• Shri Modi to address Big Tent Activate Summit 2013

  • Shri Modi to address Big Tent Activate Summit 2013

    March 19, 2013 Author: admin

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    Shri Modi to speak on ‘Technology in Politics’ at Google Big Tent Activate Summit 2013 on 21st March 2013

    Shri Modi to interact with Google Chairman Mr. Eric Schmidt via Google Hangout

    Eminent people from various walks of life to hear Shri Modi at the Summit

    On Thursday 21st March 2013 Shri Narendra Modi will speak on ‘Technology in Politics’ at theGoogle Big Tent Activate Summit 2013 Shri Narendra Modi’s speech will commence at 2:15 PM. Shri Modi will address the Summit through a Google+ Hangout.

    Before delivering the address Shri Modi will interact with Mr. Eric Schmidt, the Chairman of Google Inc. via Google+ Hangout.

    Big Tent Summits are hosted by Google and they bring together the finest minds, political leaders, thinkers to talk about a variety of issues. Such Big Tent Summits have been held across the world including in New York City, London, Berlin, Madrid, Nairobi, Moscow, Seoul to name a few. This Summit will focus on the influence of the web in shaping India’s future, in the areas of business and economics, politics and governance, culture and media, and education.

    When it comes to the incorporation of technology in the day to day functioning of the Government, Shri Narendra Modi is a trendsetter in India today. He firmly believes that technology is nothing but easy, effective and economical governance, which inspired him to infuse the working of the state administration with latest technology.

    Shri Modi is also a leader who has been at the forefront of using technology in terms of engaging with people across the world. Shri Modi is very active on all leading mediums of social media. On Twitter he has over 13 lakh followers and he also active on Facebook. On both these mediums, Shri Modi shares thoughts, views and updates on development initiatives of Gujarat Government. Shri Modi’s You Tube Channel is home to a wide range of speeches given by the Chief Minister. He is also very active on Google+.

    On August 31st 2012 Shri Modi scripted history when he interacted with people via Google Hangout. The Hangout has been one of the most successful Hangouts, viewed by 40,00,000 people either on TV, Internet or on social media. The number of nations where the Hangout was viewed was 121! Shri Modi answered a variety of questions on policy as well as several personal anecdotes.

    Shri Modi wrote history yet again when he used 3D projection technology to interact with people across the length and breath of Gujarat during the 2012 Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Elections. During the speeches the Chief Minister spoke about the development of Gujarat and took on the votebank politics of the Congress Party. Shri Modi’s 3D interaction also entered the Guinness World Records for the most simultaneous shows of the Pepper’s Ghost Illusion.

    Come Thursday, Shri Modi will yet again rewrite the rules of the game and talk about how latest technology has brought a qualitative difference in the lives of the people at large.


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    Pravin Kumar Patel
    pure thoughts of pure person
    Hi, Someone please post the Youtube URL so that we can watch it anytime later. Thanks,
    G+ hangout was a great success. First time I felt politics is not bad but the only way we can improve our image globally. Our would be PM is a step ahead of all.
    How can view the broadcast, please help quickly.
    Mihir Vora
    Kindly let us know where it will be aired to hear CM if possible
    Ramesh Desai
    Today there is an excellent article in the Times Of India by Mr. Eric Schmidt about the way India wants to go in the matter of the Internet. Whether it wants to keep the internet on a tight leash under its Control & Power paradigm or allow it the freedom to operate under the Achievement paradigm is a question for us to decide. He advocates freedom. I support him. Only freedom can ensure enterprising individuals to come up with innovations.
    Narendra Bhai,We are deeply touched by your humility and patience.Inspite of all the insults humiliations hurled on you by the anti national anti indian forces you are so calm and unhurt.WE want you as PM of india for safety of we all people.