I am glad that America admits Modi is incorruptible: Hon’ble CM

March 22, 2011 Author: admin


Talking about Wikileaks cable about him Shri Modi on Tuesday mentioned, ‘Wikileaks cables are accurate. I am glad to learn that America admits Modi is incorruptible’. He informed media that the cable presents an honest account of his talk on human right issue with the American official.

He said, ‘I am a person involved with the pride of India. I clearly said America cannot preach us about human rights violations. I counted all the incidents where the U.S. has abused human rights’

Hon’ble CM’s take on Wikileaks cable about him

In a cable sent by Michael S Owen, dated November 2, 2006, presents Shri Modi as a ‘no-nonsense, effective administrator who has reduced corruption in public life in Gujarat’. It presents Gujarat as a progressive state. Talking about Gujarat’s progress he said, ‘Gujarat is developing speedily, and America also has believed that Gujarat can develop rapidly’.

He noted cable mentioned him fairly and said he was a ‘good Indian leader’. He said, ‘to say a person in non-corrupt is one thing but the report that America has sent mentions me as ‘un-corruptible’ based on interactions with people’.

‘On one side it is being said, ‘Indian government is completely corrupt’. Then there are reports by America and WikiLeaks, which refer to the state of Gujarat where the leader is un-corruptible,’ he added






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Waseem Qureshi
narendra modee Ji Aap Hindustan ke Pirdhanmantre Ban kr Aesa krenge Jesa Aap Ne 20000 ke Gujrat ke Andr Hindu Muslim ke Dango Me keeya Aapke Pirdhanmantre Hone ke Bad Musalmano ko Hindustan Cohdna Padega Aap Musalmano ke ley Keya Kroge Musalman Aap seh jab Aapnayga jab Bahrose me Loge waseem qureshi
Bharat Patel
Very nice sir ... this is awesome news. Can you please provide us a link/reference where wikileaks mentions this?