Saturday, April 19th 2014
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Shri Narendra Modi to address a Public Meeting in Chhattisgarh

Date: 20th Arpil, 2014

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Narendra modi: Leader with a vision

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Narendra Modi addresses rallies in Assam, calls for the wipe-out of the Congress in 2014 Elections

WATCH LIVE: Shri Narendra Modi to address the fourth round of 3D rally on 20th April

Narendra Modi addresses rallies in Bihar, urges the people to support BJP and form a strong government

Narendra Modi speaks in Uttar Pradesh, asserts that a change in government will change the lives of people

NDA is the most reliable alternative for the future of TN: Narendra Modi in Tamil Nadu

Shri Narendra Modi’s website launched in Urdu language

Narendra Modi speaks in Madhya Pradesh, urges people to defeat the Congress and end their misrule

Narendra Modi addresses rallies in Bihar, attacks the Congress for misusing government agencies

Narendra Modi addresses rally in Jharkhand, urges the youth to vote for the BJP and stop getting ruined further

Narendra Modi speaks in Karnataka, affirms the need for a strong and stable government in Delhi