Chandanaki from Becharaji taluka.

The spokespersons of state government Mr. Nitinbhai Patel and Mr. Saurabhbhai Patel had informed how CM Narendra Modi, considering the comprehensive consultation and the feelings of the farmers, had fulfilled his promise given to the farmers for the decision about Mandal-Becharaji special investment region (SIR) before 15th August.

The spokespersons have also added that the current state government is open to any suggestions and objections and it had declared SIR scheme by including 44 villages in Mandal-Becharaji SIR, considering part of it in the projects of Central Government, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor and National Investment and Manufacturing Zone. The plan was to implement SIR scheme in order to form the new horizons of growth in the backward areas.

Excluding 36 villages out of 44 villages, the Mandal-Becharaji SIR scheme would be reconstructed with remaining 8 villages. CM has fulfilled his promise of taking care of farmers’ feelings and their welfare by taking this decision. CM had decided this for the inclusive growth of agriculture and industry for more agricultural production and opportunities to employment for the youth.

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