• No red tape, only red carpet, is my policy

  • No red tape, only red carpet, is my policy

    June 8, 2012 Author: admin

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    The country can progress only if we end red-tapism . No red tape, only red carpet, is my policy towards investors: Shri Narendra Modi 

    Government has no business to be in business, it should play role of a felicitator: Shri Narendra Modi 

    Shri Modi speaks on plethora of issues from the state of the economy, low investor confidence to the success of the time tested Gujarat model in an interview with leading financial daily ‘The Economic Times’ 

    At a time when  India’s  the economy is struggling, when investor confidence is at its lowest ebb and there is intense talk of a ‘policy paralysis’, Shri Narendra Modi shared valuable insights on possible remedial measures that can rid the country of economic doom.

    Shri Modi stressed on the need to revive investor confidence through transparent decision-making and proper implementation. He rejected the charge that the Opposition was stalling the growth process and pointed out that it is the UPA that is discriminating with Opposition ruled states. He also articulated an extremely clear line on the role of state as a facilitator vis-a-vis business. This line assumes significance in the wake of rampant misuse of central agencies by the UPA to target select business houses especially those investing in Opposition ruled states. Shri Modi shared these insights during an interview with India’s leading business daily, ‘the Economic Times.’

    Shri Modi’s interview has assumed immense significance in the business world. Firstpost, a leading web- based news channel stated that on the economic front, Shri Modi indeed offers a ‘big idea’ as compared to the PM’s ‘tired clichés.’ It adds that right from identifying the root of the problem, Shri Modi goes on to articulate a solution, which ironically the Centre should have. Firstpost also notes that Shri Modi not only has the idea but also has been implementing it successfully in Gujarat over the last decade.

    Sharing some parts of the interview.

    On reviving investor confidence 

    “We can provide safety for their money through clarity in policies, transparency in decision-making and decent implementation. Is the UPA government able to do these? The answer is: NO.”

    “…There should be clarity and purpose while making policies. We should create an atmosphere where people can make investment from their office or home. Ambiguities and waffling in policy-making should go.”

    “The government should stop painting a rosy picture. If the prime minister accepts reality, he can find an answer. But the problem is that he does not believe in what he is doing. He is not able to even take his decisions to their logical end.”

    On the charge that Opposition is not co-operating with the Government on key issues 

    “The prime minister and the Congress have been maintaining that the Opposition-run state governments are not aiding the Centre’s efforts to put the economy back on rails…

    The charge is baseless. Look at what the Centre is doing to state governments’ efforts to attract investment. Iron ore is available in abundance in Odisha. But the Congress and the government led by it at the Centre are opposing entry of steel companies into the state.”

    “They (UPA) don’t want the state government to perform and they place hurdles…The Centre went to the extent of unleashing enforcement agencies on those who promised investments in Gujarat at the Vibrant Gujarat meet . They should stop preaching and do what they are expected to do – govern.”

    On Gujarat as an alternative model 

    “Gujarat is a very successful model. Look at the investment auto companies have made in the state. Every auto major has its plant in my state. It is because of the efficiency of the state government. We have best quality infrastructure, skilled labour and zero man-day loss.”

    “We plan our skill development and infrastructure with the future in mind. In 2012, we plan for 2015.”

    On the role of the state in business

    “The government has no business to be in business. It should play the role of a facilitator”

    “I believe that country can progress only if we end red-tapism. No red tape, only red carpet, is my policy towards investors.”

    On Gujarat’s inclusive development 

    “Kite festival is a big event in Gujarat. Mainly BPL families are engaged in kite-making. The total business a few years ago was a paltry 32 crore.”

    “Women’s self-help groups are another example. The government has signed a tripartite agreement with SHGs and corporates. Now, 35 corporates are involved in the project, providing SHGs marketing facility.”

    “Last month, we ensured jobs for 65,000 students from ITIs. There are many such initiatives for students, artisans etc.”

    “Rajiv Gandhi once said that only 15 paise out of 1 allocation reach the intended beneficiary. But we have ensured that 100% of the money that is allocated from Gandhinagar reaches people.”

    “I have a coastline spanning 1,600 km. We have spent Rs 18,000 crore for education, health and other needs of fishermen, who are mostly Muslims.”

    “They (Media) talked about me and Gujarat at the Vibrant Gujarat meet. It is an event held once in two years. But does the media pay the same kind of attention to the Krishi Mahostavs that are being held here?”

    On examples of Congress discriminatory attitude to Opposition states

    “I can reel out at least 100 examples to prove my point. When Atalji was the prime minister, Gujarat and Assam used to get the same royalty on crude. One of the first decisions that the Manmohan Singh took was to slash our share. We are losing around Rs 5,400 crore on this account.”

    On the current mood of the nation 

    I will agree with the assessment that there is popular revulsion for Congress.

    On the confidence of the people of Gujarat in the BJP 

    “We have won the confidence of the people of Gujarat in 2002, 2004 parliamentary elections, 2005 local bodies election, 2007 assembly polls, 2009 Lok Sabha election and 2010 local bodies poll.”

    Read the complete interview with Economic Times. 

    On economy, PM offers tired clichés; Modi offers a big idea’- read this complete article of Shri Modi’s economic vision and its relevance in the wake of India’s financial crisis.

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    keep it up mr Modi......wonder why MSM has no discussion of this interview
    Rajeev Kapoor
    India is in desperate need of a true Leader like Mr.Modi as the Prime Minister of the country.He is for the people and leads by example and not by empty speeches and false promises.The country can grow very fast under his leadership and terrorism can be considerably controlled bringing peace in this peace loving country.
    Sankar Saha
    I am really happy with the recent by-elections in Gujarat. I wish good health of Mr. Modi, Hon'ble CM, Gujarat.
    jayant sharma jay
    Mr Manmohan Singh do you need a lesson......from NAMO,dont hasitate just join us.
    I am proud to have a leader like Mr.Modi, and the vision he has for the common man of the state. Isn't it a very simplified view of a concept of rolling red carpet for investment and development. If general population have little patient and no drive to become filthy rich over night. This concept is about as much investment you bring you translate this to employment,distribution of money to the deprived through this employment, generation of surplus revenue to carry on with more and more development projects. These surplus revenue can translate into states having the power to bring new pay commissions, that will indeed make room for higher salaries for state gov. employees, more money generally means enhanced quality of life and frequently would translate to less drive for corruption and bribes. A win-win situation for everyone. Hope everyone understands this motive and have some patience and faith in Modi's vision.
    Damodar Bale
    No one can do anything to this secular democratic nation as long as illiteracy exists.The very Educational system is taking this nation in reverse gear. Unless the central government makes systematic changes for education to go along the culture of the nation,things will not show any changes. Primary education has to be in mother-tongue or official language of the state only. Knowledge based education rather than salary earning education has to be the basis.