• Shri Narendra Modi addressed rally at BJP National Executive Meet in Mumbai

  • Shri Narendra Modi addressed rally at BJP National Executive Meet in Mumbai

    May 25, 2012 Author: admin

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    Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed rally at BJP National Executive Meet in Mumbai.

    Shri Modi comes down heavily on the insensitive UPA government for failing on all fronts from agriculture to upholding India’s federal structure.

    Shri Modi expresses solidarity with farmers of Maharashtra who are experiencing severe drought.

    UPA without a leader, policy and honesty to govern: Shri Modi

    Government promised prices would come down in 100 days, what happened: Shri Modi

    Congress best at promises not performance: Shri Modi

    UPA taking away powers from the states when it is miserably failing in the issues that are under its own control: Shri Modi


    On the evening of Friday 25th May 2012 Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Modi came down heavily on the Centre for failing on all counts from agriculture to federalism. Shri Modi was addressing the final rally of the BJP National Executive Meet held at the Babu Genu Kamgar Maidan in Mumbai.

    Beginning his speech in Marathi, Shri Modi extended well wishes to all the dignitaries present on stage and the people who had gathered at the rally. He also extended his good wishes to the farmers of Maharashtra who are facing a serious drought situation. He recounted that there was a time when Gujarat had droughts for 7 out of 10 years, which caused heavy inconvenience to the farmers. But this changed due to Gujarat’s stress on water conservation, he added.

    Shri Modi affirmed that if there was NDA Government today, the river-linking project would have taken shape and due to that no farmer of Maharashtra would be suffering. This was a dream of Atal ji that was instantly destroyed by the UPA. He stated that New Delhi has a Government that neither has a leader nor does it have policy and the honesty to lead the nation and to see what happens when such a combination exists, one can see the condition of India today.

    The Chief Minister held that just like the instance of Nirmal Baba, the UPA adept at making promises and prescribing remedies but the result is different! For making these false promises, Nirmal Baba has cases registered against him but what about the UPA, Shri Modi asked. He recalled the time when the UPA promised that prices would come down in 100 days but did that happen? Shri Modi stated that this Government is full of Nirmal Baba’s who are enriching their coffers nothing else.

    Shri Modi spoke about the 3rd anniversary celebrations of the UPA and how the Prime Minister released a ‘Report Card’, which contained nothing about the issues the Prime Minister himself, had termed as serious. He gave the example of the Naxal Movement- the PM called Naxalism the most serious threat but why wasn’t it mentioned in the report, Shri Modi inquired, adding that if they did not mention their number 1 threat, what are they celebrating? Similarly, the Prime Minister called malnutrition a shame but Shri Modi wanted to know why was there not a single word in the report on it?

    Step by step, Shri Modi also punctured the UPA myth that coalition compulsions were affecting Governance. Shri Modi asked if the mistake of the Union Foreign Minister reading out the wrong speech at the UN be attributed to coalition compulsions? Likewise, both the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister belong to the Congress but still tensions are high with the Army. Is this also coalition compulsion? He questioned whether it is coalition politics that was the reason why they were fighting with the Army or the fact that our Army lacks adequate weaponry to fight.

    Talking about UPA Chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi’s claims that this is the time to perform not promise, the Chief Minister said that this statement proves that for so many years, all the Congress did was promise not perform.Infact, 40 years after Mrs. Indira Gandhi gave the call for ‘Garibi Hatao’ no performance can be seen. He added that in the monitoring of the 20 Point Programme it emerged that the top 5 states implementing it were either BJP ruled or NDA states. But, instead of asking Congress ruled states to perform or answer points raised by him, they stopped the ratings.

    Speaking about Gujarat’s agriculture growth, Shri Modi stated that in a time when the Prime Minister says it is an ‘achievement’ that the country’s agriculture growth rose from 2 to 3%, Gujarat’s agriculture witnessed 11% growth! He added that if the current pace of national agriculture growth remains then the day is not far that the entire nation will suffer. If agriculture is growing, it is due to the efforts of some states, Shri Modi said, reminding the audience that the Union Agriculture Minister is from Maharashtra.

    Coming down heavily on the Centre on the issue of power production, Shri Modi pointed to the UPA Report Card, which mentioned 20,000 MW power generation while what was promised was 50,000 MW. He added that even this number of 20,000 MW was courtesy the hard work of some of the states. Shri Modi said due to the lack of power, agriculture, industry, youngsters were suffering and due to corruption and poor policies there is a coal shortage due to which our power plants were working at below capacity. The least the UPA can do, in Shri Modi’s opinion was to provide adequate coal and gas to the people but it was failing in doing even that.

    In his speech, Shri Modi attacked the Centre for leaving no stone unturned to destroy the federal structure of the nation.Shri Modi quoted Tamil Nadu CM Dr. J Jayalalithaa, who had recently opined that the Centre is treating State Governments and the Chief Ministers like municipalities. Shri Modi added that the Delhi Sultanate was causing unprecedented loss to the federal structure and preventing the states from growing.Shri Modi raised the issue of the NCTC as an example and asked the Centre why are they taking powers from the states that too when they were not performing well in tasks they were supposed to.The Chief Minister challenged the Centre to answer that when borders come under them, why were anti-India elements getting weapons so easily? How were these elements getting such an easy supply of finances when bodies like RBI were under the Centre’s control? Why are our coasts unsafe? And when communications is under the Centre, why want it able to intercept the attacks or the activities of anti-India elements? He further inquired what has the UPA done to get fugitives who were sitting outside India and plotting against it?

    Shri Modi said that the UPA Report Card contained nothing on two very crucial issues- there was nothing on women development and at the same time there was noting for youth and skill development. On the issue of skill development, Shri Modi believed that being the youngest nation in the world, our youth are our strength but stated that the UPA has done nothing to promote skill development among the youngsters. This when China has started 50,000 skill development courses for their youth.

    The Chief Minister shared his strong belief that this Government cannot fulfill the dreams of the people, starting from the mammoth price rise. He urged the people to support the NDA Bharat Bandh on 31st May against the insensitive UPA Government. Shri Modi wanted to know what sort of a Government was this that it brought in the Communal Violence Bill, which presumes that the majority community as guilty. Is it not an example of the UPA’s insensitivity, he asked? Shri Modi also shared the example of the Amarnath Yatra, saying that the number of days of the Yatra have drastically reduced to 35-40 with fewer pilgrims being able to go.

    Concluding his speech, Shri Modi said that the country cannot wait for long and that the need of the hour is to raise a united voice against the UPA. He wanted the Prime Minister to closely look at why the rupee was falling in such a way when even the currencies of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal were not falling the way ours was. He ended his speech by thanking the people for the love and affection they had shown towards him.

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    Gaurav Jain
    FUTURE PM ADDRESING BJP LEAder that was super speach
    Very inspirational speech comes from his heart. It is time for Maha Bharat to change its direction by giving Shri Modi Ji the lead to lead India to the promise land. All our youth and educated people needs to understand the devaluation Rupee is disaster for middle class and poor families in India. This will bring inflation and we will not be able to sell our goods to foreign countries. He is absolutely correct that there is pressure from countries like USA, UK and Germany to devalue the Rupee so that our goods are more expensive to sell. Whereas China does what she wants to do and gets away with murder. We Indians need to recognize that China is the biggest threat to the world both economically and militarily, especially our borders are in danger with China and we need to get stronger and support our troops. Go Modi Ji. I humbly request the youth movement join hand to get Modi Ji to Delhi and give him the role of leadership. He has proven that in Gujarat and now it is his time to lead India to brighter, promise land that would be enjoyed by our grandchildren and the future generations. Thank you.
    Hitesh Kothari
    NaMo's speech is truly brilliant. Here is a man who has proven his capability and capacity to govern. We really need Narendra Modi at the centre if India were to survive.
    Rajeeka Kacheeria
    Modiji's speech should stir every Indians heart every word he has said -we as a democratic country need this answer....
    Venugopal Mohan
    Some time in mumbai is turnig point for our BJP Particularly our leader Shri Ataji requesting to indians in mumbai it will give great change Now Shri Narendr modiji will give VIKAS
    PATRIOTS...the least we can do is ensure we bring votes by the millions to the next general elections and make sure Narendra Modi gets a red carpet to the central government and he as the PM...Congress needs to be decimated for all times to come, only then this nation and its people will move forward in life and dignity!
    There is always a wish in every heart that there should always be good things happening to every one in the country and we should all become part of developed nation. Is it possible? yes if we make right choices at the time of choosing our leaders.Be wise, do not be fooled by propaganda. wait for the day
    Satpal Singh Dahiya NaMo is defined by CHARACTER, CAPABILITY AND CHARISMA.It is strange in so called secular country ,which is secular because of nothing but due to the wishes of majority can not have a PM Who is development oriented, efficient, honesty and probity minded and above all who can make us stand alongside China on even keel, if he just happens to be a HINDU. Is it crime to be one? or we all shall remain pseudo-secular always? Does the Gujrat success story only befitting only one community? Or inflation and high prices coupled with falling growth rates , enhanced Naxalism, repeated bomb blasts and feeling of insecurity providing upliftment of minorities in India? has there been a single blast or communal violence under Narender Modi during last 10 years? NaMo is best and last hope left.
    Strait questions to central gov - 1. Over 20,000 farmers have committed suicide in last 2 years 2. Over 32% below poverty line people dont even have BPL card so cant get ration 3. National highway project has been completely ruined 4. Thousands of tons of grain rotting in open Is coalition politics responsible for all of above?
    "ek pal ke liye bhi is sarkar ko rehne ka adhikar nahi hai" 100 % true, in fact every word of this speech is truth. Bring in Narendra Modi as PM of india IMMEDIATELY. Corruption is one issue but UPA is ''Selling'' this country to foreign powers.