• Shri Modi meets high powered American delegation in Gandhinagar

  • Shri Modi meets high powered American delegation in Gandhinagar

    March 28, 2013 Author: admin

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    High powered delegation of members of USA House of Representatives and Businessmen meet Shri Narendra Modi in Gandhinagar

    USA delegation visiting India to promote people to people contacts and diplomacy

    Delegation includes Representative Cathy Rodgers, who serves as the Chair of the House Republican Conference, Representative Aaron Schock, an old friend of Gujarat and Representative Cynthia Lummis

    USA Congressman and Congresswomen impressed with development journey of Gujarat

    Shri Modi has brought a change in people’s lives. Looking forward to how we can work together: Representative Rodgers

    Workers are valued here, it is a desirable place to live in because of Shri Modi’s leadership qualities: Representative Lummis

    Gujarat has adopted a fast, inclusive and environment friendly process of development: Shri Modi

    People participation key to Gujarat’s development model: Shri Modi

    CM calls for the strengthening of democratic processes keeping in mind the larger good of the people

    Our democratic ideals flow from ideals of humanity and in today’s world, the challenge before us compel is to work together even more seriously to strengthen democratic principles: Shri Modi

    Humanitarian forces must come together and fight terrorism along with other challenges of poverty and unemployment: Shri Modi

    On Thursday 28th March 2013 Shri Narendra Modi met a high-powered delegation of members of USA House of Representatives and business leaders. The Members of the USA Congress who are a part of the delegation are Representative Aaron Schock (a Republican Congressmen from Illinois), Representative Cynthia Lummis (a Republican Congresswoman representing Wyoming), and Representative Cathy M. Rodgers (Republican Congresswoman from Washington state). Representative Rodgers also serves as the Chair of the House Republican Conference.

    Welcoming USA delegation in the land of Mahatma Gandhi, Shri Narendra Modi spoke about the fast, inclusive and environment friendly process of development in Gujarat and stated that people’s participation is the key to the state’s development model. “With hardwork we have been able to create an impact in the country,” he stated.

    The Chief Minister called for the strengthening of democratic processes keeping in mind the larger good of the people. “Mahatma Gandhi has been and is the biggest lighthouse in this journey. Gujarat, being the land of Mahatma Gandhi believes in these principles and has been at the forefront of nurturing such ideals and leading its people on the path of growth,” he opined. He said that USA is the oldest democracy of the world and India the largest and that both nations should remained committed to these principles. He affirmed, “our democratic ideals flow from ideals of humanity and in today’s world, the challenges before us compel is to work together even more seriously to strengthen democratic principles.”

    In his speech Shri Modi also urged the need of humanitarian forces coming together in a time when forces challenges safety and security of mankind are very active. He declared that the humanitarian forces must come together and fight terrorism along with other challenges of poverty and unemployment.

    Shri Modi talked about how Gujaratis have become a global community and how Gujaratis all over the world have received lot of love and affection from across the world. He wished the visiting American delegation a fruitful stay in India and thanked them for this wonderful beginning.


    USA Congress Representatives laud Gujarat’s development journey 

    The visiting American Congress Representatives were impressed by the development journey of Gujarat. Congresswoman Rodger was impressed with the economic development and controlling of corruption in Gujarat. She also stated that Shri Modi has made a difference in the people’s lives and looked forward to working together with Gujarat. 

    Representative Schock pointed that the people in USA are keen to work with Gujarat and that the people are impressed with how the state has facilitated investment. He stated that there is enormous potential to work together with Gujarat. It may be recalled the Representative Schock congratulated Shri Modi for leading the BJP to a record victory in the 2012 Gujarat Assembly Elections on the floor of the USA House of Representatives. He had opined that Shri Modi ran on the platform of economic prosperity for all and was elected by people cutting across every religion, education and class of society.

    Representative Lummis said that people want to come to Gujarat due to the state’s work culture that has been nurtured under the leadership of Shri Modi. She added that workers are valued here and is a desirable place to live due to Shri Modi’s leadership qualities.

    Shri Modi had a one to one meeting with the three Congress Representatives as well.

    During the interaction, senior officials of the Gujarat Government also made presentations. Secretary to CM, Shri AK Sharma gave a presentation on the investment opportunities in Gujarat, the DMIC, Dholera SIR. Chief Secretary Shri Varesh Sinha, Additional Chief Secretary to CM Shri K Kailashnathan, Additional Principal Secretary to CM Shri GC Murmu and Energy Secretary Shri DJ Pandian were present during the meeting.

    The delegation is visiting India to promote ‘People to People Contacts & Diplomacy’ along with the Overseas Friends of BJP’s (OFBJP) ‘Global Community Over Reach Programme.’ This is a joint initiative by USA based National Indian- American Public Policy Institute and India based Delhi Study Group.

    In addition to Gujarat, the visiting delegation will visit Bangalore, Tirupati, New Delhi Agra, Udaipur, Jaipur and Amritsar. The delegation will interact with Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Shri LK Advani and BJP President Shri Rajnath Singh. Shri Vijay Jolly and Mr. Shalabh Kumar will be a part of the delegation.


    Read text speech of Shri Modi while interacting with high powered USA delegation

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    Vidhi Raval
    You as PM that is all I see and say
    JAI SHIRDI SAI, Dear Respected Shri MODIJI, I am Venkat from Pondicherry. We are waiting to see you as a PM. I am sure you will be a most admirable PM in INDIA We are also interested to involve to making you as our PM. That time are coming closer and closer. You have already confirmed 3 Times as a 100% performance CM in Gujarat. I am / We are very happy and we are always giving our solder to you SIR. JAI SAI RAM, With true Regards, VENKAT, PUDUCHERRY.
    Kamal Dalal
    Shri Modiji, You have already proved yourself in Gujarat. Now the Indians and non-Indians across the globe await to see you make India prove itself. All the best, sir. Vandemataram.
    Naresh Rana
    The words few weeks back said by NaMo that let "Americans would be standing in the line for getting an indian visa". It seem to be true, if NaMo be PM in 2014. I would request all progressive Indians to think about 2014
    Ragothaman Raghavan
    As per news paper reports, The visiting American delegation has extended invitation to Modiji for visiting America and they would try to ensure the visa. Though they have invited, Modiji should not be keen to visit US at this juncture. There will be a day ahead, then the American Govt. will be ashamed to send an invitation (request?) to Mr.Modi for visiting US.
    This is what i WISHED Sri Modiji. When visa was denied i worte to Sri.Modiji that America should come to HIM and eagerly wait for his DARSHAN. Now that day is coming. Nobody can prevent HIM from ruling our HINDUSTAN as PRIME MINISTER. JAI HIND.
    Varun Gupta
    If Modi becomes PM, USA cannot continue the stand-off with Modi. For then it will mean stand-off with India and that certainly is not American policy at the moment. Oldest Democracy and largest democracy cannot be against each other. If we today see these moves from US lawmakers, then we should know that the whole World is looking at Modi as India's next Leader.
    Shreya Goyal
    Modi ab desh ko aapki jaroorat hai .
    Ganesan Venkataraman
    Charm which draws us with a single hair' o& HIS MERIT. Our Modiji reminds me of My fav.Poet, Alexander Pope whose immortal lines : "CHARMS STRIKE THE SIGHT BUT MERIT WINS THE SOUL". IN MODI'S CASE THERE IS MAJESTIC AFFABLE CHARM AS WELL AS Sparkling MERIT'. That's why he has a few equals In Indian Politics & his 2G : Good Governance MANTRA WORKS LIKE MAGIC. The Whole of 'India that is Bharat',except the neck-deep Congress Wallahs is waiting for the Day He Is Chosen to Adorn the P.M.'s CHAIR! MAY INDIA CHOOSE THE RIGHT PERSON!