• Gujarat has won! A Victory of People, Party & Performance…CM blogs on historic win

  • Gujarat has won! A Victory of People, Party & Performance…CM blogs on historic win

    December 20, 2012 Author: Narendra Modi


    My dear Sisters and Brothers of Gujarat,

    The people have spoken yet again and they have spoken loud and clear! The results of the 2012 Gujarat Assembly elections have yet again established the victory of development politics and good governance over everything else! I thank the people for their affection, support and unwavering faith in our Party as well as Government. The people have given us a resounding mandate and I assure that we will leave no stone unturned to upholding the faith placed in us by the people.

    Most importantly I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Almighty, who showered us with blessings at every moment and gave us immense strength to serve the people of Gujarat for the last 11 years.  Today, we are happy to have again got the opportunity to be blessed by the Almighty through serving the people for the years to come. 

    These elections are a victory of the people of Gujarat! It is a victory of Gujarat’s Nari Shakti that has made its voice heard. It is a victory of our youth, who have taken this election on their shoulders right from the beginning, it is a victory of our farmers, the underprivileged, our senior citizens who have stood by us. These elections are a victory of Gujarat’s model of Sarvasparshi (all pervasive), Sarvasamaveshak (inclusive) and Sarvangi (holistic) model of development and good governance.

    I consider it the strength of India’s democracy that a man like me, who was born in the most ordinary of ordinary households, has got an extraordinary opportunity to serve society for so many years. I grew up among the people and it is their love and affection that has got me this far and given me the sacred opportunity to serve them day and night.

    For those youngsters who aspire to serve society and work towards nation building, there is a lot to learn from the Gujarat Elections. Very often youngsters are disappointed on whether doors will open for them in a system where pedigree seems to matter more than hardwork. Gujarat has shattered this cliché and demonstrated to the world that if you have the urge to serve our Motherland and the ability to overcome any obstruction come what may, then you will be given that opportunity to work irrespective of what dynasty or community you belong to!

    A profound thanks to the BJP Karyakartas, who fought as one team and tirelessly worked towards making the Lotus bloom more than ever before in Gujarat. This victory is the story of the sacrifices and determination of lakhs of our Karyakartas.

    I have always stated that the Gujarat elections will be remembered as an election that will bring a paradigm shift in electioneering across India. By placing the development agenda above everything and by comprehensively rejecting the partisan agenda of casteism, votebank politics as well as divide and rule, the people of Gujarat have created a historic example in the eyes of the entire nation. Today Gujarat stands Ekmat with the message that it is politics of development and good governance that triumphs!

    Friends, the need of the hour is to stand united as 6 crore Gujaratis. We are not a Government only for those who voted for us, we are a Government deeply concerned about each and every individual of this state. As Gujarat marches ahead on the path to glory and pride, the growth and success of every Gujarati belonging to every caste, creed and class is vital.

    Poverty, destitution or stagnation do not enter society seeing what caste, class or community a person belongs to and nor are votebank and caste politics the solution to these problems. If we are to make a qualitative difference in the lives of the people, it is by making the fruits of development and good governance reach the last person in the queue. That has been our vision and we will continue to work on it for the years to come.

    In every instance of Gujarat’s development there is the mammoth contribution, hardwork and sweat of the people of Gujarat. We have only supported your hardwork by creating a people-centric environment where you can grow and prosper faster. Gujarat has revolutionized agriculture and is ushering in India’s second green revolution, Gujarat made it attractive for industries to put their money in the state so employment can be created and economic activity can be generated. Gujarat focused on basic infrastructure – bijli, paani and sadak -so that your work does not get hampered due to lack of basic amenities. We have eliminated the influence of middlemen and agents corroding the delivery of benefits under our poverty alleviation schemes.

    To give you an example, over the last decade Gujarat has witnessed the rise of a neo middle class. The improvement in their lives is a result of their hardwork. This is the real Gujarati spirit- one which has stood the test of time. Our government’s economic policies have enabled them to taste the fruits of development and scale new heights of prosperity. It becomes our duty to continue to take care for the well being of this new segment in Gujarat’s society.

    A very common question I have been asked is- Modi ji what is going to be your agenda in the coming years vis-à-vis Gujarat’s development. In the coming years we will continue serving our people, create opportunities for each and every one of you to prosper. We will build a Gujarat where not only you are happy but also where your future generations lead a life of happiness. The journey towards a Bhavya and Divya Gujarat has just begun!


    Friends, the best is yet to come!


    Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat.

    Narendra Modi

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    I am very happy for you sir for all the untiring work you have done in your state in the fields of agriculture,business, industry, power sector, water resources and umpteen other areas as well.Indeed Gujarathis have vociferously and continuously supported your development agenda and good governance.Sir, you forgot yet another key point in this delivery.To me and crores of Indians your rule devoid of corruption is the most attractive feature and pl.mention it as it is the feather on your cap.Happy 2013 and many more years of leading the country follows,MODI ji, thank you for the hope you and Gujarathis have sown in our minds through this historic hat trick victory.
    Sir we are waiting for Dream Gujarat, This time the expectation level is so high, but don't worry we are with you in all action.
    Khub Khub Abhinandan dr jayanti bhadesia morbi
    Ketan Dave
    Dear Sir. Kankaria Lake is a precious and worth seeing not only for Ahmedabad but for the people of glorious Gujrat. Its features are distinctive in whole India. It is the brainchild of our beloved visionary honorable Chief Minister “Shri Narendra Modi” to establish the heritage monument that may prove outstanding in the world. In fact, Kankaria Lake is a diamond studded ornament for Ahmedabad. It requires at least 2 to 3 days enjoying whole lake along with the amusement themes attached there in the surrounding. With this backdrop, We at “AAKAR Architectural and Industrial Model making” company have strived to explore a concept for those who do not find enough spare time to witness the park due to time band, busy schedule from commercial activities. Why not the same cannot be visited virtually through Lay–out model and have look-out of the complete Kankariya Lake in 15 – 20 minutes. Virtual Reality Show !!!
    Shri Modiji,my heartiest congratulations to you,I hope one day you may guide India too to her progress.
    Pawan Chouhan
    Hope you will be next PM.
    Ketan Dave
    આદરિણય શ્રી નરેન્દ્ર મોદી, "મારું ગુજરાત...તારું ગુજરાત...આપણું ગુજરાત...આપણા સૌનું ગુજરાત..." આખરે 3 વર્ષ બાદ ઘણી મેહનત તેમજ પ્રયત્ન બાદ આપની સાથે સીધી વાત કરવાની તક મળી છે, મારે ફક્ત એક જ વાક્ય વાત કરવી છે આઓને તે.... " હું એક એવી ટેકનીકલ સંસ્થા ગુજરાત માં બનાવવા માંગું છું કે જેના માટે આજ દિન સુધી ભારતભરમાં કોઈને પણ વિચાર સુદ્ધાં આવ્યો નથી." મારા જીવનમાં બસ આ એક મહત્વ્કાંશા છે કે આ થકી હું ગુજરાતના નવયુવાનો ને તેમજ ભારત દેશને રોજગારની નવી રાહ બતાવી શકું તેમજ ગુજરાતનું નામ રોશન કરી શકું તો હું જીવન માં ધન્ય બની જયીશ. M: 8866061088
    Vikas Joshi
    Great team work performed by BJP under greatest captain named Modi...Lets win Delhi now...Jay garvi Gujarat...Jai Hind...
    Billa Rajinikar
    All the best Modi garu..... Hope you will be the future P. M of India....
    Rajendra Kumar
    Dear Modi Ji, you are the HOPE of our country. Very few Leaders are in our India like you. We share our greetings on the invincible VICTORY.