Shri Narendra Modi addressed Bihar Shatabdi Mahotsav in Ahmedabad

Shri Modi highlights the close bond that exists between Gujarat and Bihar from the time of Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira to Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Rajendra Prasad and Lok Nayak JP

It was Sardar Patel who made Rajendra Babu President and it was Lok Nayak JP who made Morarji Bhai PM: Shri Modi

We will not extinguish the lamp of our unique cultures, we will preserve the diversity of India: Shri Modi

People from Bihar talented in every field. See TV industry for instance: Shri Modi.



On the evening of Sunday 29th July 2012, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Bihar Shatabdi Mahotsav (Bihar Centenary Celebrations) in Ahmedabad. In an inspiring speech, Shri Modi highlighted the strong ties between Gujarat and Bihar that have existed right from the time of Gautama Buddha and Lord Mahavira.The event was very well attended by members of the Bihari community settled in Gujarat with many people from professional backgrounds also in attendance.

Shri Modi said that the ties between Gujarat and Bihar are time tested. He recalled that had it not been for Sardar Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad would not have been the first President of the nation and had it not been for Lok Nayak Jay Prakash Narayan, Shri Morarji Desai would not have been the PM of India.He also stated that there was one Chanakya who integrated states back in history and years later that none other than Sardar Patel that repeated work in 1947. Even in making Dr. Prasad the President, Sardar Patel held his ground against Pandit Nehru, who wanted someone else to get that post Shri Modi added. He even recalled Dr. Prasad coming to inaugurate the Somnath Temple.

The Chief Minister recounted that when Mahatma Gandhi was unceremoniously thrown out of a train compartment in South Africa he had taken a vow to end the colonial rule and that change became a reality in Champaran, which is in Bihar. If Gandhi ji, a son of Gujarat gave the cry of ‘Swaraj’ it was Bihar’s JP who gave the call for ‘Suraj.’

Going further into history, the Chief Minister shared that both Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira were as much an influence among the people of Gujarat as they were of the people of Bihar. He declared that Gujarat would be building a mammoth temple for Lord Buddha.

Shri Modi expressed joy in sharing that there are a large number of people from Bihar who are working in Gujarat. Infact Surat now may have the highest number of people from Bihar settled, a record once held by Kolkata. He also expressed delight in the Bihar Centenary Celebrations in Surat was the grandest that was held to commemorate 100 years of the state of Bihar.

In his speech, Shri Modi reaffirmed that Gujarat is following the Mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ (All together, growth for all) which implied embracing the beautiful diversity the nation has to offer. He affirmed that the land of Sardar Patel could never extinguish the diversity our nation is known for. Shri Modi opined that Gujarat will always welcome the people of Bihar with open arms.

He stressed on the need of combining strengths to achieve the grand growth of India. Shri Modi said it is high time everyone came together and freed the nation from the clutches of lack of education and poverty.Heaffirmed that the people from Bihar are talented in every field and lauded the contribution of youngsters from Bihar especially in the TV industry.

During the programme he honored eminent people from Bihar who have settled in Gujarat and released a publication as well. The Chief Minister was also presented with a beautiful Madhubani Painting.

Ahmedabad West Lok Sabha MP Dr. Kirit Solanki was among the dignitaries present on the occasion.

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